E.C Scranton Liverpool to New York arriving 16 April 1855
All passengers in this table were apparently travelling together and all gave Wisconsin as destination.

Wm Alderson 23 Male
Ann Bell 6 Female
Bonson Bell 4 Male
Edward Bell 21 Male miner
Elizabeth Bell 43 Female
Elizabeth Bell 13 Female
James B Bell 10 Male
Jno Bell 19 Male miner
Mary Bell 17 Female
Richard Bell 8 Male
Wm Bell 15 Male
Woodward Bell 2 Female
Jane Musgrove 24 Female
Wm Musgrove 43 Male miner
George Roe 21 Male miner
Chris S White 23 Male miner
Marga White 33 Female

The E. C. Scranton, built 1851.It was built by George Greenman & Co. for
Everett & Brown of New York. It had 3 decks, was 180 feet long and 37 feet, 10 inches wide.