Mifflin May 23 1869

Dear Sister Elizabeth
            It is a long time since you wrote to me though I have heard from you by others but now I will take this opertunity to write you a few lines hoping that they will find you & your friend all in good health as we now are although Father & Mother are getting rather feble & my wife’s Father died about the 23 of last February. We had Cousin Carter S with us most of last winter & I like him verry much he is a fine young man. We had a letter from him lately & he is doing well. I should have said, he is in Chicago as no dout you will know. I would like verry much to come over & see you & all our relations but I see no chance of that at present. It is spring now the trees are green & the weather is delightfull the groves look the best about the last of this month Apples plums & such are in blossom now. It would be a great treat to have you come over & fetch that Mr Bradley along. You might send me your picture & his also & a little braid of your hair. I have not much more to tell you about at present but my family & my self join in love to you all. Please write more often that you do
I remain your affectionate brother
Thomas C Willis

PS Father & Mother have got the papers fixed to send to Uncle Richard about the mill & will send them off in a few days with a little money for advertising etc

Your affectionate Brother Jas Willis