Men and boys working underground in the Hurst lead mines February 1863

Discussing the conditions in the Hurst mines for the Kinnard Commission in 1863, Robert Daykin, the agent, said there were about 67 pickmen employed underground and that both blasting and picking were used.

There were a few women employed on the surface, none underground. The men entered the mine by the level. The longest level was Queens Level, at 700 fathoms (1,400 yds). Night shifts were also employed, with 8-10 men working 6 hr night shifts.

Men had to provide their own tools and candles. Candles could be bought from the ownership at 8s/doz - a profit of 2/6 to the company.

Fresh air was provided by a windy king, driven by a boy (this carried air forward by means of wooden boxes), and by natural fissures. Carbonic acid was present in the mine and the men would have to retreat when its presence was found either by candles not burning, or by it causing, "a drowsiness and lassitude". Better air circulation was not provided because the mine was poor and would not support great expense.




Copperthwaite Level
Marrick Moor
Queen Level


Names of Men Ages   Where from
Robt Spence 49   Reeth
 John Spence 16   Reeth
Mark Blenkiron 36   Reeth
Bartholomew Blenkiron  21   Reeth
Hammond Hall 29   Reeth
William Fawcett 45   Reeth
John Fawcett 20   Reeth
James Close 23   Reeth
Thos Fawcett 19   Reeth
Robt Hammond 53   Reeth
John Alderson 21   Reeth
Thos Coates 39   Stelling, Marrick
John Dunn 54   Grinton
David Hodgson, Jr 20   Grinton
John Langstaff 25   Marrick
William Ibbottson, 38 manager Marrick
James Ibbotson 17   Marrick
John Dolphin 22   Hurst Village
Geo Dolphin 19   Hurst Village
Elias Brown 43   Hurst Village
Edward Hodgson Sen. 50   Hurst Village
Nicholas Hawkin 25   Hurst Village
John Hawkin 13   Hurst Village
Geo Siddle 23   Hurst Village
Geo Hillary 43   Hurst Village
William Garthwaite Jr 24   Hurst Village
Geo Garthwaite 15   Hurst Village
 Thos Garthwaite, Sen 48   Hurst Village
Thos Hillary Jane's Son 21   Hurst Village
Thos Hillary George's Son  29   Hurst Village
Robt Robinson 30   Hurst Village
William White 58   Hurst Village
John Franke & Thomas's Son 18   Hurst Village
Robt Hillary 35   Hurst Village
John Brown 29   Hurst Village
John Hillary, Senior 46   Hurst Village
John Hillary 19   Hurst Village
Edward Brown 34   Hurst Village
Nicholas Alsop 36   Hurst Village
James Robinson 45   Hurst Village
Christopher Robinson 11   Hurst Village
John March, Pudley Beck  40   Hurst Village
William Hird, Junior 14   Hurst Village
Francis Alsop 37   Castle, Fremington
Thos Garthwaite Jr 21   Hurst
John Garthwaite 18  
James Hodgson Jr 31  
William Hodgson 29  
Thos Hodgson, James's son 26  
Geo Alderson 18   Castle Fremington
Geo Frankland 37  
Thos Frankland, Johnny 32  
Thos Alsop 30  
John Frankland, Sen 40  
William Garthwaite Sen 41   Halgate
Jas Siddle 30   Halgate
Edward Hodgson, Jr 25  
Thos Hodgson, Ed's son 21  
Edward Alsop 20  
John Hodgson, Eds son 15  
James March 39  
James Hodgson, Ed's son 15  
John Siddle 35  
Henry Frankland 14  
John March, Eliz's son 32  
Moses March 26  
Geo March 63 timekeeper
James Cleminson 29  
John Frankland, Thomas's son 25  
James Frankland 14  
Blenkiron Hawkin 17  
William Frankland 16  
Jas Siddle 21  
Charles Hillary 34  
Edward Hillary 19