A few wills and probate copies of wills which I have transcribed on occasion and which might hopefully prove useful to someone.
At the time, I was more interested in connections shown by the wills, so the text of some is not complete.

Ann Alderson of Angram 1717
Anthony Alderson
Cogden 1712
Charles Alderson
of Frith 1875
Christopher Alderson Askrigg 1800
Christopher Alderson Leyburn 1868
Edmund Alderson Eskerlith 1804
Edmond Alderson Keld 1675
Edward Alderson Sturfitt 1675
Edward Alderson Arkletown 1726
Edward Alderson Greens 1853
Edward Alderson of Thwaite 1864
George Alderson of Angram 1676
George Alderson Thorns 1677
George Alderson Sturthwaite 1712
George Alderson Angram 1793
George Alderson of Birkdale
James Alderson Thorns 1797
James Alderson of Barfside 1879
John Alderson of Reeth 1676
John Alderson of Castle 1866
Joseph Alderson Hilltop 1766
Mary Alderson Lock House 1790
Richard Alderson Thwaite 1677
Robert Alderson Lock House, 1774
Robert Alderson of Arkletown, 1806
Robert Alderson 1807
Simon Alderson of Keld 1877
Simon Alderson of Kisdon 1850
Simon Alderson of Kitley Intack 1752
Thomas Alderson of the New Inn, Keld 1867
Thomas Alderson Ravenseat 1719
Thomas Alderson Faggergill 1728
William Alderson Eskerlith 1766
William Alderson of Frith 1848
William Alderson of Frith 1855
Francis Alsop of Reeth 1732
Ann Atkinson of Gilling 1848
Christopher Barningham Bowse 1756
Jane Barningham West Intack 1730
James Barningham Bouze 1728
John Barningham Windegg side 1755
Joseph Barningham Bouse yeoman 1741
Joseph Barningham Scarhouse 1758
James Barningham Bouze 1767
William Bell of Feetham 1859
James Moore Blenkiron of Reeth 1867
Thomas Blenkiron of Reeth 1847
Robert Bonson Feetham 1854
John Bradbury of Reeth
James Broadrick Faggergill 1729
Mary Broadrick of Dale Head 1728
Hannah Broderick of Springend
James Brown of Low Row 1849
Thomas Brown of Faggergill Intack 1781
Barnard Calvert of Satron
David Calvert of Gunnerside 1843
Francis Calvert of Redmire 1708
Henry Calvert of Redmire 1833
James Calvert of Muker 1842
John Calvert of Lodge Green 1844
John Cant of Arkengarthdale 1726-7
James Carter Arkengarthdale 1740
Thomas Carter of Arkindale 1732
George Chalder Arkletown 1728
John Chalder High Green 1790
Matthew Chalder Longthwait 1759
Francis Charder Reeth 1713
Edmund Clarkson of West Stonesdale 1841
George Clarkson of Laykin, Melbecks
Nanny Clarkson Blades 1849
Margaret Cleasby of Reeth 1868
Dorothy Coates of Bouze 1763
George Coates of Reeth/High Green Arkindale 1842
George Coates of Bouze 1737
George Coates Arkletown 1798
John Coates Palliott, Stainmore 1880
John Coates Bouze
Margaret Coates Arkengarthdale Head 1738
Thomas Coates of Reeth
Thomas Coates Bouze 1799
William Coates West Intack 1719
William Cocker of Arkengarthdale, 1724-5
Christopher Colling of Bowes in Arkengarthdale 1740
John Colling Longthwaite 1764
Jonathan Colling Longthwate 1809
Thomas Cottingham of Richmond 1765
Edward Cumpstone Bourz 1730-1
Ralph Daykin Nappa 1869
Thomas Douglass of Booze 1794
Charles Emmerson Tottergill House 1741
Henry Favell of Bellerby 1767
James Fawcett of Sandford, Westmorland
Ann Fryer Arkletown 1766
Jaques Garth Langthwaite 1725
Francis Gill High Green 1730
Thomas Gill Arkeltown 1773
Cuthbert Hall Langthwaite 1786
Dinah Hall Langthwaite 1792
James Hall of Hardrigg 1762
James Hall of Longthwaite 1770
James Hall of Langthwaite 1772
James Hall of White House 1801
John Hall Arkingarthdale 1737
Jonathan Hall Arkindale 1733
Jonathan Hall Hardrigg 1791
Nicholas Hall Bouze 1716
Margaret Hall Longthwaite 1725
Robert Hall Longthwaite 1742
Robert Hall Cockerhouse 1795
Anthony Hammond Preston 1767
James Hammond, Newbiggin 1657
Reginald Hammond Barnard Castle 1760
Thomas Hammond Preston 1762
Elizabeth Hannam of Windegg House 1762
James Harker Low Houses, Grinton
Joseph Harker Bouze 1772
Ralph Harker Bowse 1767
Robert Harker Arkengarthdale 1806
Simon Harker Bouze 1778
Simon Harker Hillside 1798
Christopher Heslop of Kexwith 1725-6
William Heslop Keckswith 1737
Henry Hindmoor of Whaw 1768
Cuthbert Hird 1731
James Hird Kringley 1788
John Hird Rigg End 1773
John Hird Arkengarthdale 1741
John Hird High Close 1746
Luke Hird Eskerleth 1744
Luke Hird Langthwaite 1784
Mary Hird Rigg End 1744
Rd Hird Holling Intack 1746
Richard Hird of Whaw 1735
William Hird 1723
William Hird of Arkengarthdale Head 1737
William Hird of Whaw 1743
Edward Holmes of Reeth 1849
Edward Holmes of Reeth 1852
Thomas Howson Langthwaite 1737/8
Isaiah Hunt of Muker 1857
James Hutchinson Helwith 1782
John Hutchinson Cocker House 1750
John Hutchinson Skelton 1767
Simon Hutchinson Helwith 1740-1
Allen Idle of Arkengarthdale 1755
Idle Allen Arkengarthdale 1747
Thomas I'on of Sealhouses 1733
James Jaques of Arkletown 1740
John Jaques of Seal Houses 1730
James Jewit of Langthwaite 1733
Richard Jewitt of Langthwaite, 1728
Thomas Jewitt of Arkengarthdale 1765
Jeremiah Jurdon of Arkengarthdale 1778
Isaac Kay New Forest 1741
Christopher Liddel Faggergill 1811
William Liddell Faggergill 1756
Thomas Littlefair Reeth 1858
Ralph Lomas 1720
Thomas Longstaff Scarhouse 1794
Edmund Lonsdale Bellerby 1766
Jonathan Kipling Scarhouse 1772
Dorothy Knowles of Low Row
John Mace Bedale 1857
Elizabeth Marriner Preston 1774
John Marriner of Bouze 1770
John Marshall Langthwaite 1725
Anthony Metcalfe Drovers House, Whitaside 1875
Christopher Metcalfe of West Burton
Christopher Metcalfe of Lodge Green 1869
Robert Metcalfe Calverts House 1868
William Milner of West House 1724
Christopher Peacock, Stonesdale 1814
Cooper Peacock, Muker 1855
Edward Peacock, Mossy Holme 1843
Harker Peacock, Muker 1752
James Peacock, Carperby 1748
James Peacock Skeugh Head 1884
Joseph Peacock of Seal Houses, Arkengarthdale 1864
Ralph Peacock Castle Bolton 1798
Simon Peacock of Reeth 1827
William Peacock of Muker 1856
William Peacock of Reeth
Thomas Pedley of Muker 1873
Ralph Place Fremington 1872
Ralph Pratt of Toxteth Park, Liverpool 1875
William Pratt of Feetham 1862
John Raw- of Jenkins, Melbecks 1853
John Reynoldson of Muker (1843)
James Alderson Scott of Shaw 1856
Thomas Severs of Reeth 1846
Robert Spencely Barf End 1756
Simon Spencely Blades 1713
William Spencely Whiteside 1747
John Spencly Low Whitay 1752
James Spensley of Blades 1875
James Spensley of Riddings and Mineral Point (USA)
John Spensley of Feetham
Ralph Spensley of Carperby
Robert Spensley of Whitaside 1868
Thomas Spensley of Muker 1863
Thomas Spensley of Low Row 1862
William Spensley Feetham 1882
William Spensley of Blades
Jane Storey
of Preston 1856
James Thompson of Fremington Mill 1849
Edmund Tiplady Reeth 1851
Jeffrey Wensley Booze 1795
Ralph Wensley Reeth 1717
Titus Wharton Muker 1858
Thomas Whitfield of Robin Gate 1871

There are more Swaledale wills on Michael Connolley's site at http://www.gunnerside.info/Archives/Wills.html


I have obtained a few indentures principally relating to people in our own family tree, but which might prove of interest to others (and maybe find more contacts !)

George Rider to John Nicholson 1829

George Rider to James Willis 1824

Ralph Pybus to John Nicholson 1842

Ann Spensley 1790 (Ann was nee Temple and the property was transfered to her daughters and sons in law)










Outline of some wills available from links below. Full text may be available at Northallerton.

John Bland Aysgarth 1713

William Carter Barden Lane 1829

Margaret Dawson Melmerby 1784

John Dixon Brighton/Middleham 1833

Christopher Forster Muker 1773

John Geldart Kirkby Malzeard 1755

Margery Heseltine Middleham 1813

Margaret Hodgson Fearby 1780

George Hogg Aysgarth 1817

Christopher Horner Caldbergh 1830

Margaret Horner Melmerby 1845

Hannah Jackson Aysgarth 1832

George Kendray Hammer, East Witton

John Langdale Middleham 1773

James Metcalfe Sedbusk 1780

John Metcalfe Countersett 1689

Richard Pickersgill Middleham 1810

William Poole Danby on Ure 1821

William Robinson Thornton Rust 1793

William Robinson Askrigg 1794

George Ryder Swineside 1702

William Siddell Washfold, Marrick 1802

John Simpson Aysgarth 1858

John Slater Melmerby 1835

Thomas Slater Caldbergh 1812

George Smith Pickhill 1784

Oswolde Tatam Askrigg 1592

Dorothy Terry Aysgarth 1766

Dorothy Terry Aysgarth 1832

James Terry Aysgarth 1766

Roger Thomlinson Ridmer/Wensleye 1587

Christopher Watson Duke Gill (Tupgill), Coverham 1795

George Williamson Spennithorne 1779

Ottiwell Wood Askrigg/Annan 1824

Richard Wood Bolton Castle 1787

Thomas Fawcett Wray 1812

A few property transfers which show relationships etc and perhaps some indication of location of properties owned

Barker/Falshaw Caldbergh 1857
Bland Aysgarth 1713
Chapman Thornton Rust 1798
Close Low Whitay & Crackpot 1649 & 1675
Dent/Metcalfe Kirkby Stephen/Sedbusk 1783
Forster West Scrafton 1709 & 1683
Jansen Aysgarth 1695
Geldart Carlton/ Biggin Grange 1726/1754
Geldart/Smurthwaite Ripon/W.Scrafton 1698
Hammond Coverham 1686
Harrison Caldbergh 1690
Horn West Scrafton 1727 & 1750
Lofthouse/Geldart Swineside 1613
Metcalfe Worton/Brafferton 1790
Metcalfe Aysgarth 1739
Pickeringe Richmond/Carlton 1590
Ryder/Dawson/Richmond Swineside 1732/33
Simpson Brancaster/W.Burton 1757
Taylor Melmerby 1811
Terry Aysgarth 1766
Terry Aysgarth/Manchester 1808
Winnington/Metcalfe Aysgarth 1794
Wood Askrigg 1760
Wood Bolton Castle/Richmond 1784
Wood Whitaside/Askrigg 1810 & Annan 1823
Wood Bolton Castle/Woodhall 1811