This is the last will and Testament of me Robert Spensley of Whitaside in the parish of Grinton and North Riding of the County of York, Farmer. I hereby appoint Brother George Spenlsey and my sons Goerge Spensley and William Spensley the executors of this my last will and Testament and I give unto my Executors George Spensley Snr and George Spensley Junior and William Spensley all my goods and chattels with all money and all and sundry the property which may belong to me at the time of my decease for the following purposes. Neverthelefs that is to say I require them to pay all my just and lawful debts my funeral expenses and the proving of this my last will and Testament out of said money I also require them to pay to my dear wife Elizabeth Spensley the sum of Twenty pounds sterling yearly and every year during and for the whole term of her natural life. Also my will is and that my wife Elizabeth Spensley still remain and carry on the farm as long as my Executors think it profitfull But should my wife Elizabeth Spensley marry again then my will is that the whole of my goods and chattels be sold and the whole of what money may then remain of my estate at her marriage I desire my Executors to then divide among all my sons and daughter share and share alike and should nay of my said sons or daughter die before the division of the said money then my will is that their share shall be equally divided amongst those who may be then living providing those which be dead leave no wife or usband or children. But if wife or husband or children be living belonging to any of my sons or daughter shall have thare father or mother share and I declare this to be my last Will and Testament. In witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal in the presenses of the following witnefses this first day of December in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and sixty eight.
Robert Spensley
Signed sealed published and declared in our presance as and for the last Will and Testament of the said Robert Spensley of Whitaside aforesaid who in his presance at his request in the presance of each other and at the same time and place have hereunto set our hand and seal the day and year first above written
John Raw, George Brown
The Testator Robert Spensley was late of Whitaside in the parish of Grinton and North Riding of the County of York Farmer and died on the fifth day of December 1868 at Whitaside aforesaid.

George Spensley of Whitaside aforesaid, farmer, the Brother of the said deceased and George Spensley of Brandsby in the said County of York, Police Constable, and William Spensley of Whitaside aforesaid, farmer the sons of the said deceased.