In the name of God Amen. I Ralph Peacock now living at Bolton Castle in the County of York, Lead Miner, do make this my last will and testament as follows. In the first place I desire my executors hereinafter mentioned to pay all my just debts and funeral expences out of my personal effects which I make chargeable with the same. To my father, Ralph Peacock if he live two years after my decease I leave the sum of twenty pounds, the interest of which mooney I order to be paid to my brother Thomas yearly and every year during the natural life of my said father, but if my father, Ralph only live one year or part of the same from and after my decease then it is my will that my brother Thomas if he dye at his house should only have ten pounds, part of the abovementioned sum of twenty pounds and that the remainder namely ten pounds be subject to the disposal of my executors as is hereinafter directed.
To my brother Thomas if my father survive my decease upwards of a year, and he dye at his house, I leave the remaining ten pounds as a recompence for the expences he may incur in the maintenance attendance and funeral expences of my said father Ralph Peacock.
To my sister Anne Thistlethwaite now or lately living in the County of Westmoreland, I leave and bequeath the sum of twenty pounds and in case she be dead my will is that the said legacy be equally divided amongst such of her children as may be living at the time when the above mentioned legacy becomes due.
To my brother John Peaock (if living) I bequeath the sum of five pounds. And to my nephew Ralph the son of my brother Thomas I leave my siver watch. To my nephew James the son of my deceased brother Mark, I bequeath my best suit of clothes. To my nephew Ralph his brother I leave one large box or coffer with my best hat. To my nephew Thoomas the younger brother of the said James & Ralph, I leave as many of my old clotthes as will make him up a decent suit of clothes. To my nephew Ralph the son of my brother Richard Peacock I give a small desk that I have by me. The residue or remainder of my clothes of whatsoever kind or description, I desire my executors to divide in such a manner among my near relations as to them may seem proper and just. To Elizabeth Mason with whom I now lodge I leave one guinea for a gown. Any small donations my executors may think fit to make to E. Mason's servant and others, for attendance etc, I empower them to make out of such money as they may have in hand before the division of it as is hereinafter mentioned and directed. I do hereby constitute and appoint the Revd Jeffrey Wood of Bolton Castle, Clerk (as he has been pleased to promise to act) and my Brother Thomas Peacock to be the executors for carrying this my last will and testament fully into effect and all expences thereby incurred> I direct to be paid prior to the division of my personal effects amongst my brothers and their representatives - As to the residue of my personal property or effects not hereinbefore devised or bequeathed, I order the same to be divided as follows; namely one fourth part or share to my brother Edmund Peacock of Redmire, or his representatives, one other fourth part or share to be equally divided amongst the children of my brother Mark Peacock deceased, when they repectively attain the age of twenty one years, the interest of the shares of such as under that age to be paid yearly during their minority towardes their maintenance and education, and in case any of them dye before the said age of twenty one, then the share of him or them so dying to be equally divided amongst his or their surviving brother - one other fourth part or share I leave to my brother Richard Peacock of Healaugh or his representatives. In witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand this nineteenth day of April, in the year of our Lord, One thousand seven hundred and ninety eight.
Signed by the said Ralph Peacock for his last will and testament before us
Jeff Wood
Eliz Mason

Ralph Peacock