Anonymous letter sent to Lord Wharncliffe by 'Tyke'. 1884


My lord. Just a word er two whal ye er here aboot yer rent day et hardra, ye hev e a lot ev es desent stidy men es tanants es any mon hes sen I think they er wurthy ev es mich respect es a lot e guslin gamekeepers en drivers (non disrespect tea t’latter lot mind ye) noo for’t I mean aboot t’dinner tfarmers poor beggars they gan tea hardra aboot 9 or 10 o’clock it fornune en thar thay set yan glouren et enuther widoot a drop ev out te cheer em up, for fear ther poor sixpenuth et be dune before they git t’bras paid es yer Agent is a varra slow chap it accounts I dun’t hear anny foat fun wid t’dinner but  I think if they had liker galore (what a word) same es gaming’s hes I think ye wad find out wich lot was biggest drinkers. Ye wice often se it papers, I tast a paper reglar en sets t’barns on te read it et neets, accounts ev Rent day dinners whar t’landlord’s treated real loyally, bid I’m sure ye kna varra weel et sixpennoth wad’dent dea a lot et trusting a Yorkshireman why it wddent boon tea side on him especially when it is sea near [?] hardra beck.
I just geen ye this es I heard it talked over it haws markit. It maks nea ods tea me, cos when I pay my rent I git nowt bit than my landlord s’mebby poorer ner ne.


assumed by Broderick, Wharncliffe's agent, to have been written by Mr. Corry, the schoolmaster & to be complaining about the disparity in treatment of people at the Hardraw Rent Dinner.

from the Wharncliffe Muniments, Sheffield.