An assortment of letters which some readers may find interesting.

1848, Rev Balderstone re. Fawcett farm tenancy at Sedbusk.

1884, 'Tyke' letter to Lord Wharncliffe

Some Willis family letters
Matthew Willis b. 1799 at Carperby, married Jane Longmire, and emigrated to the US

arriving 5 Jun 1845 at New York
Matthew Willis 45 farmer
Jane Willis 33
John Willis 7
Thomas Willis 4
Matthew Willis 2 died on voyage
James Willis infant

They left a daughter Elizabeth in the care of/to care for Matthew's brother John, who lived at Woodhall. Many letters passed back and forth. Here are a few. I have deposited originals of these at Northallerton.

Matthew to daughter Elizabeth. Undated, but probably 1865 which is when John died.
Matthew & Jane to Elizabeth 1867
Matthew & Jane to Elizabeth Feb 1870
Rose Willis to Elizabeth Mar 1870 A number of other Wensleydale/Swaledale families mentioned
James Willis to Elizabeth 1869
Elizabeth to brother Thomas 1868

There was also an exchange of opinions in letters printed in the Wensleydale Advertiser, by Matthew Willis and Matthew Dinsdale, another emigrant.

From Matthew Willis Aug 1845, published 1846
From Matthew Dinsdale, June 1846


Robert Daykin, mine agent at Hurst, to George Chalder 1859
Robert Daykin to shipping agents 1862
Robert Daykin to James Leggett, Cumberland 1857 regarding an offer of employment