The Nassau out of Liverpool, arriving Philadelphia 7 Jul 1830

24 Sep. We received a letter from Metcalfe Bell out of america in which he says that they are at a house 2 miles from Pottsville in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania and are working in the Coal mines live in a wood house, earn a Dollar per day, have provisions cheap and though he does not wish to advise others is very thankfull that ever they went. they were 6 days on their journey from Philadelphia up the river to Pottsville and six before they got work
this is the second letter we have got since they got into America the first was sent on their arrival. Metcalfe and his wife set said on the 22 of May in company with Henry Hunt his wife and child Anthony Hunt and John Holmes all of Gunnerside. the coal seam or vein in which they are working is 6ft thick