Hurst Mines Office, 23rd May /59 Sir
According to your request, I have examined certain papers, and find by them that your Dear and lamented Father, ceased being Mill Agent to the Hurst Mining Co., at the end of September, 1852, having been Agent 65 years or thereabouts! August Pay Sheet of that Year seems to have been the last he made up!
I have heard him, in conversation, repeatedly say, that he came to Marrick from Arkindale to be Agent when he was only 15 years of age.
He seems to have been along with John Harker and Nathan Hall, Agents to the Hurst Mining Co (Mr M Stapleton) in the year 1795; for many Ground Bargains are recorded by him, I see in the Old Books.
Should you have any loose papers or Books belonging to your late father concerning the Mines, I will thank you to look at them: they shall be taken care of, and after examined, returned to you again.
Yours etc. Robert Daykin

To Mr Geo Chalder