Rama nr Mifflin Iowa Co
State of Wis. N.A. Feb 26/70

Dear Daughter

            Yours of Dec last was duly received. Its contents relating to your engagement did not surprise us much, having had hints on the subject before. We did not, however, expect to be consulted on that important subject. We rather thought you would consider yourself absolved from the performance of that duty on the ground of your age. We also felt perfectly at ease on the matter in the consideration that your Aunt, who stands in the place of both Father & Mother, to you, was, and is better able to direct you than we. And as we have always heard an honorable account of the object of your choice, we are and have been quite willing to leave the subject to yourself under the direction of your Foster Mother – Aunt. We thought however, that your Aunt would feel herself lonely on losing one in whom, for more than twenty years she has felt considerable interest, as well as comfort; but having recently heard that arrangements have been made for her  to go along with you we feel quite relieved, thinking it a very happy consideration – a benefit to all parties, especially in the social sense of the word. We think, also, that you will have comfortable accefs to the valuable society (at various times) of our ever esteemed cousin Alice Salthouse, Husband & family; Besides the society of your cousin from Yorescott which must be, to you, a pleasing consideration. We do not know but that ere now your marriage may be consummated. If it is so, we do not know that we should have any reason to wish its reversal. We hope you will excuse us for not writing earlier; we thought, however, that you would bear inmind the old adage that “Silence gives consent”, and act accordingly. We now conclude with Parental blefsings to whom it may apply, and love to all the rest as if named, and remainDear Daughter your affte Father & Mother M & J Willis