Hurst Mines Office 4th Aug 1857
I received your kind inviting note today and am believe me Sir extremely obliged to you for the interest you have taken in me by pointing out to me such a desirable Situation and beg to say at present that I am engaged under the Hurst Mining Co. which Mines I have had the honour to manage along with others these last fifteen years. I thoroughly understand Sir what sort a person you area in want of and if you will be kind enough to name the terms and where the Mines are at I will endeavour to recommend one to  you for your approval.
I am Sir;
Your obedient Servant Robert. Daykin To Mr James Leggett. Penrith Cumberland
Hurst Mines Office, 13th Aug. 1857 Sir,
I received your kind letter, dated Aug. 5th on the 8th Inst. and am glad to hear from you. Please how long will the Situation be opens and when has it to be entered upon: will the person you employ be under the control of the Mining Co. or the other Agent as you say you have two? Will he have to dwell in Town: and how many hours of the day will he have to devote to your Service. Excuse these questions, Mr Leggett for it is better to have a perfect understanding at the beginning of every situation in life than otherwise. If open any length of time it will allow time for consideration.
My respects to yourself and am dear Sir
Your obedient Servant
Robert Daykin
To Mr Leggett Penrith