Charles Hammond Alderson

Born Arkletown and age 21 years 3 months, a coal miner when he enlisted in the Royal Artillery on 29th April 1893. He was a driver, but purchased his discharge (£18) in March '94. Charles re-enlisted in the 3rd Battalion, Durham Light Infantry on 13 Oct 1914 and received £9 as half his purchase money.

He named his brother John W. H. Alderson of Tow Law in Durham as next of kin.
Charles was the illegit son of John Hammond and Elizabeth Alderson, born 23 Jan 1872, bapt 4 Apr 1872. His brother was John William born 10 Oct 1875 to the same parents.
Elizabeth was also nee Alderson, marrying Isaac Alderson on 3 Apr 1852 at Arkengarthdale.

John Alderson

Born Thwaite in 1864, joined the 3rd, King's Own Hussars in June 1887. Occupation, farmer.
5' 6", fair hair, brown hair & eyes, C of E.
He had signed up for a limited engagement and by June '91 was appointed Lc. Corporal, then transferred to the Army Reserves in June '94 and discharged in '99.
Parents named as Edward and Hannah Alderson of High Street, Leyburn. (Hannah was nee. Cottingham - they married at Muker in 1863)
John appears to have served mainly in Ireland - Limerick, Currah, Dublin (which explains why I can't find him in the UK census).

Leonard Allen

Record says born near town of Reeth. Enlisted for the Horse Guards on 6th Apr 1799 at age 21 (there was a Leonard Allen s.o Thomas of Whitaside bapt 1803 at Grinton). Leonard served 22 years before discharge. He saw service at Waterloo and was recommended to the Chelsea Hospital, being of good service record. By trade he was a shepherd.

Robert Atkinson

Born Reeth and discharged at age 41 in 1778.. Only one appears in the local registers at that time, and that was Robert son of Peter of Reeth, bapt at Grinton on 23 Jan 1737. Robert was a weaver by trade but had been in the 30th Regt of Foot 10 years and 12 in the 54th Regt. . He was discharged because of a tumour in his side. Discharge was in Dublin so it would appear that is where he was serving.

George Frank Bell

Born 1868 Askrigg, joined on a one year assignment in the Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regt) in Jan 1900. (bapt 11/2/1868 s.o George & Alice)
He was a 30 yr old farmer. In S. Africa he was at Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Belfast, Cape Colony & Orange Free State.

John Thomas Blades

Born c 1876 Abbotside and joined the Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regt) when he was a 24 yr old labourer in January 1900. He was in S. Africa from Feb 1900 to Jun 1901 and served at Cape Colony, Orange Free State and the Transvaal.

Father was Thomas of the Gate House, Bainbridge.
82. Gate House
BLADES Thomas/Head/M/63/gen lab/Yks/Bainbridge
BLADES Elizabeth/wife/M/44/Yks/Ayton
BLADES Richard/son/9/scholar/Yks/Bainbridge

John Birbeck

Was born in Reeth and age 23, a miner, when he signed up 4 Oct 1879.
He served in Gibraltar, Malta, Egypt, Gibraltar, Cairo, and was discharged in September 1891.
Next of kin was father Robert of Reeth.
John was s/o Robert Birbeck and Elizabeth Dent who were married at Grinton on 20 Aug 1849. He was baptised on 25 Feb 1855.

William Blenkiron

Born Reeth, a gunner in the Royal Artillery when discharged at Woolwich on 15 Sept 1854 after 23 years service.
Cause of discharge was imbecility. He had contracted erysipilas of the head and face and though appearing to recover, his mind had become affected

James Bowe

of West Witton, joined the 36th Brigade at Manchester on 11 Jun 1879 at age of 23.
One or two infractions for being drunk on parade and was discharged.
He would be James Francis Bowe bapt 25 Dec 1855 s.o Francis and Martha. He names next of kin as mother Martha, brother Christopher, sisters Elizabeth & Mary Emma.
He served 6 mths in the East Indies

Henry Brotherton

of Bellerby & a sergeant in the 19th Regt of Foot when discharged, having enlisted at age 20 in April 1813 . From 1815 he served 5 yrs in the Indies.
5' 4" and a weaver by trade. Discharge was because of a reduction in establishment

John Brown

Born at Reeth c. 1788, joined the North York Regt of Militia at age 15 as a drummer, for unlimited service. He remained for 25 years and became a tailor. He would be s/o Robert of Reeth

George Brownrigg, alias Robinson.

George was baptised at Askrigg on 27 Jan 1856 the son of John Hervey Brownrigg and Ellen Robinson. Father John was a soldier at the time. His parents were married 18 Jan 1855 when John was listed as of Winnaton. By 1861, the family is at Buscot in Berks, and John is a land surveyor - perhaps a skill he learned in the army? Interestingly, in 1871, the family (minus John) are living in Reeth, thus helping us learn more of the local relationships. Ellen's father James Robinson is a 77 yr old retired druggist, living at Hill House and young George is listed in his household. A couple of houses away, Ellen is shown with daughter Margaret born Brough, and John born Hexham (and a whopping 10 years between the two). There is incidentally, a John Brownrigg who I believe to be his brother, who enlisted in the Army later, giving John of London, address unknown, as father.

By 1901, George is a time keeper at carpet mill in Hipperholme. In the intervening years he is a soldier, but enlisted using his mother's maiden name. Although Ellen is listed as married in 1871, I've not been able to locate her husband. Perhaps there's a reason here why George used the Robinson name.
His Army life may have been interesting to us, but certainly doesn't paint too comfortable a picture for George. In 1873 he enlisted in the 19th (Queen's Royal) Lancers and served in The East Indies, Afghanistan and then East Indies once more. In 1887 he was promoted to Lance Corporal and in 1892 received a certificate for appointment as sergt instructor to Regiment.
Also interestingly, he gives as next of kin, his father, Jno Robinson of 18 Powlett St. Darlington !

He arrived via HMS Euphrates and was deployed in Sialkot.

Landing on January 8th, he spent two years in Sialkot, but suffered during that time from a number of ailments - tonsillitis, sprain of foot, fever, ague, jaundice, ulcer, boils, fever again, tape worm, dengue, synovitis, piles..

In 1885, officialdom caught up with him when it was discovered he had signed up under a pseudonym.
"I George Brownrigg do solemnly & sincerely declare that I was enlisted on the 14April 1873 under the name of George Robinson which name I now declare to be incorrect. The name of George Brownrigg contained in the accompanying certificate of birth I now declare to be my true name and I make this solemn declaration consientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of an Act made and passed in the sixth year of the reign of His late Majesty King William the Fourth chapter 62 entitled 'The Statutary Declaration Act 1835'

George was discharged from the Army as a sergeant on 16th April 1894 at the termination of his second period of limited engagement.

Isaac Calvert

Born Arkengarthdale and aged 19 yrs 6mth when he joined the Royal Regt of Artillery at North Shields. By 1891, Isaac's family had already left the dale and were living in County Durham, but he was born there, s/o John William Calvert & Margaret (Hillary). Unfortunately he was dismissed in 1901 with ignominy for committing a crime. By 1911 he was a coal miner in Northumberland.

William Canby

of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards. From Wensley, received his discharge in 1844, - by trade a grocer and had been in the army since 1820 at which time he was 21. This would seem to make him the William bapt 6 Jan 1799 at Wensley, s.o William of Preston.
His record states he had been afflicted by chronic rheumatism attributed to his long service. 5' 10", brown hair, hazel eyes.
He received the bounty of £2 12s on enlistment at York. He did not serve abroad.

George Chalders

born Arkendale c 1794 and joined the 83rd Regt of Infantry in 1816. He was discharged after 13 years because of a cataract on the left eye. He served almost 6 years in India.
probably s.o Joseph bapt 17/11/1793

Richard Cleasby

born Hawes c 1855 and joined the Army in 1879 . A plasterer by trade.
Less than a year later and in confinement for being drunk, then a couple of months later for 'breaking out of camp'. Things did not improve, but he remained in the army until 1885 when released as private and transferred to the Army Reserve, discharged in 1891.
From 1879 he served in Ireland at Dublin, Newry, Enniskillin, and from 1881 in India at Peshawar, Gherat, Ambala, Rawal Pindi, Umballa, & by 1885 on HMS Serapis which was a Royal Naval Troopship commissioned for the Indian Government


Vincent Coates

born 1836 - the papers give Richmond as p.o.b but this is the case for a number of Swaledale soldiers in the records. I believe it is Vincent s/o George & Margaret bapt 7/9/1834 at Langthwaite. He signed up for ten years in the 9th Regt of Foot in March 1858. He received a £3 bounty + free kit.
Vincent s/o George does appear in various census returns for Arkengarthdale, but his army service could be between.

James Carter Dent

Born Preston under Scar and age 18 years 2 months when he enlisted in the East Lancs Regt at Burnley on 27 Aug 1885.
After two years, he deserted on 9 Feb 1887 and rejoined 21 May '87. Released in May, he deserted again a week later.
Next of kin given as Thomas Dent, father or Preston under Scar.

James Carter Dent born 23 Dec 1867, bapt in the Methodist Chapel 9 Feb 1868, s/o Thomas & Judith (Sarginson) Dent.
Preston 1871

DENT Thomas/Head/M/40/joiner/Yks/Preston
DENT Judith/wife/M/42/Yks/Carperby
DENT William/son/U/16/app/Yks/Preston
DENT Jane/dau/14/scholar/Yks/Preston
DENT Thomas/son/12/scholar/Yks/Preston
DENT Grace Elizabeth/dau/10/scholar/Yks/Preston
DENT Margaret Alice/dau/7/scholar/Yks/Preston
DENT James Carter/son/3/Yks/Preston

Owen Dinsdale


Signed up for the Life Guards on 1 Oct 1810 at age 19. Was present at the Battle of Waterloo. His record says he was born in the parish of Hawes, near Askrigg, so that would seem to make him s/o Owen Dinsdale and wife Mary of Gayle, bapt at Hawes on 20 Mar 1792.
At the time of his discharge, he was age 41, a shoemaker by trade and was 6' in height, brown hair.

When discharged in 1833 his report stated that since July 1829 he has been subject to strong and dangerous determinations of blood to the head, that he has had attacks of apoplexy; that he is unfit for riding and that he is subject to chronic rheumatism and to bilious complaint.

Thomas Dinsdale

born Hawes and an 18 year old weaver when he joined the East Lancs Regt at Burnley in 1888 . By 1893 he was in Lucknow, India and by 1895 was in the Army Reserve but then recalled in Dec of '99 under a special army order and discharged in 1901. On discharge he gave next of kin as being Arthur Hawkins (step father), Margaret Hawkins (mother), of 17 Romella St , Skipton; William Dinsdale, elder brother, Co. Durham; Lizze Mrs Smith, elder sister, Sussex St, [ ],

The 1901 census shows this family plus some Hawkins step siblings, in Skipton. Previous places of residence having been Hawes and Hawes Junction. The same family are in Skipton as far back as 1881 and Thomas, a 10 year old scholar is with them. In this census, Margaret gives p.o.b as Snaizeholme. 10 years earlier, Margaret and children William, Thomas & Elizabeth are living with Margaret's uncle Thomas, at Busk. If Margaret was born Snaizholme, then that makes her illegit dau of Mary Dinsdale and bapt 23/2/1843 at Hawes. Though I can't find a bapt for Thomas, there is one for brother William in 1867 and a corresponding record for maintenance at Leyburn Petty Sessions by Margaret Dinsdale of Busk, v. John Dinsdale of Duerley Bottom. By the time of Thomas' birth year in 1870, there is another record of application by a Mary Dinsdale of Hawes v. John Shaw, lab of Appersett (though this was struck out, so can't be proven).


James Dixon

born in Askrigg according to his papers, but it says near Hawes c. 1794 & joined the 1st Regt of Life Guards in 1812 at which time he was a blacksmith. He was discharged in Feb 1838. He served in the Peninsula, the Netherlands, France, and was present at the Battle of Waterloo. At time of discharge he was stationed at the Windsor Barracks and was apparently suffering disease and disability. He was 5' 11", brown hair, grey eyes. The medical officer's report cited chronic rheumatism.

James was probably the son of James (blacksmith) and Barbara (nee Tomlinson) Dixon of Hawes and bapt 12/5/1794 at Hawes.

George Dolphin

born Hurst c. 1869 and a labourer when he joined the Royal Artillery. He was a Wesleyan, 5' 5" tall, dark brown hair, dark complexion, blue eyes - and bad teeth ! He was discharged in March 1898 and gave next of kin as George Dolphin of 45 Shakespeare St. Middlesbrough.

Christopher Foster

of Middleham, a groom by trade, but born East Witton c. 1807 and served 15 years until discharge, having been 4 1/2 yrs in Gibraltar, 2 3/4 in West Indies & 2 1/2 in North America. His discharge was due to a knee problem due to rheumatism, attributed to climate.

John Foster

Born in parish of Reeth, served, eventually as sergeant for 37 years from the age of 16 in the North York Militia. He was 6', brown hair, grey eyes and a butcher by trade. His papers are dated 1816, so this might make him John bapt s.o Thomas on 14/2/1779 at Grinton. Cause of discharge was gout.

Joseph Fothergill

Joined the Bedfordshire Regt, but stated born near Hawes and was age 18, a cowman in 1899. By 1900 he was found unfit for further service but does not state reason. Conduct was good. He served a very short time in South Africa.
Next of kin given as

John was born Orton, Westmoreland, Sarah at Askrigg. Sarah was nee. Daykin. John and Sarah went from Wensleydale to be cowkeepers in Liverpool before moving south.




Ely Gill

Born c 1778 Arkengarthdale (bapt 23 Aug 1778 s/o Eli & Mary (Hird) ).
He had enlisted in the 52nd Regt of Foot at Dungeness in April 1805 for unlimited service.
He served until 1819 including service at Waterloo. Discharge was due to reduction in service. He was 5' 7" tall, black hair, grey eyes, dark complexion.
Service described as very good.

John Herring

born c 1828 East Witton, joined the 85th Reg of lt infantry obtained a discharge after serving just over 3 years in Mauritius and 4 at the Cape of Good Hope. He had been of good character and had 4 good conduct badges. Discharge was because of chronic rheumatism. He was a farm servant.

Thomas Heslop

in the 12th Regt of Foot
Born c 1818 in Melbecks. He served in The Cape of Good Hope and Mauritius, but was discharged at Sunderland in 1852. Had several convictions for being absent. His medical record states he 'suffers from an extreme contraction of the left great toe' caused by dislocation. It stands at right angles to his foot (so wouldn't fit in an army boot :-))

Richard Holmes

of Reeth (probably bapt 6 Mar 1827 s.o Jonathan & Mary) was in the 78th Regt of Highlanders when discharged in 1856.
Listed as a woolcomber by trade. Had joined in 1845 and served 9 years in the East Indies, the remainder at home. He was disqualified from service because of leg ulcers

Robert Hunter

Born Muker c. 1794, joined the Life Guards on the 17th June 1815 and was there for three years until a medical condition caused by horse riding resulted in his discharge. Probably the son of Thomas & Sarah of Angram.

Robert Hutchinson

An 18 year old farm labourer in March 1888. Born Harmby. He had been in the militia and had to get a release prior to joining the regular army.

Thomas Hutchinson

born Healaugh c. 1876, a clogger aged 23 when he joined the East Lancs Regt. in 1899 at Burnley. Initially on a short term engagement, he elected to extend this until 1911. A total of 6 years of his service was spent in India.
Next of kin given as brother John of 56 Bark St. Nelson & sister Hannah of Howorth. He married a widow, Catherine Harcourt at Bonham, Wilts on 8/2/1910.
Two children of the former marriage are listed as Louisa Alice Harcourt b. 23/10/01 and Anthony Martin Harcourt b. 23/12/02.

Christopher Iveson

born Carlton, joined the Northumberland Fusiliers at age 19 in 1888. He remained in the army until '96 and then was recalled under Special Army Order in October 1899, staying until 1901.
He saw service in India between Jan '92 and Mar '95; Singapore Mar '95 to Feb '96; Home until Nov '99 and South Africa until Dec '01.

Named brothers John Thomas & Arthur of Carlton in Coverdale.

Richard Jackson

of Hawes, joined the 35th Regt of Foot in July 1799. He joined at the age of 18 for unlimited service. He remained in the army for over 18 years. He was 6' 1", brown hair, hazel eyes, fresh complexion and became a corporal.

Robert Lambert

Born at Birdridding, nr. Middleham c. 1866 and joined the Yorkshire Regt at age 34 in Jan 1900 His commission terminated in the following year after 1 yr 112 days in South Africa.. He received clasps for battles at Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Bilfrost, Cape Colony and the Orange Free State. Next of kin was given as mother Jane of Masham.

Marriage details given were to Elizabeth Pickersgill at Masham on 23/11/1889, witnesses Thomas & Mary Pickersgill

Jackson Longstaff

Born c. 1850 Spennithorne and joined the Life Guards. He was found unfit for further service in 1886. His conduct was very good and he had received 3 good service badges. Cause of disability was severe rheumatism. He had joined the Guards in 1868. 6' 1", grey eyes, red hair and a butcher by trade.

Thomas Langstaffe

born c 1827 Horsehouse
A private in the 70th Regt of Foot in 1866 having served 21 years, including 7 3/4 yrs in India and almost 5 in New Zealand.
By 1871 he was a married labourer living near Canterbury.

The 70th arrived in New Zealand in 1863 and saw action (in the Maori Wars) at Katikara River in Taranaki, then Koheroa, Cameron Town and Orakau before going back to Taranaki. They returned to the UK in 1866.


Thomas Littlefair

Of Reeth b. 1860 and a waiter. He joined the Kings Own Royal Lancs. He was promoted to Corporal by 1884 and rejoined but then deserted and was released in '85. His record states he "Fraudulently enlisted in the Royal ARtillery as No 48295 George Thompson A Battery. 1st Brigade.
Between '82 & '84 he had served in the East Indies.
Next of kin was given as brother John of Grinton.

William Littlefair

Born Reeth c 1858 and in the Army Hospital Corps, joining in September 1879. He was 5' 9" with dark brown hair and brown eyes, C of E and a grocer.
A statement attached to his record states that " he was employed in the cholera camp at Ismailia and exhibited great zeal and care in attending on the sick, during the whole period of the epidemic." (He was in Egypt between 1882 and 1885).

On discharge in 1891 he gave next of kin as brother Thomas of 19 Boston St., Hulme, Manchester.
He would be son of William, a joiner, and Mary (nee Fothergill), and bapt at Grinton in Jul 1859. By 1871 he and brother Thomas are living with Uncle James and wife, as the boys are then orphaned.

William Pratt Lonsdale

Born at Marrick c 1874 and joined the Scots Guards when a 21 yr old miner in Oct 1895. 6' 1", blue eyes, black hair. A Primitive Methodist. In 1898 he transferred to the Army Reserve and then rejoined the colours on mobilization in October 1899 and remained in the army until 1907. His latter service included over 2 years in South Africa. He received the South African medal with clasps for Belmont, Modder River, Dreifontein, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill and Belfast.
Next of kin was fathr John Lonsdale of 10 Kyo Lane, Ox Hill, Stanley, Durham.

James Mason

born c. 1874 at Castle Bolton joined the Princess of Wales' Own (Yorkshire Regiment) when a 26 yr old farmer in Jan 1900.
He was bapt 21/9/1873 s/o Francis & Sarah (Chapman). James later married Jane Pickard of Aysgarth)
He was discharged at his own request in 1901. He had served almost a year in South Africa and recieved the clasps for Cape Colony and Orange Free State.
Mother Sarah of Castle Bolton was named as next of kin.


John Mason

born c 1863 at Castle Bolton (bapt s.o Francis & Sarah 25 Sep 1864) was age 19 when he joined the Grenadier Guards in 1882. He was promoted first to corporal and then sergeant. He served in Egypt and Cyprus. He named his parents on his attestation papers.Francis was a 34 year old widower when he married Sarah Chapman in 1863. Chapman was John's middle name. Becoming medically unfit he was discharged with exemplory record.

John died in May of 1899 of consumption

John Mason

born Aysgarth c. 1887 was another who entered a short service commission at age of 22 yrs. He was a telegrahper and joined the Royal Engineers. He paid £10 to be discharged within 3 mths. Next of kin given as father James Mason and mother Mary of Holmgarth, Aysgarth.

Richard Mason

born c 1879 Aysgarth (s.o George & Hannah of Riggs House, bpt 11 Apr 1880 at Aysgarth). He joined the East Lancs Regt on a short service commission at age 18 at which time he was a weaver in Burnley. Joining in March 1897 he was in confinement by July and released in September and bought his discharge for £18 in November.
He named his family as father George, mother Anna, brother John, sister Annie, all of 7 Clarence St., Burnley

James Metcalfe

of Askrigg, enlisted in the 3rd Regt of Foot Guards in June 1815 at age of 29, for unlimited service. He served for 17 yrs 170 days before being discharged because of asthma and bad legs. He was a slater by trade.

John Metcalfe

Born Hawes and enlisted 4 Jan 1828 at age of 20. Two years later he was discharged due to knee injury having fallen from horse at a charge in a Field Day at Ballincollig on 18 Jun 1830. An inquiry determined that the horse fell with him and he received a contusion from his sword in the accident. He was stationed in Cork at the time.
In 6th Regt of Dragoon Guards.
By trade he was a shoemaker.
Ballincollig had a gunpowder mill and the barracks there were built for protection.

Robert Metcalfe

born Bainbridge/Aysgarth c. 1877 signed up for a one year short service commission in 1901 in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He was age 24 and had been living at Morris St. Oldham where he was a constable. He signed that he was willing to allocate one third of his pay for the maintenance of his wife and family.
He had married Mary Elizabeth Bell at Hardrow on 4/4/1895, witnesses James Metcalfe and Margaret Bell.
Children were Alice E Ann b. 23/5/1895 at Hawes
Margaret Elizabeth b 9/10/1896 at Everton South
Richard Bell b. 1/6/1898 at Wavertree
John b. 10/1/1900 at Oldham

Thomas Metcalfe

Joined the Grenadier Guards on 14 Aug 1875.
His record states that he was age 23 years and 2 mths at time of enlistment and that he was born Hawes.
At 6 ft 1 1/2 " he was certainly tall enough for the Guards. Fresh complexion, brown eyes and dark brown hair. A Wesleyan.

His service record lists him as Sergt on the Gen Staff, Dublin in 1890 and transferred to the Grenadier Guards that year.
Discharged on the termination of his 2nd period of engagement as a sergeant on 18 Aug 1896.

Thomas did not serve overseas. Next of kin listed as wife. Sarah Harrott at St. Stephens P. Ch Westminster on 28 July 1880.
Children also listed
Annie b. 17 Apr 1878
Thomas b. 27 May 1880
Carlton b. 10 Jul 1882
Olive b 17 Dec 1886
Daniel b 17 Nov 1888
Henry Oscar Arthur b 27 Jan 1891

Thomas is in barracks at Windsor in 1881 and Chelsea in 1891.

William Metcalfe
Born Burton cum Walden.

Age 20 yrs 11m , a farmer, when he signed up in January 1900 for the Yorkshire Regt.
Only a short time in the army, being discharged at his own request on 24 Nov 1900, but he did serve from February to July in South Africa in the Cape Colony & Orange Free State. His discharge must have been through illness since he suffered debility contracted at Springfield in April 1900 and he was transferred to Bloemfontain. He then suffered dysintery once back at Aldershot.

Next of kin listed as father William of West Burton. This would make him William bapt at Aysgarth s/o William & Mary of Burton.

William Metcalf

Born Bainbridge c. 1782 and enlisted in the Coldstream Guards in April 1813. He served until Aug 1821 and served at Waterloo. He was discharged on account of poor health. Described as a blacksmith.

William Edward Metcalfe

Joined for one year at age of 21 yrs 10mth in Jan 1900 and said born at Newbiggin nr Leyburn . He served 1 yr 64 days in South Africa and was present at Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Belfast, Cape Colony and Orange Free State.

Next of kin given as mother Ann of Newbiggin, Aysgarth. This would appear to make him William Edward Metcalfe bapt 28/10/1877 at Aysgarth s.o Jeremiah & Ann (Bushby) of Bishopdale . In 1902, William married Jane Ellen Heseltine of Newbiggin.

John Moore

born Hawes c 1877 joined the Army Service Corps at age 20 in 1897. Said he was a Unitarian. In 1902 he extended his service to 8 years and was promoted sergeant the following year. Unfortunately in 109 he was reduced to the ranks for drunkenness and discharged in 1910. He served twice in South Africa.
Next of kin named as father Edward, mother Jane (dec), brothers Joseph, George, & sisters Margaret Jane, Dorothy & Agnes.

James Orton

born Hunton c. 1815. Joined the 69th Regt of Foot and was seeking a discharge in 1858, having joined in 1837.
He had served 1 yr in the West Indies, 3 1/2 in N. America and 3 1/4 in the Mediterranean. He had received good conduct medals, a £5 gratuity for long service + medal. His one misdemeanor appears to have been one month imprisonment for refusing to fall in with the brigade at New Brunswick in 1839.
Discharge was due to chronic rheumatism. Intended place of residence on discharge was Northallerton

James Parkin

born c 1784 Melbecks, joined the 3rd Regt of Foot in Nov 1805 at Bristol. He had served 19 yrs when discharged. Two years of his service were at Waterloo.
His conduct had been good and discharge was because of rheumatism.

Joseph William Parkin

born Arkengarthdale c 1870, joined the York and Lancaster Regt at age 19. He was a miner but had also been in the militia. He was fair haired, blue eyed and was 5' 11" , a Wesleyan. (He had actually been born and bapt - at church - on 28 Oct 1868 s.o William & Mary Ann, blacksmith of Eskeleth) . He joined in 1898 and was promoted to corporal in 1893. In 1896 he was reduced to the ranks, transferred to army reserves at his own request in Mauritius in 1896 but then recalled to service, promoted to sergeant and finally discharged in 1902 at end of his engagement. He served twice in South Africa as well as Mauritius.
Next of kin was given as brother J. Carter of Quebec, Durham, and mother Mary Ann Parkin of Arkengarthdale.
By 1911, Joseph is living with James Carter and family, at Quebec, and was a coal hewer.
James Carter was the illegit son of Mary Ann .

Arthur Percival

born c 1885 at Grinton, and an 18 1/2 yr old shop assistant when he joined the Royal Artillery in 1903. He obtained his discharge the following year.

He named next of kin as mother Anne of 3 Firth St., Skipton, and brother James.
(Arthur was bapt at Grinton 27/9/1886 s.o Ann of Fremington)

George Plews

A 22 year old miner of Middleham when he enlisted in the King's Royal Rifle Corps on 12 July 1893

In Dec 1894 he was "Discharged Free at his own request as a special case."
His father was George Plews of 21 Low Road, Hunslet, Leeds; sister Alice Plews of Pitfield St. Hunslet.

John William Pratt

born Gunnerside. An 18 yr old weaver when he enlisted in the East Lancs Regt. He purchased his discharge in Jun 1892 a month after his enlistment.

Ralph Pratt

born Hardrow
Served six years in 1st Regt of Foot. Received a wound at Waterloo on 18 June 1815 which resulted in amputation of the left thigh.
He had enlisted in 1809 and discharged at a camp near Paris on 9 Oct 1815.
He was 5' 9" and had brown hair, hazel eyes and was a labourer by trade. At discharge he was about 25 years of age. He was a corporal of good character.
Possibly the son of James and Deborah Pratt bapt at Hardrow on 15 Mar 1789.

Joseph Bell Race

born c 1868 at Healaugh & joined the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regt) in July 1887 when he was a 19 yr old weaver.
Joseph was born 4/5/1868 and bapt 22/9/1868 at Reeth Methodist Chapel, s.o Robert & Elizabeth (Bell).

He bought his own discharge. At that time he gave next of kin as being Robert, father living at 20 Ivy Bank Terrace, Haworth.

George Iveson alias George Raw



Joined the South Stafford Regt at Manchester on 21 Jul 1885.
Age 22 yrs 5 mths and a groom. Gives place of birth as Wensleydale.
5' 9", florid complexion, light brown hair; C of E. 2 small scars above inner side of right knee.

He can't have enjoyed Army life very much because he was A.W.O.L for 5 days in the month following enlistment. A short period of imprisonment followed and then he deserted in Feb of 1886, fraudulently trying to re-enlist in the 12 Lancers on the 17th Feb 1886.

From 22 Nov 1886 to 14 Apr 1888 he did see service in Gibraltar.

Oh dear...released as private in Feb '88 for loosing clothing ! Convicted & sentenced to 6 months.

Now who was he. Next of kin given as Uncle james Ivenson of Wensleydale. Father Robert, Barnoldswick; mother Isabella, brothers David, John & Robert.

"I George Raw do solemnly & sincerely declare that I was enlisted on the 21st July 1885 under the name of George Ivenson, which name I now declare to be incorrect.

Here is George in 1871 - in 1881 and earlier than '71, Robert gives p.o.b as Swaledale

Coat Faw
RAW Robert/Head/Mar/54/Farmer of 198 acres/Yks, Garsdale
RAW Isabella/Wife/Mar/40/Yks, Garsdale
RAW David/Son/Unm/16/Yks, Garsdale
RAW John/Son/15/Yks, Garsdale
RAW Robert/Son/13/Yks, Garsdale
RAW George/Son/9/Yks, Garsdale
RAW Mary/Serv/Unm/16/General servant/Yks, Garsdale

George Raw

of Bellerby, a 20 yr old plumber, joined the Lancers in 1910 but was discharged within a month as not being likely to be a good soldier.

John Robinson

born Hawes c 1822 joined the 10th Hussars at age 24 and after 10 years had served in the East Indies and Turkey, Crimea.. He left because of a reduction in the army.
He suffered severely from fever in the Crimea and this affected his general health.

Joseph Hume Robinson

born Askrigg c 1834, left the army in 1858 because of deteriorating health. ... chronic opthalmia.

Thomas Rutter

of Gunnerside, joined the Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regt) at age of 20 yrs 6mths on Jan 20th 1900. He had fair hair, lt hazel eyes and light brown hair. He served in South Africa and was discharged at Cape Town in January 1901. He served at Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Cape Colony and the Orange Free State. He gave next of kin as Hester Jones of Kirby Wiske.
Thomas would be son of Hester Rutter of Whin Hill, Gunnerside.

John Ryder

born Leyburn c 1815 when enlisted. A shoemaker by trade, he was a sergeant of 21 yrs service by 1837 having served 8 1/2 yrs in Tasmania and 7 3/4 in the East Indies.
He embarked for New South Wales on 17 Oct 1837, promoted corporal Jan 1844 and sergeant Feb 1852.
Discharge was due to chronic rheumatism and deteriorating eyesight.

Edward Saville

born West Witton c. 1854, joined the Royal Artillery in 1875 at which time he was a pitman. He was 5' 9" with brown eyes and red hair. C of E. Next of kin was listed as Edward, father, yet on another page father is listed as James of Grimsley, Crook, Durham
From Nov 1875 to Dec 1883 he served in India. In 1877 and again in 1880 he was at Morar, Gwalior - still an important military location in Northern India.
(photo of a Royal Artillery line at Morar)

He was also at Bombay and Bareilly.

.On discharge his intended place of residence is listed as Sheffield, and there is an Edward Saville with wife Ann living there in 1891. Discharge was due to expiry of term of engagement.

Thomas Scarr

born Bainbridge c. 1829 and enlisted in the 56th Regt of Foot in 1846
He served in Gibraltar, Bermuda, the Crimea & the East Indies; a total of 12 years. He served at Sevastopol. Received his discharge at Camp Poona in November 1860. He was a weaver.

John Slinger

joined the 1st Regt of Life Guards. He was born in Hawes c 1784. He joined up at Kendal in 1807. He served in the Peninsula and at the battles of Victoria and Waterloo. At time of discharge he was 45 , 6', light hair, grey eyes. A labourer. He developed a pulmonary complaint and dropsical affliction.

Robert Slinger

born Aysgarth c 1838. Joined the 1st Battn 17th Regt of Foot
In 1868 he was given a discharge as being unfit for further service. His conduct had been very good but he was suffering from hydrocele. His occupation was given as farmer.

Michael Stockdale

born c 1838 Wensley, by trade a catcher, joined the 2nd Battn 6th Regt of Foot in Halifax on 29 Oct 1857 at age 19.
He served five years and 4 of those were abroad, in Gibraltar and Corfu. He was recommended for discharge because of chronic rheumatism and incipient heart condition.

Jonathan Stubbs

b. Arkengarthdale c 1874; a woolcomber who joined the West Riding Regt at age 19 yrs 11mths. Found unfit for service.

George Stubbs

b. Arkengarthdale c 1859. Age 20, miner at his attestation in 1879 for the 4th Brigade. (probably s.o Thomas & Margaret, but next of kin given as mother Mary of Spennymoor in 1879 - could be Marg?) Saw service in Ireland. Left army in 1885.

John Thomas Swales

born c 1869 at Coverham. Joined the Royal Artillery in December 1889 for a short term. Brown hair, brown eyes, a Wesleyan. Found to have a cardiac problem and curveture of the spine making him an unsuitable recruit. Mother was Mary of Coverham.

John William Tennant

of Coverdale age 18 yrs 4m, a groom when enlisting in the Royal Artillery on 15 Feb 1881 at Leeds.
He suffered various ailments during his service including ague, jaundice, dysentery. Served in India until 1890.
Gave next of kin as brother Robinson (younger) and grandfather John Tennant of Horsehouse.
These later crossed out and n.o.k named as wife Georgiana Elizabeth.
Georgiana was nee Pitts, and marriage at St. Stephens Church, Bareilly on 12 Oct 88. Inteded residence on discharge, - guard on railway at ?Barracks, Lahore.

Arthur Ascough Thistlethwaite

born Bellerby c 1869 and an almost 19yr old fisherman when he joined the Buffs. in 1887. In 1892 he was imprisoned for a month for using violence to his superior officer.
Before leaving the army in 1901, he served in India , Chitral and South Africa.
Mother was Alice Mitchell of Kings Cross, brothers Walter & John; sister Lily

William Topham

Born Askrigg (possibly s.o James Topping (sic)). In 1841 can be seen living in Bolton Castle with wife Mary, nee Storey. William had been discharged in July of 1814 at age of 49 due to wounds to his thighs. A soldier since the age of 22 and had spent over 11 years in India. He served in the 36 Regt of Foot & 3rd Royal Regt of the Veteran Battallion. He was 5' 10", brown hair, grey eyes, fair complexion.

Ralph Waggett

Born Marrick c 1829 and joined the Royal Horse Artillery in September 1847; discharged in 1857. He reached the rank of sergeant, but had only seen overseas service for 5 months with the Expedition to the East.
In November 1853 when drilling, he received a kick from a horse which fractured his head near his right eye. In spite of this he was keen to go with his regiment to Scutari (this was the base of Florence Nightingale). His injury was the cause of head pain, and from the pressure of the busby.

John James Walker

born c 1874 West Witton. Joined the Royal Engineers. He was a 26 yr old plumber & gas fitter at the time (Jan 1900)
He was discharged in May the following year after serving in S. Africa.
Next of kin given as Miss Walker of Hinchinbrook, Gorepark Rd, Eastbourne, Sussex.

James White

born Askrigg c 1786. Signed up at age 19 for unlimited service. Stayed 18 years and discharged because of paralysis of the left side when he was at Monaghan during the month of January 1823.

Thomas Wilson

Born in the parish of Grinton and joined the Middlesex Militia at the age of 34 and served for 20 years from 1795 to 1816. At age of 56 when discharged - because of incontinence and old age.