Some details of Wills & Admons- I do not have the full text of these, but believe they may be available at NYCRO.

John Bland - 24 Dec 1713
Letters of administration of the goods etc of John Bland of par of Aysgarth, to nephew Stephen Terry.

William Carter - 11 Nov 1829
Will of William Carter of Barden Lane, gent
Messuages, lands etc at Bellerby & Barden to son George.
Burgage house & premises in Richmond to son William.
Messuages, lands etc at Hunton & farming stock, malt, barley & malting trade implements & £500 to son John.
£400 to son Thomas & a further £400 after death of testator's wife.
£300 to daughter Ann Todd
£500 to sons George & William in trust for daughter Mary wife of William Barker
Residue of personal estate to sons George & William in trust to pay interest to testator's wife Mary for life & after her death to divide it between all testator's children.

Margaret Dawson - 25 Dec 1784 (probate 12 Mar 1785)
Will of Margaret Dawson of Melmerby, widow
£100 to cousin Margaret Burton of Ellingstring
£10 to Margaret Burton's brother William Burton
£10 to cousin Elizabeth Dixon of Newbiggin
£10 to George Thompson of Newbiggin
£20 to George Thompson's sister Elizabeth Harrison of Stockton
£10 to Mary Holdsworth of Loftus
£20 each to John & Isabella Colton, children of Francis of Gildersbeck, Par of Coverham
£10 each to Francis, Ann, Elizabeth & Jane Colton, also children of Francis
£10 each to 3 children of Richard Watson of Mickley & a further £20 each on their attaining 21
£10 annuity to Eden Hagstone of Downholme
Residue to cousin Mary Burton

John Dixon - 14 Nov 1833 (proved York 3 Jul 1839)
Will of John Dixon late of Brighthelmstone (Brighton), but then of Middleham, Esq.
Land purchased of Simon Spence, the Lofthouse family & others in Middleham & East Witton to Christopher Topham.
Farm & lands at Spennithorne to trustees for Anne Eyre Dixon & Anne Topham for their lives & then to the children of Christopher & Ann Topham.
Other principal beneficiaries:-
wife Ann Eyre Dixon,
dau Ann Topham
son-in-law Christopher Topham of Middleham, gent
Charles Dixon, nephew
John Stewart Dixon, nephew

Christopher Forster - 22 Dec 1768
Proved 7 May 1773. Will of Christopher Forster of Muker
£40 to Alice wife of William Kerton of Kisdon (Clapham)
£5 to Margaret Askew
£5 to the eldest daughter of Robert Metcalfe, late of Hawes
£10 to Isabel Routh wife of Oswald of Gayle
£5 to Elizabeth Horner wife of Christopher of Redmire
£5 to Alice Chapman of Thornton wife of Richard
£10 to Mary Brooksbank, daughter of John (officer of excise)
£20 & two fields (Smorthwaite) in Askrigg to Alice wife of Henry Chapman of Thornton
All estate at Brockhill Cote called Matta High Bottom, Low Bottom & a garth w/fire house & gardens, & all estate at Sedbusk called High Closes & Brow Close & all goods & chattels to nephew Geoffrey Forster of Harisheld.

John Geldart - 3 Feb 1755
Probate of John Geldart the elder of Biggin Grange (Kirkby Malzeard)
House & land in Carlton. Messuage, land in par of Coverham to son John.

Margery Heseltine - 14 Jul 1813 (probate 27 Nov 1813)
Will of Margery Heseltine of Middleham, widow
£40 each to grandchildren Margery, Michael & Thomas Heseltine upon attaining 21
£10 each to Michael, William, Thomas & John Dugdale of West Burton & Elizabeth wife of Robert Topham of Middleham.
Residue to Robert Topham

Margaret Hodgson - 25 Dec 1780 (probate 30 Jun 1783 in Peculiar of Masham)
Will of Margaret Hodgson of Fearby
One guinea each to brother Augustine Hodgson & sister Ester Robinson
Wearing apparel divided between 3 nieces Christian Ineson, Ann Dawson, Elling Nelson
Residue to brother Thomas Hodgson

George Hogg - 2 Jul 1817 (probate 18 Jun 1821)
Will of George Hogg of Aysgarth, yeoman
Newly built messuage in Aysgarth to son William - charged with payment of £20 to grandson Thomas Johnson upon attaining 21
Residue of real estate to John Tomlinson the elder of Aysgarth, gent, & William Routh of Aysgarth, yeoman, in trust for wife Margaret for life & thereafter to sell, paying £20 to son John & 1 guinea to daughter Margaret wife of George Langdale & dividing the remainder daughters Jane wife of James Blades, Sarah wife of John Butterfield & Isabella wife of Thomas Entwhistle & son George Hogg.

Christopher Horner - 9 Feb 1830
Probate of will of Christopher Horner of Caldbergh, yeoman
Messuages, land etc in Caldbergh to brothers Jonathan Horner & Joseph Horner of Caldbergh, yeomen, in trust to mortgage Great Field also Great Close to pay debts & funeral expenses & subject thereto to permit testator's wife Elizabeth to receive rents & profits during her life. Thereafter the Great Field to son Christopher Horner & residue of estate to daughter Nanny Horner.

Margaret Horner - 24 Jun 1845 (probate 12 May 1856)
Will of Margaret Horner of Melmerby, widow
Household goods & chattels to son Thomas & daughter Martha
Farming stock, husbandry gear & all other estate to son Thomas charged with legacies of £110 to daughter Martha & £10 each to Frances wife of William Waggett of Leeds, warehouseman, Elizabeth, wife of Henry Cartwright of Harrogate, coachsmith, & Mary Hewison of Middleham, widow

Hannah Jackson - 19 Jan 1832 (probate 11 Nov 1834)
Hannah widow of Aysgarth, dwelling with garth, garden, stable etc, to "son" John Tanfield & daughters Esther & Ann Tanfield as tennants in common.

George Kendray - 16 Dec 1823 (probate 30 Mar 1824)
Will of George Kendray of Hammer, par of East Witton, farmer
All his property at Scruton & Ellingstring to wife Dorothy, Thomas Carter of Ellingstring & Lupton Topham of Middleham gents in trust to sell & invest the proceeds to provide £60 annuity for wife Dorothy & suitable amount for maintenance & education of Christopher Mitchell Kendray, George, William, John, Mary & Agnes Kendray & when they attain 21 to pay the sons £700 each & the daughters £600 each & any residue in the same proportions.
Farming stock & personal estate to the same trustees
Farm occupied as tennant to the Marquess of Ailsbury in trust to permit wife Dorothy to occupy until son Christopher Mitchell Kendray attains 25 years.

John Langdale - 9 Mar 1773
Will of John Langdale (proved 25 Aug 1773) of Middleham, grocer
£30 annuity out of property in Middleham & West Witton + sufficient furniture for one room, to wife Ann
£100 to godson John Langdale son of J.L of Middleham, tanner, if he survives testator's wife, & son George - & if George leaves no issue
£50 to niece Mary Newney, dau of Peter Newney of Putney, Co. Surrey, linen draper (same conditions)
Residue of estate to son George

John Metcalfe - 30 Jan 1689/90
Will of John Metcalfe the elder of Countersett, yeoman.
Messuage in Countersett, stable, peat house, 2 garths, closes (East Haw, West Haw, Haw Feet), 11/2 cattle gates in Countersett Cragg, 2 cattlegates in Countersett Bardale, 2 cattlegates in Bainbridge Side to John Metcalfe of Nappa, servant, son of testator's son James.

James Metcalfe - 18 Feb 1780
Probate of the will of James Metcalfe of Sedbusk, gent, £500 consolidated annuities in trust for sister Ann Metcalfe of Hipperholme, £1000 consolidated annuities in trust for sister Elizabeth Metcalfe of Hipperholme, £1000 consolidated annuities in trust for wife Isabel, & other small legacies.
--Isabel subsequently married Abraham Dent of Kirkby Stephen..later of Sedbusk

Richard Pickersgill - 15 May 1810 (probate 4 Aug 1810)
Will of Richard Pickersgill of Middleham, plumber & glazier
£100 each to daughters Ann wife of George Rider of Middleham, butcher, & Elizabeth, wife of William Pease of Hutton Hang.
Freehold house & appurtenances at Middleham to son-in-law William Pease to the use of Mary, John, Elizabeth, William, Ann & Jane children of William & Elizabeth Pease.
£20 to grandson William Cummings of Hartforth, son of Ralph Cummings.

William Poole - 30 Mar 1821
Will of William Poole of Danby on Ure, gent
£60 annuity to daughter Jane wife of Christopher Bulmer
£1000 to be divided between the children of Jane living at her death & in default of children of Jane to be divided between children of testator's son William & children of testator's daughter Catherine Wright.
£300 and £31-5s-0d annuity to daughter Catherine Wright
£500 to be divided between her children at her death
All estate subject to above, to son William

William Robinson - 28 Jun 1793
Probate of will of William Robinson of Thornton Rust, yeoman
Messuages, lands etc in Thornton Rust to nephew William Robinson

William Robinson - 30 Mar 1794
Probate of will of William Robinson of Askrigg - real estate in Thornton Rust to mother Dorothy for life, remainder to Miles Robinson Park of London.

George Ryder - 19 Oct 1702
Probate of will of George Ryder of Swineside, yeoman.
Close called High Spring with house, to daughter Alice
Codicil giving High Spring to son Samuel if he pays Alice£30 within 20 years of testator's death.

William Siddell - 19 May 1802 (probate 26 Mar 1803)
Will of William Siddell of Washfold, Par of Marrick, yeoman
Moety of messuage & closes at Gayles, household goods, farm implements etc to sister-in-law Hannah Outhwaite
She charged with legacies of 1s to Thomas Frankland, 10s6d each to William, Henry, John & Thomas Frankland Jr, Ann Hutchinson, Elizabeth Guy & Sarah Siddell dau of James Siddell of Arkengarthdale
2gns to John Langstaff
£5 to Thomas Hillary of Ing Head
£10 with house, garden & appurtenances at Washfold to Thomas March

John Simpson - 8 Jan 1858 (probate 10 Sep 1858)
Will of John Simpson of Aysgarth, corn miller
All real & personal estate to brother-in-law Edward Metcalfe of Hawes, John Tomlinson jr of Aysgarth & son James Simpson in trust to maintain testator's widow & three youngest children Alice, Ellen & Mary Ann until youngest attains 16.
Then dwelling house, garth, stable & appurtenances to son James who is to pay off £170 secured thereon & allow his mother to occupy the west part of the dwelling house for life
Residue of personal estate to be divided into 5 parts; 2 to the widow & 1 part each to children James, John & Esther provided they continue to help their mother in the business.

George Smith - 26 Jun 1764
Copy of will of George Smith of Pickhill, yeoman.
All estate to son George; lands & tenements at Hudswell charged with several small legacies.

John Slater - 14 Feb 1857
Probate of will of John Slater of Melmerby, gent.
Messuage & fields called West Ings, Lickber, Garth Ends; 26 gates on Melmerby Moor - to John Topham of Middleham House & Joseph Clarke of Horsehouse in trust for benefit of natural son John Render & cousin John Spence of Melmerby & John Spence his son.

Thomas Slater - 10 Feb 1812
Probate of will of Thomas Slater of Caldbergh, yeoman
Lands & tenements to Christopher Horner of Coverham Lane House in trust to raise legacies for son Thomas & daughters Martha Lupton & Mary Geldart.

James Terry - 3 Sep 1766
Letters of administration of goods etc of James Terry of Aysgarth, yeoman, to John Scarr & John Metcalfe, brothers-in-law and next-of-kin.

Dorothy Terry - 31 Oct 1766
Letter of attorney of Dorothy Terry of Aysgarth, widow of James, to John Scarr of Burtersett & John Metcalfe of Carperby, yeomen, to act for her in respect of her late husband's estate until eldest son Stephen attains 21.

Dorothy Terry - 9 May 1832
Letters of administration of goods etc of Dorothy Terry of Aysgarth, widow, to Hannah Jackson only surviving child of decd.

Christopher Watson - 2 Oct 1795 (probate 10 Jul 1796)
Will of Christopher Watson of Duke Gill, par of Coverham
Anthony Beck's estate at Melbery to be shared between his grandchildren Betty Lonsdale; Watson, Mary, John & James Alcock, children of Margaret Alcock; Christopher, Ann, John & Thomas Watson, the children of Ann Watson, & the children of Betty Lonsdale.
Estate at Swinnithwaite which belonged to brother Edward Watson, to dau Ann Watson.
Estate at Hindlethwaite & estate at Arkleside & all royalties in Coverdale which belonged to brother Edward to grandchildren Mary & James Alcock.
21 May 1796 - Codicil
Estate at Holmsforth which was brother Thomas Watson's to all children share & share alike, but debarring John Alcock, parson.
* Duke Gill later identified as TupGill

George Williamson - 16 Mar 1779
Will of George Williamson of Spennithorne, yeoman
£10 annuity, household furnture & £5 to wife
£100 & tythes from premises in Spennithorne lately purchased from William Bains to dau Mrs. Clark
Residue to son Robert

Ottiwell Wood - 26 Dec 1824 (probate 5 Apr 1826)
Will of Ottiwell Wood late of Askrigg, now of Annan Hill nr. Annan, Scotland, gent
Messuages, lands etc at Woodhall, Nappa Scar, Newbiggin, Askrigg, Thornton Rust or elsewhere in the parish of Aysgarth & at Whitaside, his interests in two farms called Haggitt Hills, Par of Hutton Rudby & his interest in West pit Colliery, par of Aysgarth and all other estate except stable which testator built in the Inn Yard at Askrigg & paddock behind the garden there to Lupton Topham of Middleham & John Terry of Leyburn in trust to sell & from the interest on the purchase money to provide for testator's wife & children John, Ottiwell, Thomas Hutton, Richard & Ann Wood.
Upon the death of the testator's wife & mother-in-law the trust funds to be divided equally between the three younger sons.
The above excepted stable & paddock to Topham & Terry in trust to the uses of the will of testator's father John Rider Wood.

- a later release gave this information on some named in will..
Jane Alderson of Askrigg, formerly Jane Wood, wid of Ottiwell
John Rider Wood of Cartmell, Lancs, gent
Thomas John Hutton Wood of 10 Felix Place, Liverpool Road, Islington
Robert Marsden Cartwright of Cartmel, surgeon (in right of his wife Ann, d/o Ottiwell)

Richard Wood - 9 Aug 1787
Attested copy of will of Richard Wood of Bolton Castle, gent -
household furniture etc to wife Elizabeth for life with remainder to sons John & Geoffrey;
Holmes, Cross Roods, Holme Head & Satays in Askrigg & lands bequeathed totestator by his father Geoffrey at Newbiggin & Nappa Scar to son John RiderWood of Richmond;
Remainder of property at Askrigg to son Rev. Geoffrey Wood of Altringham, Co. Chester;
Residue including testator's interest in the farm held of the Duke of Bolton to sons John & Geoffrey.

Thomas Fawcett Wray - 4 Apr 1812 (probate 17 Jul 1812)
Will of Thomas Fawcett Wray, Lieut in H.M. 7th Regt of Foot or Royal Fusilliers at Badajos
All real and personal estate to brothers George, John, James, Septimus & Octavius Wray.