The Fairfield

Sailed from Liverpool to New York, arriving July 29 1844

Names are in alphabetical order, not as on manifest. Spellings may not be accurate

Ann Alderson 15 F England
Elisa Alderson 6 F England
George Alderson 11 M England
Hannah Alderson 4 F England
Hannah Alderson 43 F England
James Alderson 9 M England
John Alderson 17 M England
Richard Alderson 9 m M England
Thomas Alderson 45 M England
Thomas Alderson 13 M England
Libby Aninnay 22 F Ireland
Catherine Austin 27 F Ireland
William Ballewick 25 M England
Charles Bottisby 7 M England
James Bottisby 2 M England
Mary Bottisby 41 F England
Elisa Bowben 13 F Ireland
Michael Bowben 16 M Ireland
Michael Bowben 41 M Ireland
Catherine Boyle 4 F Ireland
James Boyle 2 M Ireland
Mary Boyle 30 F Ireland
John Bradley 54 M United States of America
Josepha Bradley 22 F United States of America
Richard Bradly 23 M England
Bettey Brady 30 F Ireland
Catherine Brady 21 F Ireland
Catherine Brady 5 F Ireland
Michael Brady 9 M Ireland
Patrick Brady 3 m M Ireland
Patrick Brady 7 M Ireland
Stephen Brady 21 M Ireland
John Brannin 3 M Ireland
Mary Brannin 8 F Ireland
Fanny Bray 23 F Ireland
John Bray 26 M Ireland
Bella Bruson 15 F Scotland
David Bruson 12 M Scotland
David Bruson 55 M Scotland
Elisabeth Bruson 20 F Scotland
Elisabeth Bruson 53 F Scotland
James Bruson 5 M Scotland
Mary Ann Cain 3 F Ireland
Nancy Cain 35 F Ireland
Mary Call 16 F Ireland
Catherine Carey 18 F Ireland
Mary Carrollan 22 F Ireland
James Chapman 19 M England
William Cheney 22 M England
Ann Chesnut 29 F Ireland
William Chesnut 23 M Ireland
Matthew Churches 39 M England
Judith Clarke 17 F Ireland
Edward Clough 28 M Ireland
Petter Conner 47 M Ireland
Edward Corcoran 14 M Ireland
Margaret Corcoran 18 F Ireland
Susan Corr 40 F Ireland
Mary Cowan 60 F Ireland
James Coyle 22 M Ireland
Nicholas Crawford 28 M Ireland
Margaret Crinkshank 12 F Scotland
Catherine Cunningham 30 F Ireland
Isabella Cunningham 24 F Great Britain
James Cunningham 85 M Great Britain
Jane Cushley 24 F Ireland
John Dagne 30 M United States of America
Ann Dale 40 F Scotland
Ann Dale 6 F Scotland
James Dale 35 M Scotland
Mary Dale 10 F Scotland
George Daly 21 M Ireland
William Daverin 31 M Ireland
Martha Dawson 23 F England
Samuel Dawson 25 M England
Daniel Delaney 23 M Great Britain
John Denvir 22 M Ireland
Margaret Denvir 21 F Ireland
Hannah Dodd 35 F England
John Dodd 9 M England
Rebecca Donkny 45 F England
Catherin Dowell 20 F Ireland
Mary Dunagin 20 F Ireland
Michael Dunagin 20 M Ireland
Gerrack Dunbar 54 M Ireland
Mary Dunbar 21 F Ireland
John Durcell 1 M Ireland
Mary Durcell 25 F Ireland
Patrick Durcell 11 M Ireland
Benjamin Edwards 25 M England
Jessi Edwards 27 F England
Bernard Farrell 1 y 1 m M Ireland
Bridget Farrell 8 F Ireland
Edward Farrell 14 M Ireland
Mary Farrell 35 F Ireland
Richard Farrell 11 M Ireland
Alice Fawcett 16 F England
David Fawcett 21 M England
Edward Fawcett 13 M England
Elisabeth Fawcett 52 F England
John Fawcett 50 M England
Susannah Fawcett 11 F England
Patrick Flynn 25 M Ireland
Mary Forle 30 F Ireland
James Forsyth 28 M Ireland
James Forsyth 4 M Ireland
John Forsyth 6 M Ireland
Margaret Forsyth 8 F Ireland
Mary Forsyth 28 F Ireland
Mary Forsyth 4 F Ireland
Rebecca Forsyth 2 F Ireland
William Forsyth 2 1/2 M Ireland
William Green 26 M England
Samuel Grewalle? 24 M England
George Harwood 47 M England
Patrick Hestre 25 M Ireland
Biddy Higgins 16 F Ireland
Biddy Higgins 16 F Ireland
Mary Higgins 9 F Ireland
Michael Higgins 42 M Ireland
Willm Higgins 22 M Ireland
Mary Howard 21 F England
Rebecca Howard 19 F England
Robert Howard 47 M England
Ann Hutchison 31 F Ireland
Thomas Hutton 28 M England
Stephen Johnson 45 M United States of America
James Kelly 10 M Ireland
John Kelly 33 M Ireland
Lydia Kelly 33 F Ireland
Margaret Kelly 13 F Ireland
Mary Kelly 1 y 5 m F Ireland
Richard Kelly 6 M Ireland
Simon Kelly 8 M Ireland
Robert Kennford 22 M England
William Kensford 20 M England
Ann Kirby 1 y 8 m F Ireland
James Kirby 33 M Ireland
John Kirby 6 M Ireland
Mary Kirby 29 F Ireland
Thomas Kirby 8 M Ireland
James Lamb 17 M Ireland
Catherine Lambert 34 F Ireland
Robert Lambert 34 M Ireland
James Larkin 23 M Ireland
Christopher Larney 6 m M Ireland
John Larney 3 M Ireland
Mary Larney 31 F Ireland
Owen Larney 35 M Ireland
Thomas Larney 12 M Ireland
Jane Laurant 30 F Scotland
Robert Laurant 2 M Scotland
Samuel Laurant 28 M Scotland
Edward Leas 34 M England
James Libey 29 M England
Ann Lynch 16 F Ireland
Patrick Manson 26 M Ireland
Joseph Martin 1 y 6 m M England
Sarah Martin 20 F England
Ann McCabe 60 F Ireland
Ann McCabe 17 F Ireland
Barney McCabe 20 M Ireland
Biddy McCabe 15 F Ireland
Mary McCabe 22 F Ireland
Bridget McCoffey 23 F Ireland
Barbara McCormick 6 m F Scotland
David McCormick 2 M Scotland
James McCormick 30 M Scotland
Margaret McCormick 26 F Scotland
Marie McCormick 9 F Scotland
Robert McCormick 7 M Scotland
Thomas McCormick 19 M Ireland
Thomas McCormick 4 M Scotland
Elisabeth McGuire 2 F Ireland
Mary McGuire 26 F Ireland
Mary McGuire 28 F Ireland
Mary McGuire 65 F Ireland
Patrick McGuire 25 M Ireland
Bridget McLaughley 19 F Ireland
James McRudy 25 M Ireland
James Meadowcroft 18 M England
Agnes Moreton 1 y 2 m F England
Elisabeth Moreton 38 F England
John Moreton 3 M England
Joseph Moreton 38 M England
Mary Moreton 9 F England
Thomas Moreton 6 M England
Matthew Murphy 20 M Ireland
Alexander Murray 23 M Scotland
Betsey Murray 9 F Scotland
Christina Murray 13 F Scotland
Jane Murray 21 F Scotland
Jessie Murray 19 F Scotland
Julia Murray 15 F Scotland
Julia Murray 44 F Scotland
Mary Murray 17 F Scotland
Robert Murray 24 M Scotland
William Murray 46 M Scotland
William Murray 7 M Scotland
Patrick Neall 28 M Ireland
James Noble 25 M Ireland
Drucilla O'Bier? 12 F England
Hannah O'Bier? 41 F England
John O'Bier? 16 M England
John O'Bier? 41 M England
James O'Conner 23 M Ireland
Margaret Octrill 24 F Ireland
William Path 25 M England
Elizabeth Porter 1 F England
Elizabeth Porter 27 F England
Henry? Porter 4 m M England
John Porter 26 M England
Mary Porter 2 F England
Nancy Porter 24 F England
Edward Reele 24 M England
Mary Reiley 24 F Ireland
Julius Ridell? 24 M France
Margaret Riley 19 F Ireland
David Roberts 28 M England
Ann Robinson 40 F England
Isaac Robinson 9 M England
Isabella Robinson 50 F Scotland
Martha Robinson 3 F England
Mary Robinson 6 F England
Ruth Robinson 13 F England
Thomas Robinson 52 M England
William Robinson 52 M Scotland
William Rogerson 36 M England
Catherine Rollins 20 F Ireland
Richard Rollins 21 M Ireland
James Russelen 2 m M Ireland
James Russelen 27 M Ireland
Jane Russelen 23 F Ireland
Hugh Scallen 45 M Ireland
John Scott 25 M England
Richard Scott 40 M Ireland
Eliza Theakstone 3 1/2 m F England
Hannah Theakstone 16 F England
Mary Theakstone 6 F England
Sarah Theakstone 38 F England
Sarah Theakstone 8 F England
William Theakstone 40 M England
Ann Sheilds 40 F Ireland
Catherine Sheilds 11 F Ireland
Frank Sheilds 13 M Ireland
Patrick Sheilds 15 M Ireland
Richard Sheilds 21 M Ireland
William Shilliton? 24 M England
Robert Simmons 21 M Ireland
Owen Smith 20 M Ireland
Mary Thornburg 20 F Ireland
John Walmsley 40 M Great Britain
John Weighan 20 M Ireland
Ann Williams 11 F Great Britain
Edward Williams 9 M Great Britain
Ellis Williams 20 M Great Britain
Evan Williams 22 M Great Britain
Freidk? Williams 5 M Great Britain
Magdalen Williams 48 F Great Britain
Robert Williams 13 M Great Britain
Willm Williams 7 M Great Britain
Ann Wilson 22 F Ireland
Rachel Wilson 24 F Ireland
Thomas Wilson 23 M England
Thomas Wilson 21 M Ireland
Benjamin Wood 25 M England