The Diary of William Atkinson
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William Atkinson was a sawyer who became Lord Bolton's Agent.
He married a widow Bessie Burnett (dau of Thomas Storey of Castle Bolton), and lived in Leyburn.
He was bapt 2/10/1810, son of Mark, and buried at Wensley on 30 Feb 1892.

He was a member of the local Society of Odd Fellows, and also must have been involved with one of the local Benevolent Societies because many entries in the diary involve payments of funeral benefits.

Though this diary was a daily record, I have not transcribed the more mundane daily events.

31. At Jury meeting on railway at Town Hall, also magistrates meeting getting Rate Books signed.

1. Wm Coates killing 2 pigs
7. At Harmby and land sale
8. At Wensley & Keld Heads
13. At George Dixons funeral. aged 98 years.
16. Mr Atkinson preaching at Leyburn.
18. George Dixon Junr died this day at 12 o'clock of small pox.
19. Geo Dixon was buried this day at 1 o'clock.
20. At Wensley office. Chr Heslop son died of ?
23. Lovefeast. Mr Atkinson was here
1. Thomas Storey of Castle Bolton died
3. At Thomas Storeys funeral. Aged 73 yrs.
5. Address. Matthew Storey No. 7 Newmarsh St. Jarrow on Tyne. Anne Elizth 5yrs 3m old.
6. At Bolton Gill measuring timber
8. At Wensley. A letter from Mw Storey informing us that his youngest child was dead.
16. A very great wind done much damage
15 & 16. At Wensley office preparing for Rent Day.
17. At Lord Bolton's Rent Day
19. At home, repaired calf rack
20. At Low Wanleys Park Gate measuring off for Wm Pearson. John Thos Pawson my nephew came here at 5 o'clock.
25. Christmas Day. Thomas Burnett here we had a merry Christmas.
27. Measuring of at Carperby.
29 At Downholme
31. AT Wensley Office & at Watch night.
So Ends the Year

Thursday January 1st. At Wensley & Redmire
3. At Wensley office & lodge auditing accts.
4. Wm Dent preached twice.
5. John Thos Pawson returned home
13. The Revd. M.G. Booty was buried this day at Middleham aged 73 years.
31. Valuing timber on line of railway for Lord Bolton. Nothing particular until wood sale.
25. Tithe day at Redmire
22. John Theakston buried aged 66.
23. at Wensley. Captn Fryer very poorly
26. Sarah Bowes died aged 22. Mr. Terry's Riseber land sold to Mr Beetham for £300.
1. A very stormy morning snow on hills. I was at Bolton Hall settling rents
10. George Brown of Alma died.
14. George Browns funeral aged 48.
17. Paid John Heslop by cheque 5 for Thos Burnett cow gait 2 years one remains to be paid.
4. John Heslops wife died very suddenly last night at 12 o'clock
5. George Fryer died this morning at 4 oclock.
8 George Fryer buried at Watlas
19. G. Sandays agent appointed
23. at C.Bolton West Gill looking over a large quantity of alder for sale
8. At Leyburn Wensley Park Gate measuring masons work for W. Pearson.
18. At Castle Bolton measuring new cottage.
22. Foundation stone of Independent Chapel laid.
24. At Wensley Office. Preston Gala day.
26. Mr. Sanday expected today. Mr Sanday the agent his wife & father arrived by 5.30 was at Wensley until 9 oclock, said nothing to me.
27. AT Wensley & Bolton Hall measuring off whitewashing for Sedgewick. Messrs Sandays at Bolton Hall, said nothing to me, they returned home by 12 train. A little rain today, volunteers at Aysgarth.
10. Delivered 8 cheeses to mr Connor.
13. A wet morning and very dull day, no hay day. At Hy Dobsons this morning by 7 oclock, paid Lord Boltons Bill £100.0.6. Intend my grass to be all cut tomorrow. Wife gone to Wood End.
18. At Wensley. T.M.Fryer gone to London.
24. at home, order'd oilcake of J. Carter.
26. At Preston Feast with wife.
30. Deliverd 16 cheeses to Mr. Cannon.
31. Received 1/4 ton of oilcake from Mr Carter of Masham £3.6.8.
13. At Pond House making Wm Pratt will
15. At Wensley & Keld Heads paid washers 6/- from Miss Tennant for gravel
20. at Wensley preparing of sale. Mr Sanday arrived.
21. AT T.M.Fryers sale
23. At Wensley attending Geo Glews funeral 83 years of age. Also Nancy Robinson of Wensley was buried this day aged 75 years.
25. Deliverd 18 cheeses 159lb
27. Captn Fryer returned to Middleham
30. A fine day. Mr Duncan preached his last time at Leyburn.
1. Mr Sanday from home & entered his situation.
5. At Wensley measuring wood with Mr Sanday and Wm Airey 839 ft @ 1/3
6. Mr Lowe preached twice
8. At Wensley office in forenoon, came with Mr Sanday to 12 train for Bedale, met Mr Van Gelderen at Bedale went with him to Redcar, to visit T.M. Fryer
9. Returned from Redcar by train.
10. very wet morning. Bedale Show
11. at Bolton West gill with Mr Sanday. Plews bull in my pasture and bulld heifer.
18. At home sold Colling Cow to Mr Joseph Dolphin for £22 to deliver on Friday 2nd October.
20. Frederick Holmes was buried at Wensley this day aged 19 years.
22. I was serving discharges at Aysgarth Carperby Bolton Redmire & other places. wife at Bolton Feast. I was there all night.
27. A fine day my Birthday I am 64 years of age.
5. At Wensley & Tobias Cradocks Sale
7. At Wanleys Sale. Bought Mr Sanday 2 pigs 50/- 53/- and one for myself 52/-
7. At Wensley & Keld Heads. Bought Hay Stack of Joseph moor for £10.0.0
9. Settled up with Thomas Hogg this morning. I was at Wensley. Richard Bowes very poorly.

1. At Wensley office. Colonel Cathcarts daughter died this morning age 7 yrs
8. A cover of snow this morning. Mr Sanday gone to London.
24. Journey to Leeds arrived safe.
25. Christmas Day at Thorp Stapleton
28. Returned home in safety
29. At Wensley office. Anthy Dowson killed

5. At Ann Humble inquest. Shipley buried.
16. Old Mr. White married to miss Preston at Wensley. Mr White age 63 Miss Preston 24 yrs.
18. A wet morning. I and Mr Sanday at Brick yard.
28. Rd Holmes taken very ill
29. At home with Mr Hewison looking over Simpsons farm. Richd Holmes died this day at noon.
1. At Richd Holmes funeral aged 50.
4. At Wensley office. Leo Airy killed at Quarry.
5. J. Siddall had an accident today
13. At Wensley & Keld Head, F Hutchinson died
15. At F Hutchinsons funeral
19. A very wintry day. I was writing at Simpsons sale
23. At Bedale to meet van Gelderen. At Northallerton & Brompton to see mary returned home last train.
2. At Wensley & Bedale getting teeth.
6. At station for carrots and at Wensley. C.Other Esqr Junr of Richmond was buried at Redmire aged 33 years.

10. At Wensley office sent £8 by post order to Mattw Slingers funeral he died at Manchester.
24. At Wensley & Leyburn Town meeting.
25. Lady Day. Simpson sale
27. AT Wensley office. Simpson gone
28. Elizbth at C Bolton at Mary Horners funeral
6. At Hutton Hang at John Ryders
18. R. Etherinton of Harmby died suddenly
8. Cricket match at Bolton Hall
17. Paid Elizth wages £5.0.0
20. At County court, Hewetson & Simpson plumes[?] settled out of court. Remitted to Ian Simpson his bill £1.13.0
4. At 6 o'clock this evening a melancholy accident occurred by a carriage pole
breaking in going down the hill by Hewitsons yard, causing 2 horses to run
away with 3 ladies in the carriage. Miss Pilkington and her 2 maids and
being much affrighted to go over Railway Bridge Miss Pilkington jumped out
and never spoke afterwards and died in a wooden hut at 11 o'clock the same
evening. the two maids also jumped out when over the bridge one much hurt
but may recover. the other only slightly injured.
5. much sorrow in the town on acct of the accident.
18. A fine rain. Alexander Campbell very ill indeed.
19. Alexander Campbell died this morning at 2 oclock aged 33 years .

Alexander was son of Robert Campbell and Elizabeth Carter. He was a grocer and one of the founders of the Campbell grocery business which is still in Leyburn. Father Robert was bailiff for the Bolton Estate.

24. Geo Russell died on the 22nd. aged 60.

16. Mr Sanday at Leeds exhibition
28. A very fine hay day. Got up Holmes Field into stack. Henry Storey of Preston died aged 62.
Saturday 7th to Monday 16th. At Redcar with wife & sister & F. Apedaile
17. Returned home by last train
9. At Mattw Bywells sale. West Witton
15. Foot & mouth deceased in Plewes & P. Blenks fields. I and James was at Thornton Steward and in coming home the horse fell & broke his knees.
3. Sold Spensley 2 geld heifers for £10.15.0 each.
29. Property sold at Middleham to the Revd Ray for £2500. Wm Richardson bid for him
30. Measuring painting for Thos Horner at Bolton Arms
1. Measuring painting at Wensley Keepers Cottage
8. Snow going away. old J. Hodgson died
10. Paid Miss Bowes subscription to Harmonium
11. Snow all gone. I was at Wensley Jane Hodgson buried.
17. Paid for goose 10/6 . Raw the schoolmaster in Lock up for stealing clothes from Mr. Kiddles man.
31. A very cold day. I was at Watch night in chapel
So Ends the year.

12. James Fieldsend died suddenly.
15. A very hard frost. James Wray commenced on January 1 to supply the Northern Echo.
18. Chr Willis of Preston died aged 86.
22. At Carlton Highdale & other places valuing timber with Wm Thornton.
24. At Wensley office. Hy Deighton buried
6. Salted pig weight 25 stone.
13. Ann Colling died aged 77.
5. Lord Bolton & family gone to London.
8. Old Nicholson buried
5. Tea party on Shawl
7. Thomas Bowes died very suddenly at 1/2 past 10 oclock this evening aged 57 years.
9. A fine day. Bought 1 stack of maise for pigs 16/-
22. Francis Atkinson here from Scotland.
8. Mrs Ridley late of Leyburn buried at Middleham aged 81.
Chr. Chapleo's servt boy found dead.
6 Mr Benjamin Pawson preached morning, evening & held a Lovefeast in the afternoon.
7. A very droughty day. Thomas Storey of Harmby died aged 62 yrs.
18. Very hot day. Lent Thomas Burnett £1. Francis Chapleo died aged 86 years.
31. Leyburn Agricultural Show a fine day.
4. I & wife, Eliz & John Pawson & Lawsons daughter & husband all at Jervaulx Abby with Hewetsons Waggonnett.
28. Attending Revising Barrister & at Jonathan Langstaffs funeral
29. Attending magistrates with Jury list
2. At Redmire at Mrs Robinsons sale. a fine day
13. Sheep Fair a very busy fair.
14. The Beast Fair. Town was crowded and very low prices for bullocks & young stock. Sold Joseph Dolphin Red Cow for £15.
8. A snow storm which continued until Monday Tuesday 14th.
30. At the appeal day with Mr Sanday. Mr Kirk died yesterday and John Cradock of Preston was found dead in his own cottage.
1. Collecting rates
2. Wm Burnett killing my pig. Mr Kirk aged 95 & John Cradock buried at Wensley this day.
4. Wm Burnett cutting up pig. I was at Middleham office regulating income tax. Pig weight all together 27 stones.
13. At Bolton with Mr Sanday measuring masons work for M. Peacock
22. My dear sister only just alive. I & wife going by 6 train. I am very much in trouble but Gods Will be done a safe journey and arrived about 1/2 past 10 oclock and found her alive but very weak.
24. This morning sister had lost her speech all hope gone.
25. Christmas day. Sister very ill indeed likely for departing oh what a Christmas day to me this is.
26. Sister laid apparantly dying but started up in estacies of joy and muttered she was going home crowns of Glory palms of victory.
27. I left my dear sister this morning for the last time alive. I commended her soul and body to God's care and returned home with a sorrowful heart and got home safe
29. A letter from nephew this morning stating sister was living but could not continue long.
30 . My dear sister Ann Pawson died

1. A letter this morning informing me of my dear sisters death.
2. I left here by 6 train and arrived at Thorp Stapleton by 11 oclock. The funeral left there at 1 oclock and arrived at Thorner Church by 3 oclcock and buried my dear & only sister in a deep deep grave with her son Wm Atkinson Pawson who died November 1859 aged 6 years.
3. I left Thorp Stapleton at 11 oclock this day leaving my wife who had remained there since Friday the 22nd Decr, and returned home by last train with a sorrowful heart but truly resigned to Gods will. Oh may I meet her at Gods right hand where parting will be no more.
7. Rather recovered was at chapel twice.
11. At West Witton & Wensley office attending the funerals of Wm Blades aged 57 yrs, Hy Calvert of Bellerby buried today. Also Thos Dent of Preston died aged ..... yrs.
1. A very fine day. Railway opend to Askrigg this day. Also Quallity Ball in Town Hall
16. John Lamberts funeral at Redmire
1 Recd Hy King Tithe
7. Collecting tithe at Redmire
23. Michael Robinson died aged 43 years
29. Market Day. Elizabeth Dinsdale my servant for 11 years has left me this day and gone to Leeds and expects to be married on Saturday next to John Smith of Redmire now a policeman at Whitby.
2. Elizabeth married this day at leeds.
5. At Wensley office. Confirmation at Wensley
10. At Redmire with wife seeking a servt.
29. A cold day. Michel Hesletine & wife died in 3 days apart.
1 Paid pensions at Wensley
14. Sent Elizabeth Smith boxes and packages by railway to Cloughton 3 miles from Scarbro.> Mr Hutchinson & I at Mr Teales office settling with J Thos Pearson and paid him £20 part of his Legacy to pay his bills and to have the remaining £130 on Friday the 18th inst. Mr Robt Hutchinson paid £150 from the £900 he had in hand and I signed a receipt for it, leaving £750 in his hand
17. paid Highway calls £110. Poor do £45. At Wensley in the afternoon, a very wet day. Harrisons sale at Haremire House. Mary Metcalfe has come as our servant this evening and I do hope we all shall do well.
24. Silvester Whitehead preached twice in Town Hall. A very fine day.
25. At Carperby Bolton & Wensley measuring masons work for M Peacock.
21. A very dull hay day indeed threw part cock out rained a little made jockey coks threw more out and made all Crab Tree up into pike large & small.
27. Haymaking in Holmes Field. Bought cast iron cheese press of M. Wiggan.
6. At Cob Scar Mill weighing lead.
13. At Cobscar Mill. a very dull foggy day. Marys mother died at West Witton
14. At Wensley. Mr Sanday gone to Liverpool
18. My brother in law, John Pawson married this morning at Leeds to Mrs Carrington (a widow) 33 weeks this day since his wife died.
21. very wet. Ann Lambert came to live with us as servant.
24. Mary Metcalfe gone home paid her 1/4 years wage £3.10.0.
4. Wife paid seat rents 1/-
11. Delivered 13 cheeses 125lb. Benjamin Blenkinsop died this morning.
12 Leyburn Fair.
17. Geo Storeys sale
24. At sale township property by auction.

26. Pension to Mary Nicholson
27 I and wife at Castle Bolton
28 A splendid wedding at Wensley this morning. Captn Hunter to Elizth Orde Powlett oldest daughter of The Hon Revd T. Orde Powlett.
December 17. At Wensley office. Colliers wife died.
19. At Lord Boltons Rent day the 57th time

13 J. Moor very poorly
16 John Moor died aged 52
17 Thomas Fawcett was buried
19 John Moor buried
3 Opening of new organ in Wesleyan chapel
4 At Wensley office Mr Sanday gone to London
6. Paying Income Tax
Paid for Leyburn 226..9..4
" Wensley ........... 72..1..6
15. At home in cattle market calving cows very dear Wm Burnett sold one cow calven without calf £28
19 At Wensley office paid for seat rents 6/6.
20 Collecting Tithe at Redmire
Ann Lambert here on Tuesday night and Alice Lambert came here same time. Her wages to be £12 per year.
4 At Aldborough with Mr Sanday assisting to lay out drains on Mr Bard Farm
6. a fine day but cold. T. Storey son died
17. At Wensley office Paid Balance of poor rate to bank
6. At Wensley office and Keld Heads. My old servant & her husband and baby arrived here by train and gone to Redmire. They have left Cloughton and he has left the police force.
10. Leyburn Fair a very fine day had much company. Recd of Michl Peacock £1.0.0 for lodge. Elizabeth very poorly.
28. Bought cow of Wm Styan to calve in Sept.
31. magistrates meeting. Water Rate signed. John Willis got an accident upon horse.
8. At Wensley office. G.H.S gone to camp
10 a fine day measuring of at Redmire Mill
13. Revenue day at Ripon
17. At Wensley Feast
4 Mr Sanday at Richmond. I was at Preston rent day
5. Mr Sanday gone to Bristol show . T. Burnett mowing Jenkin.
21. I and wife at Preston Feast
1 Delivered to Mr Cannon 25 cheeses 2221/2 lbs
7 At Northallerton Agricultural Show
25. Mr Grime died aged 78
14 Odd Fellows Dinner
24 Delivering discharges. Jane Day died
28. At Hawes Fair, my first time to Hawes
4 Re Kirks Sale
12 A heavy cover of snow
23 At Spigot Lodge plantation
27. Alice Lambert my servant has left this day. I paid her wages 6.4.6 and Alice Lonsdale has come in her place
30 At Wensley office. Entered new office
7 Alfred Sanderson making new shed
10 At Downholme at G. Russell's sale

This sale would follow the death of George's wife Jane in 1878. George died in 1875.

17 At Leyburn & Walk Mill measuring work for Wm Pearson
25 Christmas Day. I was at Wensley Church. Thos Burnett dined here
30 A thaw this morning. Wm Farrow of Redmire, Slinger Cradocks wife and John Espiners wife all died
31 So Ends the year

9 I was at Harmby visiting Edmd Terry
13 Mrs Walker died aged 84
20 R. Kirk sale
11 Good Friday. Tea party in Town Hall
17 John Pearson very ill
24 I altered John Pearsons will this morning and he died 2 minutes after it was signed
25 Sent John Burnett the younger eight pouds on a note to be paid to me on his attaining the age of 21 years it being a legacy left to him
11 Henry Pearson received his legacy £150 and left £100 in Mr Hutchinsons hands on note at 4 per cent and received cash £50 at bank and received £4.10.0 lent
25 John Smith & his wife & child has returned home this day to Sunderland
10 Leyburn Fair such a bad fair for sheep never was known priced very low
11 A bad fair for cattle
21. Commenced in Leyburn with J.S Wise to take on accounts of Lord Boltons property in all Townships
22. Wm Dabbs died aged 49 yrs
27 At Preston inspecting houses
28 At Cobscar mill
3 At James Spence sale, Wensley
4 At Thornton Stewd inspecting
12 Joseph Kildon committed to prison
17 Auditing day for overseers and Quality Ball in Town Hall

5 Chr Chapleo died very suddenly this morning
8 At Chr Chapleos funeral aged 68
15 At Stockton on Tees arranging for Pearson
19 At Mary Burnetts funeral Preston
6 A cold frosty day. Mr Teale gone to be married
7 Bought a stack of hay of H. Ibbottson 7.15.0
23 A fine day. John Winsby gone to law for J. Lambert
24 A fine day. J. Lambert got a letter from attorney Robinson of Darlington
25 T. Storey & wife here from Leeds
27. nothing only S.T. Scrope paid me 1.13.9
28. J & Eliz Smith farming
14. I and wife at Thorsby getting a promissory note signed by John & Margt Storey for £25 and interest at the rate of 3 per cennt per annum
20 Joseph Lambert Junior died this morning aged 34 years
22. At James Spence sale
25. John Thos Pawson here by 5 train
26 Good Friday
31. I and my nephew J. T. Pawson at Leeds he received his legacy £124.17.9 in cash and 80 shares in Iron [ } 240.0.0
7 Wm Horns funeral.
14 Wombwells Shows here
15 A concert at Town Hall
17 Chr Whitelocks son of Harmby died near Manchester
20 Chr Whitelocks son buried at Redmire
6 At John Styans funeral. Supert Alderson died
18. Alice Lonsdale left us this evening. Paid her half years wage.
28. Richd Dent died.
1 Mary Miller came to be our servt
8 At Wensley visiting James Spence who is very ill
10 A very fine warm day. I paid Poor & Highway calls. Lent Wm Storey of Bolton 30/- until Fby 18 or 25. Jane Mason of Bolton died this morning aged 72.
12 I and wife at Jane Masons funeral
19 Grace Dent of Preston buried this day also mark Wood
July 31. Got all into stack. we had a good force John Styan, T Burnett, T Miller, C. Moor, C. Tasker, myself 1 boy & 3 women.
11 A very hot day. Many at Scarbro. Wm at Styans hay.
15. A dull day. Leyburn Love Feast.
17. J. Spence thatched Crab Tree stack
24. Holmes Field stack thatched
3. Timber sale at Show Field very hot day. I bought 1 lot.
11. I left here for Sunderland by 9 train this morning and arrived there before 12 after a fine journey.
12. At Sunderland with Elizabeth
13. Going round Sunderland and Seam Colliery
14 I and John Smith at Newcastle. Came on wet
17. A fine day. JS & I at Tyne Docks, S & W Shields & Tynemouth, a very pleasant day indeed.
18. I returned home by 1.30 train, arrived at 5.
28. A tremendous snowy and windy day indeed. A many ships wrecked at Scarbro, Shields & other places
29. A rather better day but snow showers. Mr Moody died yesterday aged 78 years and taken away today to London to bury.
31. John Winsby committed to prison for a month.

So Ends the Year

7. John Winsby returned
13. Very stormy weather, not had such a storm for many years. From 1st January to the end of this month.
23. Elizabeth the wife of Richd Holmes died very suddenly aged 56.
25. a better day. I made Jane Sunter will
26. Snowing all day. I and wife at E. Holmes funeral came on a heavy fall of snow.
4. A great quantity of more snow this morning and snowing all day with a strong wind which blocked up some of the cuttings in the Railway.
4. Journey to Leeds
5. At Carlton
6 Returne home and found wife very ill
9 Wife a little better this morning Thank God
26. I was at Anty Metcalf sale at Preston
5. Thomas Siddall of Preston has this day assigned by proper Deed over unto me his life policy as security for one hundred pounds and interest thereon @ 4 1/2 per cent per annum from 1879. his age has now 61 years.
18. I and John Gaines at Aysgarth viewing Mr Tomlinsons new house. I went to Burton to visit Mrs Sunter. A very fine day.
20. Attending commissioners of Income Tax and Binding Geo Pearson to Wm Pearson, mason.
24. J. Storey here from Leeds his mother in law very ill
2 Martha Holmes died
21 A fine growing day. Geo Storey of Redmire died.
5. A very hot day. Thunder storm at 9 oclock & continued until 2 oclock. a very heavy rain, many cows & sheep killed.
6 I and wife gone to Sunderland & Tynemouth and having very fine weather and enjoying ourselves most of our time with Elizabeth. We arrived safe home on Saturday the 20th.
11. The new preacher was here
5. At John Horns sale. a fine day
10. Bought a red cow at John Russells sale. I also bought a lead bowl for 8/- to salt bacon in.
John Russell & family started for America Thursday.

John Russell 1821-1891 married Hannah Jackson. Emigrated to Nebraska.
Born in Castle Bolton, John farmed at Myers Farm, Wensley before emigration.

22. John Williamson died.
23. A cold wet day. Chr Fishwick broke his neck at Mrs Dabbs Granary on going to his lodgings he fell down the step ladder and he was taken up dead, he was very drunk.
25. Chr Fishwick buried this day.
4. A fine day. John Sunter committed to prison to take his trial at York Assizes in January for forging his son & son in law names to two promissory notes value £200.
27. A very wild wet day a very great flood. River banks overflowed
30. A fine day. John Davison of Redmire died this morning aged 79 years. I paid Thos Cradocks wife funeral money £6. Bought 8 bushels of barley for £1.5.6.

2 and a fine day. Ann the widow of Richd Willis died at Carperby.
4. Lady Bolton died this morning at 9 oclock aged 58 years.
6. Lady Algatha Powlett very ill indeed.
10. Lady Bolton was buried at 12 oclock this day.

21. Mrs Rd Rowntree died aged 70.
1. At Spigot Lodge & E. Blades sale. a fine day
21. A letter this day from Elizabeth my adopted daughter now laying a dying at Sunderland wishes to see me and my wife tomrrow
22 I & wife went by 12 train to Sunderland to visit my daughter Elizth who is far gone in consumption, returned on Thursday
23 expecting her not to live many days
2 My adopted daughter Elizabeth the wife of John Smith died at Sunderland and was intere'd there on the 7th aged 28 years leaving 2 children. She died very happy
March 8 Wife & Dolly at E. Witton seeing sister
10. Wife sister died this morning aged 87 years
13. I and wife at Redmire looking out for servt for J. Smith
4 Making Edmd Terrys will
10. A very fine day. Thos Other buried at Redmire
5. I recd letter from my nephew that Mrs Pawson was very ill of a cancer.
11. Richard Rowntree died aged 80 years

12. Leyburn Fair a very fine day. I was very poorly
6 I and wife at Margt Storeys funeral. a showery day. Glass going down.
10. Delivered 18 cheeses to Mr Cannon 180lb. A very hot day. Thermometer 115 degrees in sun
17. Find day for the Agricultural Show. Good company 2200 tickets sold
20 Railway Camp Meeting
28. Remitted by post list of voters in Wensley
2. A dagly day. T. Burnett boys let school
27. I am now 72 years of age and am much better than I was a year ago. God be thanked. My wife & I gone to Redmire Feast. A dull day.
6. A fine day. Josh Horners sale of stock & crops
26 Received a watch from Mr Harrison, Stockton. Makers name Sherwood. Number 546. I was at County Court hearing a trial poachers v. Baker & C. Thompson
7 a very fine day for Middleham Moor Fair
7 A very large quantity of snowfallen this morning, all over the country Railways blocked up and conveyances suspended and a many men in Leyburn cutting snow.
19. Snow disappearing. James Spence very ill
20. I was at Lord Boltons Rent Day. James Spence died.
31. at Watch Night.

So Ends the Year 1882

From Monday January 1st to Friday Janry 12th nothing particular but fine weather for the season. James Spence Tailor died about the 6th.
24 J. Blenkinsop horse & cart leading manure.
26 a very fine day. I and Wm at Horsehouse in Coverdale with J. Wamough conveyance and met with M Calvert & son and valued timber of John Tophams property £41.0.0.
6 A stormy morning came on. Snow showers. Finished manure spreading.
23 a fine day. all my family at Tea party at Town Hall
27 I was at Redmire visiting Smiths family
6 Ellen Pratt & Storeys here arranging about land
7 I was at Bainbridge with Storeys selling hay
16 very droughty
17 Dorothy Smith died aged 18 yrs
18 I was at Redmire arranging for funeral. a fine rain this evening and continued
21 I and wife attending Doras funeral
22 a cold day Robert Ellis died aged 73
23 a very cold morning came on snow & sleet and a very rough snowy night no grass in pasture. John Graham of West Witton died this day aged 50
16 I and Anne at Redmire, very warm day. Got 4 pigs from Mrs Pratt @ 20/- each
17 Begun making cheeses a very fine day
31 day droughty. Henry Guy died yesterday at Nelson nr Burnley
7 A very dull morning and a dull day. I remitted cheque to ......... for Hy Guy 13.7.0 also cheque to G.Walker 3.15.0 for Lodge & wrote to J. Auton
18. News this morning of a sad catastrophy at Sunderland on Saturday in Victoria Hallswhere children from 5 to 12 were attending a performance and 200 lost their lives by suffocation not being a sufficient outlet for getting out of the door from gallery the opening in door only being 16 inches.
19. Recd from John Smith a Sunderland paper
22. dull morning but no rai. A panic occured this day at Leyburn on account of Mr. E.W Beetham having borrowed money from many persons to the amount of 31 thousand pounds to meet his def......... as Bank Manager in the Darlington St Bank and has got money from many poor farmer and some tradesmen, Mr Wm Dent being one who has been joined with him in promissory notes to the amount of 3230 pounds.
23 A general stir in the Town most part of depositors arriving being informed the bank was broke and intended drawing out the money but very few did so.
25 a very throng town a many were satisfied to leave their money in the bank
26 a very fine rain last night and rain all day very little to do at bank today.
30 Paid into bank for tithe £9. I was at Redmire to visit Chr Smith who is far gone.
1. John Smith and Polly here
2 J. Smith gone home. I wrote to Robert Birkbeck for 8 pounds due to John smith money sent by his wife
9 Showery. James Robinson died suddenly.
31. Christopher Smith died at 4 oclock. I was there
21 J. Metcalfe thatching stacks
26. Mr Shaw preached twice
27 Delivered mr Cannon 54 cheeses 480lbs
28 At Preston collecting tithe
4 a fine morning and a very fine day. margaret Birkbeck paid me eight pounds the whole balance due on note money sent by my old servant Elizabeth Smith
6 a showery day. A trip of police here from Sunderland
10. A very wet day. Trip to Morecambe Bay
16. a very fine day Thos Harrison preached at Leyburn
17 a fine day. Masham fair
18. A very fine harvest day. Masham Fair. Mr Pattison left Mr Sanday this morning and gone to Inverness or Aberdeen, Scotland
19. I and Wm at Redmire bought a calf at Thos Farrar's sale 5.2.6. a very fine day.
4 a fine day. J. Naylors sale
6 A fire broke out at the post office
9 I was at Summers sale Bellerby
24 I was writing at Thos Styan's sale. wet day
8 dear wife poorly but has made butter
10 wife rather worse, she dusted the rooms upstairs came down to dinner and was much worse and worse until 4 oclock when doctor came and said she had a stroke she was carried to bed and lost her speech and delirious all night and continued so but sensible when awake.
11 My dear and beloved wife died

Sacred to the memory of Mary wife of Mark Atkinson of Leyburn who d. 8 Oct 1817 aged 42 yrs. Also of the above Mark Atkinson who d. 2 Aug 1832 aged 59 yrs. Also of Frances the 2nd wife of the above Mark Atkinson who d. 17 Aug 1856 aged 78 yrs. Also of Ann the wife of John Rawson & dau of the above Mark & Mary Atkinson who d. 30 Dec 1876 aged 62 yrs.

Sacred to the memory of Bessie wife of William Atkinson of Leyburn who d. 11 Nov 1883 aged 75 yrs.

16. I was in parlour all day very depressed
17 I was at Thos Styans in the afternoon
24. Ellen Storey came to be my housekeeper
29. At Wensley Church yard looking at Head stones
17. Joseph Robinson Tailor found dead aged 78
18. I and Anne also Ellen getting photographed
31. I am thankful to Almighty God for the mercies of another year and it has pleased him to take unto himself my dear wife and I have found it hard to say thy will be done.
So ends the year

3 Joseph Pratt brought me 3 pigs. a wet day
4. Recd Forster Willis rent and paid to bank. Received of Michl Peacock 20/- for Lodge
17. I was at S&W Bank with note for John Smith principal £20.0.0
25. Mrs Bradley died aged 81 yrs
27. Mrs Osborne died
21. At Hewetsons sale
26. at Thos Styans sale. mr Sanday left Leyburn
16. Conservative Meeting in Town Hall
17. Wm Plews printer died aged 73 years
19. got a load of coals 13/2
22. John Wiggan very ill
23. I made John Wiggans will and he died 2 hours after
May 2. a cold day. Mrs. Hogg died

This was Sarah Jane Hogg of Leyburn, age 30, buried at Wensley on the 5th May. She was nee Dean, d/o Thomas, builder, who married James Hogg the bank clerk on 22 Apr 1878 at Leyburn.

9. Leyburn Fair. A man called Pinkney a farm servant with Chr Brown of Harmby was thrown from a young horse and so injured so as to cause his death on the following Monday.
30. John Winsby apprentice boy committed to prison for stealing £2.10 from the Bar Till of Bolton Arms Inn. Sale of Wm Rowntrees property at Bellerby

1. R Thwaites died
8 James Hutchinson buried
21. I went to Redcar by 9 train this morning and met with F. Apedaile and went to Skelton and returned on Monday to Redcar and remained Tuesday and on Saturday my housekeeper and my dear Anne came by 11 oclcock and we all returned by 10 train at night. I enjoyd Saturday very much but all the other days I did not enjoy myself I wished myself at home. I am no better in my lameness but worse
30. A very hot day. I was at the District Meeting and at Preston for waivers. I was very poorly.
1. a very hot morning came a strong shower at 12 oclock, many have cut their grass and some have got it up .
12. I paid Wm Dent £3.7.7 for Thos Siddalls insurance due June 31.
13. very warm an awful thunder storm and very heavy rain at 7 to 8 oclock.
30. School tea party
5 Thos Cradock died
12 I left here and arrived in Leeds 11 oclock
13 at Carlton with my nephew
14 very hot indeed. I left for Leeds at 12 oclock
15 Left Horsforth for Ilkley and returned to Horsforth and remaind all night
16. Left Horsforth for Leyburn at 10.18 arrived at Leyburn at 3.10
27. dull day. Foundation stone laid in New Chapel
28. I and Anne started at 11.40 train to Penrith arrived there 3.20. Railway fare 7/1 a very fine day.
4 until 3 oclock at Penrith all fine days and enjoying myself. Left Penrith at 3.20 arrived at Staindrop by 6 oclcok
6. at Staindrop until 12 oclock left by train at 1 and arrived safely home by 5 oclock
24 Sarah Webster entered my service this day
27. I am 74 years of age this day and I am very well considering my age. Thank god for all his mercies conferred upon me
6. John Mattison wife died
8. Lent Mr Osborne five pounds until christmas
13. a fine day. Mrs R.S. Dobson died aged 61

14. a fine day. I was at S. Spensleys visiting Mrs.
15. Septs Moor died
17. John Russell died
20. Abraham Atkinson died
31. Wm Airey died. Wm Hutchinson trial
17 Russell Cow sold to go to Liverpool
19. I and Wm looking at a cow. I was at S. Spensleys and Wensley
20. Wm Styan and John Watmough had a county court trial this day which resulted against John Watmough.
21 Special magistrates meeting
27 John Dent of Bellerby died
29. I and Anne at Preston. Mrs Spensley died
3. A very great wind. I was at Mrs Spensleys funeral
16. I was at Northallerton Auction Mart a splendid lot of 200 beasts sold. My old cow was sold for fat and realised £21.15.0. Expenses 16/3. It was a very wet day. a very large Christmas Show.
23. very stormy. Johnson here from Staindrop.
26. a fine day. I and Johnson at Castle Bolton.
31. a fine day. I was at Wensley in afternoon. I was at Watch night.
So Ends another year of mercies.

10. Odd Fellows accounts audited
12. F. Summers resetting oven & boiler
26. Wm at Cover Bridge settleing with Reynoldson
27. a fine day. Miss Emerson married
17. Robert Hutchinson of Castle Bank has taken an appoplectic fit this morning and no chance of recovery.
20. Robert Hutchinson died this morning
24. Mr R. Hutchinson was buried at Grinton aged 66. Sarah Webster left my service today.
9 At Cote visiting Simon Spensley
27 Mrs Apedaile died aged 65
28. John Theakston had an accident and very ill
1. Mrs Apedaile buried
6 Odd Fellows procession and dinner
29 James Scott died also Ann Whaley
30 Anthy Urwins sale
2. At James Scotts funeral. a very fine day. there was 12 of his children present at his funeral out of his 13 children, his widow was also present and 3 of his brothers & 3 sisters. Also 31 Odd Fellows. I paid Henry Scott his son the funeral donation £10.
1 At Preston at Jerry Horns
2 At Redmire visiting John Heslop. I examined the wills of Thos Atkinson and Mortgage deed made between Margt Storey and York and City Bank and find the amount of £219.19.0 at 5 per cent per annum. £11.1.0 per year interest. The Mortgage is on 1 pasture field, 1 meadow. 1856 this was purchased by Thos Atkinson for £525. And I now have let it to Edwin Johnson of Bainbridge for three years from April 6th 1885 unto April 6th 1888 at the yearly rent of seventeen pounds, according to proper agreement on Stamp.
3. At Bainbridge examining old roof and setting roofing etc to John Lawson to find all materials and complete the whole for the sum of eighteen pounds to be finished by July 1st 1885.
6. A trip from Leeds this afternoon. Thomas Storey was here & Ellen and other 8 person.a fine day they all enjoyd themselves very well.
28. The last service in the old Wesleyan Chapel this evening it was built in the year 1815. I have been a member for 52 years and am now the oldest member.
30. Leyburn new Wesleyan Chapel opened by Charles Garrett afternoon. Text 63 psalm 3rd verse Because thy Loving kindness is better than Life a very large company meeting at 7 oclock. Large company 700. Collections total 71.5.0
5. A splendid fine day. Silvester Whitehead preached in New Chapel afternoon and night to very crowded congregations good collections.
6. Jane Collah died aged 76.
11. John Blenkinsop mowing Crab Tree & Stripe.
13. A fine day. Strewed Crab Tree & turned.
26. Heslop servt boy drowned
6. Ellen Pratt paid me ten pounds for hay & eaten on Bainbridge land & I have paid it into York & city Bank.
8. At rectory tea party.
17. a fine day. Wm Winsby gone to Cannada.

William married Ann Theakstone on 24 Dec 1873 and in 1881 was town postmaster as well as following the family cabinet making business. On emigration, the family went to British Columbia where William worked as a tax collector. Of the children, Walter joined the Dominion Finance Dept, working in Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg and Regina, then finally Vancouver. William Norman became a provincial school inspector and joined a militia unit. During WWII he was sent overseas to lead the 47th Battalion, spending 3 yrs in France.

21. A wet day. I got straw for thatching.
23 A fine day. Leyburn Love Feast.
31. A fine day. A trip from Darlington
12 Agnes Rutter died
13 Thomas Styan died aged 67 years
15 I was at Thomas Styans funeral
16 I was with Wm [Shaple} & John Styan getting particulars on Farm for Sale Bills.
25 John Lambert of Swinnithwaite died aged 61
30 At Mrs Dent sale at Bellerby.
3. my nephew visited me.
5 A very fine day. I was at T. Styans Exors sale. A very bad sale stock very low indeed the total amount of sale was £408.18.1 and only received £122.1.7 and paid same into S&W Bank.
7. R. Hutchinson sale
13. J. Smith and children here
14. I was at Wensley. Josh Ridley married
17. At Trotters sale
18. Doctor Metcalf ut off a tumor from my arm this morning without pain.
21. I was at Mr Robt Hutchinsons sale. a clock
28. F. Summers repairing house chimney
12 At Anthony Robinsons funeral
14. Chr Tasker killing 2 pigs.
18. Lilley Styan died aged 12 years
22. 2 missionary sermons by Thos Hogg
4. Polling Day at Leyburn for Richmond Division. G.W. Elliott Conservative. F. Milbank Liberal. Close of polls Milbank Liberal Majority 553
11. Let to Wm Graves Mr Powlett Land for 60 pounds per year on Lord Boltons conditions. Wm Graves to repair all and to keep in repair
24. I paid George Pearson £150 his legacy from Hy Carter, he left £125 in the bank. I paid Ellen Pearson £1.4.0 for 8 weeks and have agreed to pay her 2/- a week in future.
25. Christmas Day a very fine day indeed. Johnson Copeland is here from Staindrop.
26. A fine day. Not like Christmas

1. A fine day for the season. Jane & John Styan was here today and being the executors they proved the will of Thomas Styan who died at Bellerby on the 13th day of September last
5. Making up Mr Powletts acct
31 John Heslop died at Redmire aged 71.
1. very stormy & much snow
3 at John Heslops funeral
8 A though (sic) began. 3 murderers executed at Carlisle
18. very stormy
19 attending on Sam Croft
27 I was at Redmire and sold Mary Smith 2 cows to Wm Park for twenty two pounds, he took possession of them this day, they were to remain in the same cowhouse and be supplied with hay until Friday morning next and then be removed.
3 Roads & railways blocked up
6. Received of Ellen Pratt the sum of five pounds for 3 heifers sold last May. Balance due to me £50. Paid John Harrison nine pounds from cow club.
22. Market day. I was at J. Scotts funeral at Bellerby. F. Apedaile & I settled accounts.
21. A fine warm day. American circus here
28. Mr Hy T. Robinson died aged 84 years

29. A fine day. Joseph Ryder of Richmond died aged 57 years.
1. A very wet day indeed. Mr. H.T.Robinson was buried at Aysgarth, a many persons prevented from going by train to Aysgarth to see him buried.
Joseph Ryder was buried at Richmond new cemetery.
3. At Mrs. Styans Hawxswell
17, County Court day
19. Got Crab Tree into stack, Stripe & Jenkin pikes up to Crabtree. Holmes Field mowed a good crop
20 Strewed, Wednesday 21 turned and dashed. came on a thunder storm & rain
24 dull forenoon fine afternoon got Holmes Field into stack
6. I was very poorly. John Dinsdale died last night
13 a fine day. A trip from Sunderland
19 Bedale Agricultural Show
23 a fine day. Sent off Voting Lists
26 Dolly Storey of Bolton died aged 73. Her husband died Dec 1st 1873 aged 73
26. a dull day. Jervaux Flower Show
27. At Dorothy Storeys funeral. A very hot day
28. I and Annie started for Staindrop and arrived by 12 o clock a very hot day indeed
29 At Staindrop
30 I was at Darlington and Crot. a hot day
T.W.T, Friday at Staindrop and returnd home Saturday 4 by 5 train (September)
5 Sunday. New Preacher
10 Settling J. Winsbys land settled up
21 A fine day for harvest & Wm Milner sale.
23. A great meeting of Unionists held at Bolton Hall and upwards of 2000 persons was on the ground, most of them partook of tea, several 6 members of parliament was present and all enjoyd themselves it being a splendid fine day. I was one of the number and enjoyd myself
24. A fine day. Attending Revising Barrister and verifying jury list
27. A wet day. I was at Redmire Feast to meet John Smiths wife and 3 children
I am now 76 years of age this day and in tolerable health. Thank God for all his goodness to me. His goodness and Mercy has followed me all the days of my Life Godliness is profitable to all things.
30. Mrs Smith and the children here
25. I was at Cracoe visiting Mary Styan
28. Harvest home in chapel
1. John Wetherell died yesterday.
5. very wet day indeed never known such a day
6 Middleham Moor Fairs, a great flood
A very bad selling fair all cattle very low indeed never known such low prices
10 Leyburn Fair. A fine day. Stock verylow
31. very stormy. Old Chapel up by auction but not sold, only 89 offerd by Robert Chapman. Reserve bid 140 pounds
So Ends the year 1886
I am truly thankful to Almighty God for the innumberable mercies bestowed upon me in regard to things temporal and eternal. I am now 76 years of age and in tolerable health, when my friends James Auton and Motley Pearson are confined to their beds and James Auton is now near his end. Oh what shall I render to God for all his goodness & mercy

1 Writing in parlour all day. very stormy
9 more snow. James Auton died
24 a fine day. I was collecting income tax
1 writing up income tax acct
2 attending surveyor of taxes, settling up
7. Wm Thompson of Lane House died suddenly
18. a fine day. Mrs Bowes very ill
20. Mrs Bowes died this morning aged 68
22. Paid Thos Bowes funeral donation
23 Mrs Bowes buried . a very wet wild day
4 Measuring land at Spennithorne
11 paid John Metcalfe funeral donation for wife £5
7. Market Day very cold indeed
8. Good Friday. a cold day
9 very cold. Mary Pratt here from Pond House
13. Miss Pratt gone home
15. Mary Styan here, wrote her a promissory note . Mary Atkinson died.Aged 79
24. a cold day. I was taken very ill
26. audit day. Lent J. Goodyer 1.8.6. Wrote to H.W. Auton, Cambridge Street, Harrogate
27. James Hoggs sale a very cold day. Showers of snow during the day and came on very heavy shower at 6 oclock at night.
29. James Autons pot sale
30. James Hogg Bankers clark left Leyburn
9. Murphit died suddenly at Highside
19. very cold. Motley very ill
20. Motley Pearson died this day aged 69 years. A very stormy day. Showers of snow
22. a fine day. Motley Pearsons funeral. a large company attended and 50 Odd Fellows
25. a wet day. Mary Farrar, Annies aunt was here with her son from West Hartlepool
28 Jubilee meeting
29 Whit Sunday. I never knew a colder day
8 very hot day. Septimus Storey & wife was here
10 at Newcastle returned in the evening last train, a very pleasant journey. paid Vangelderon for my teeth £3.
11 I was very poorly. Bessy Lawson died very suddenly at 12 oclock at night aged 60
15 a very hot day. I was very pooly calld in Cockcroft
18 a very hot sultry day hottest day this season
22 The Jubilee Day, a splendid fine day. A day which will be rememberd for many years to come upwards of 600 partook of dinner and meat tea including children . a procession touched from pump nook to St. Matthews Terrace, Robert Stead aged 86 Ann his wife 83 and Wm Atkinson aged 77 was conveyed leading the procession in a carriage. The committee and children all wearing The Jubillee Medal.
27. Ann Dodsworth removed to Alma Cottage
28. Preston Jubilee. a hot day
29. Castle Bolton Jubilee. I was there
25 At Preston Feast. Ann Copeland died aged 83
28. a dull day. John Smith gone to Durham last night.
30 Thos Topham buried aged 80
19. I was at Low Bolton sale
2 Tommy Burnett died age 82
3 At Preston arranging for funeral
16. Mrs Dent died aged 75
21. Lord Boltons Rent Day
26. At District meeting at Palmer Flatt a very pleasand day. I returned home by 1/2 past 5 oclock.
27. My cousin James Copeland and daughter arrive dhere by 11.30 train and have been muchpleased although the weather has been unfavourable. they are now at the Bazzar 9 oclock
28 A winter day, Kept in the house
29. a very stormy day. Old Ann Dodsworth died
30 very icy. Cousin James returned home
31. I was at Ann Dodsworth funeral aged 90

4. a very fine day. Jane Apedaile buried
7 I was at Preston & Redmire
8 I was very poorly
22 a very fine day. Mr Walker died
8. John Topham Esq of Middleham died this afternoon suddenly aged 75
6. T. Burnetts land let to Simon Burnett up to March 25th 1889 for £24
21. a very hot day John Pearson died at Carlton
1 Paid John Pearson widow £10 funeral money
3 Chapel Anniversary a fine day
11 I and Henry Copeland at Castle Bolton
12 Henry at Bedale, I was at Wensley
16 Wm at Hardraw Scar. I am very poorly
18. I had Dr Cockcroft
20 very poorly indeed, very feeble
2 I was very poorly all day & a very bad night
6 Sold 2 pigs to G.Campbell for £4. poorly in my back
9 My nephew J.T. Pawson was here from Carlton near Wakefield and gave me particulars respecting his money matters. His fathers uncle Wm Pawson who died at Leeds in the year 18... bequeathed to the said John Thos Pawson 80 shares in the Leeds Forge Company valued at 5 pounds per share £400 also in cash £125. In 1889 a new company was formed now called The New Leeds Forge Company and the said J.T.Pawson had allotted to him for his original 80 shares £480 also a bonus dividend 220.
13. a very windy night and this morning it blew hurricans. Tore Crab Tree stack cover off so as she is in a very ragged state.
1 Annie begun school. snow
19 Anthy Horners sale
29 I was at Redmire Sold 2 geld cows and one bull calf to John Stringer
2 a very wet day. I received of Robert Horn 6/- also Sarah Storey tithe 2/8
3 wet day I was very poorly
12 I was very ill sent for Dr Cockcrot
13 I was rather better thank God
19. At Lord Boltons Rent day since December 1849. 39 years 78 Rent days
Paid my rent 15.0.0

7. Recd of J. Coulton tithe 6/10 for 1888 also 1/6 income tax and 20/- rent of Church Garth
12 Bella Storey died yesterday
24 Polling day for County Council. The Hon W.T.Orde Powlett got a majority over Mr Marclaren 138 votes
25. Mr Riddell remitted a cheque to the Revd T.O.Powlett 68.0.5 for tithe. This day Mr Robt Champan was here along with Charles Dixon doing some important work
31. Ann the wife of R. Stead died aged 84
8. Leyburn Fair. A very stormy day
11. a very stormy day. James Scott very ill cannot live long
12 rain
13 a fine day. I was collecting Redmire tithe
17. very cold. James Scott buried aged 59
16 I was very bad in my eyes
24 A fine day for the season, my eyes are bad
13 A very dull cold day I was rather better. I paid John Burnett his daughter legacy.
19 Good Friday. John Spence died
23 I was at John Spence funeral aged 65
26 I delivered to John Burnett of Preston a metal tea pot which was given to my wife for her life and to be returned at her death for John Burnett daughter.
9 Wm son of Martha Moor a soldier died at Bris?iton this morning
20 hot day Mrs Cooper died at York aged 76
very poorly. Chapel anniversary
4 rather better - a hot day - Doctor here
5 Martha Storey died aged 75
12 A fine day Billy gone to Carlton with Heatons Trap without leave and I got C. Moor to milk and paid him 1/-.
31. very hot I had a bad fit and fell
I. I was very poorly
5 My nephew arrived here by 5 train - Sunday School Trip to Aysgarth Forse
6. Mrs Cain died yesterday
22. Voting papers sent off to Northallerton
26 I am very poorly taken medacine
28 very poorly in my face
2. I was at Preston collecting tithe 10/-. Attending meeting in chapel a very good meeting
5. I was at Bolton Hall at a meeting. The primrose League a very fine day. I was pretty well considering my age 79.
12. a dull day. I was making E. Terry codicil
21. Sold my stack of old hay in Holmes Field to Mr Blair at 6d per stone
22 James Wray died this morning
26 rather better but had a fit in bed room
27 Harvest home at chapel

22 John Bowes died this morning in the 72 year of his age. a very wet day
1 C. Brown sale
5 a fine day. T. Mower died aged 79
20 Miles Robson of Carperby died aged 78
25 John Smith died this morning
26 a cover of snow this morning
27 I attended John Smiths funeral. a fine day. 10 Odd Fellows present
9 a cold day. Colnol Wade died this day age 90
13 John Smiths sale.


24 Christr Scott of Wensley died this morning. John Greathead of Downholme Manor House was buried this day.
31. I paid £10 for C. Scotts funeral & received 7/6 from Savings Bank for Wensley overseers
3 A summers day. John Bolton died 72
24 Hy Ibbotson was buried
25. Ibbotson acct all right
1 a cover of snow. all gone tonight
5 a fine day. Annie taken ill and Billy rather better. A woman at Union burned to death named Fanny Harker
16 George Dobson died age 34
26 Christr Tasker died this morning aged 68.
8 very cold day. A young man 18 yrs old Davis was executed at Knutsforth goal for murdering his father.
10 Mattw Sedgewick died suddenly
12 James Peacock died

James was the son of Michael Peacock and Alice Storey. He followed the family trade of stonemasonry. The corbels on Aysgarth Church are an example of his skill. Two lions he carved can be seen in front of the East End Farm in Castle Bolton and a further two once adorned the entrance to a farm in Leyburn. When the property was sold, the owner did not wish to let the lions be sold with the farm, so hid them in a wood not far from the Leyburn Auction Mart. Unfortunately one was broken, but the other was eventually placed above the bay window of the Golden Lion Hotel in Leyburn where it can still be seen today.

The Methodist Chapel in Leyburn has a fine window which
is a very good example of his craftsmanship, as is the lion's head carved on St. Matthews Well in Carperby.

14 James Peacock buried
21 George Swales, Alice Peacock and James Stringer all died
28 Nancy Harker died
14 a very fine day. I and E. Ann at Castle Bolton visiting James Storey
17 J. Crossling died aged 79 years
20 I was very pooly a fine day. Peter Hammel elopement
23 James Storey very ill. John Russell here from America
21 Hardra Scar Trip a fine day
24 James Storey of Castle Bolton died
25 Geo Spensley very ill
20. A very fine day. Tea party at Bearpark
2 How Hill Tea party for Sunday school
8 E.Ann and Annie at Scarbro a very fine day
15. I was at Wensley arranging discharges in company with His Lordship and Mr Wye and getting voting papers
22, 23. Redmire Feast. Annies sister Polly here
26. Chapel anniversary. Silvester Whitehead preached.
3 Large sheep sale by Atkinson
9 Sheep Show and sale by Graves
10 At Leyburn sheep fair
11 Cattle fair
12 Cousin John buried at Staindrop aged 81
26 John Tasker died aged 74
7. very cold. Geo Miller died aged 47 also james Umphrey died 79
8 Thos Sanderson 79
14. John Gatenby very ill indeed
17 J. Gatenby died aged 72

8 Lord Boltons Rent day. I was there and at dinner
9 more snow
10 Lodge Night. I gave up my secretyship
. February
8 John Raw died aged 57
10 Drisling was buried at Danby
18 Wm Milner died on the 15th and was buried at Downholme on Sat 18
5. Lord Archbishop of York died 70
25 Thos Terrys sale.
7 I was at Lord Bolton Rent day. My 83 time in succession and I am now in my 81st year of my age.
16 I was visiting S. Spensley
24 Long Wool sheep sale. a fine day
25 Sheep sale & Pattison sale

This is the last page in the diary.
William Atkinson was buried at Wensley on the 30th February 1892 at age 81.