20 Aug 1760. Lease for a year - Geoffrey Wood of Askrigg, yeoman, to Thomas Wood of same, his son.
Cross Raines & Cross Closes with house therein on S side of High Street, nr Cross House, & herbage in Askrigg Cow Pasture. Proportional to 12d rent.

20 Nov 1784. Mortgage for £500 - 2300 yr term.
1. Richard Wood of Bolton Castle, gent
2. John Ryder Wood of Richmond, mercer, his son
3. Robert Pattison of High Conniscliffe, Co. Durham, yeoman
Messuage at Nappa Scar, ground whereon to erect an 'out shot', closes called High East Bitchcurr, Whittels Cross Close, East & West Bottoms, 3 beastgates in Newbiggin Cow Close.

5 Apr 1811. Lease/release
John Rider Wood of Woodhall to his son Ottiwell of Bolton Castle - the east, middle & west parts of the scar, close called Mirk Farthings & 6 3/4 beastgates in the East Pasture all in Thornton Rust & 3 closes in Newbiggin & Nappa Scar in occ of Richard Dinsdale & assignment of remainder of 2300 yrs term in meassuage, cottage & closes at Newbiggin & Nappa Scar.

7 Dec 1810. Draft surrender. Ottiwell Wood & his wife to Richard Garth - property called Sand Beds - in trust for Jane Wood.

14 Apr 1823. Letter. Richard Garth of Crackpot to Mrs. Wood, Askrigg - re sale of Sand Beds "the land bought of John Terry".

May 1823. Unexecuted memorial of Jane Wood, wife of Ottiwell Wood, late of Askrigg, now of Annan, Scotland, gent, formerly Jane Hodshon to Lupton Topham of Middleham, gent - Holmes & Starke Close with wood adjoining. - this listed under Whitaside, so I assume that being the location.

24 Dec 1713. Letters of administration of the goods etc of John Bland of Aysgarth par. to Stephen Terry, nephew.

20 Mar 1695. 2000 yrs demise
Robert Jansen, carpenter of Aysgarth to his son John J, bachelor - dwelling house in Aysgarth with barn, garths, Brig End Close, parock adjoing Aysgarth Bents & 1 1/3 cattle gates in Aysgarth Bents Pasture. (John subsequently assigned these for £20 to Anthony Fothergill & James Thompson, both of Bainbridge)

11 May 1808. Lease/release for £97.13s.0d.
1. John Terry of Aysgarth, yeoman.
2. Ellen Terry of same, widow of Robert Terry of Aysgarth, yeoman
3. Christopher Terry of Manchester, gent, Elizabeth and Mary Terry of same, spinsters, children of Robert
4. John Turner of Thornton Rust, yeoman
Close called Pasture Allotment. 1a.1r.37p.

1 Jan 1794. Assignment by Edward Winnington of Aysgarth, butcher, to George Metcalfe of Aysgarth and wife Jane, daughter of Miles Prest, new built dwellinghouse, Aysgarth

3 Sep 1766. Letters of administration
James Terry of Aysgarth, yeoman, to John Scarr & John Metcalfe, brothers in law & next of kin.

12 Apr 1790. Release of equity of redemption.
James Metcalfe of Brafferton, yeoman, only son and heir of J. Metcalfe of Worton. Deed to Henry Pearson of Wensley, yeoman. Mortgage of 12 May 1782. (this had been made for £60 for 3000 yrs demise, by James Metcalfe of Worton, to Henry Pearson and was for a messuage in Worton & one in Bainbridge.)

14 May 1796. 2000 yrs demise for £38.19s.0d
Robert Chapman of Thornton Rust, gent., to John Thwaite of Countersett, yeoman, cattlegate in Marside Cow Close & 1 1/2 cattlegates in Close Ing, both in Marsett, devised to Robert Chapman by his aunt Ann Lupton of Burton, Aysgarth parish, widow.

25 Aug 1757. Lease for a year.
Gregory Simpson, late of Fakenham, now of Brancaster, both Norfolk, officer of excise, to Robert Simpson of Burton, yeoman, messuage in Burton with maltkiln, garden & garth, & another messuage with garden, 4 closes called Beast Riddings, parcel in 2 divisions called High Wood, 3 1/4 beastgates in Burton pasture. (Gregory bapt 1715 at Aysgarth)

8 Mar 1783. Agreement prior to marriage of Abraham Dent & Isabel Metcalfe.
1. Abraham Dent of Kirkby Stephen, gent
2. Isabel Metcalfe of Sedbusk, widow
3. John Harrison the elder of Hawes, gent
4. Richard Fawcett of Simonstone, clerk
-to settle upon the marriage, closes called Brow Close or West Ing Brow, High Closes, Rashdale & 7 beastgates in High Pasture, 2 beastgates in Sedbusk High Pasture, £2500 stock & £1700 in bonds & notes.
Isabel previously married to James Metcalfe of Sedbusk.

11 Jan 1739. Release. Thomas Metcalfe of Ashes, Aysgarth Par. yeoman, & James Metcalfe of the same, his son & heir apparent to Thomas Metcalfe, youngest son of Thomas - closes called West Espa, Mirkfarthings & Long Haw. (in 1740, Thomas was a student at Christ Church College, Oxford, and recorded an 880 yr demise in favour of Henry Chapman of Thornton Rust, innholder.)

29 Jun 1686. 999yrs demise as security for a moiety of a water corn mill in Coverham; John Hammond of Middleham, yeoman, to his father John Hammond of Coverham Abbey, yeoman. Little House Close, Great Close & Seavy Sikes, all in Caldbergh & 4 cattlegates in Caldbergh pasture.

9 Dec 1690. 1000 yrs demise. Matthew Harrison of Caldbergh, carpenter to Christopher Topham of Caldbergh, yeoman. dwellinghouse, little workhouse, garden, garths & close called the Hill, all in Caldbergh as collateral security against claim of Jane, widow of Anthony Harrison father of Matthew to High Howridding, Low Howridding, Banckes, Gill Foot, Spring, Calf Close, 3 cattlegates in Caldbergh Pasture & 3 cattlegates in the Gill conveyed by Matthew Harrison to Christopher Topham.

5 Jan 1857. Memo of agreement for sale for £340. George Barker for himself & wife as agent of wife's grandfather James Falshaw to John Topham. 2 dwelling houses, 2 fields & 14 sheepgates on Caldbergh Moor.

5 Apr 1858. Release for £10. George Barker late of Garriston, now of 4, Clayton St. West, Newcastle on Tyne, yeoman, to John Topham of Middleham House, gent. - messuage occupied as 2 dwellings & sheepgates on Caldbergh Moor, formerly property of John Horner, then of James Falshaw.

10 Apr 1590. Assignment. John Dawson, yeoman of Carlton, to John & Edward Pickeringe, glovers of Richmond, messuage in Carlton, to the use of their sister Elizabeth Pickeringe.

18 Feb 1726. Feoffment. Richard Geldart of Carlton, yeoman, to his son John Geldart.
Dwelling house on south or Low Side of Carlton called New House, garths, gardens, barns & closes called Croft, parcel of meadow or arable in the Low Field, Ellows, Holme, Cross Slate, Dikes, Holms, Shortshaws, Gaite Land, Dikes, Tunbeckland, Eshlands, Cornclose, 9 beastgates in West Pasture, all in Carlton & West Scrafton & of ancient yearly rent of

29 Nov 1754. Feoffment. John Geldart the elder of Biggin Grange, Kirkby Malzeard, gent, to his son John Geldart the younger of the same - New House & closes (as above). John the elder & wife Mary if she survives him without remarrying to hold the property until John the younger reaches 26 or marries.

15 Nov 1709. Lease/release. Christopher Forster of West Scrafton, yeoman to his 3rd son Christopher Forster of the same - close called Ing End, Rob Ridding & East Hescoughs in Swineside, & West Close, Seven Acres, West Field, Acre Heads, Huebanks, & parcel in East Field & 2 cattlegates in West Pasture in West Scrafton.

26 Jan 1683 - Feoffment - Francis Forster of W. Scrafton, yeoman to his younger son Thomas of same - closes & parcels called Kaygill Foote, West Bancks, Thorowgill, Sowering, Hebanke, & Westfield & 4 cattlegates in West Pasture & 2 in the East.

20 Nov 1613. Feoffment for £45. John Lofthowse, son of Edward of Swineside, yeoman to Simon Geldert of Swineside, husbandman - close called Little Springe & pasture & turbary in Swineside Wood for 1 cow.

22 Nov 1732. Gift.
Elizabeth Ryder of Swineside, spinster, to John Dawson jr of Swineside, bachelor - her whole estate in Swineside or elsewhere, John Dawson entering upon their marriage day. Endorsed with memorandum and seisin of New Close of which 1/3 belongs to Elizabeth.

28 Feb 1733. Articles of agreement for sale for £60. Major Richmond of Sawley & wife Troth to John Dawson jr of Swineside - houses, closes etc at Swineside, being 1/3 of the estate formerly belonging to Samuel Rider, father of Troath.

21 Nov 1811. Lease for a year. John Taylor of Melmerby, yeoman, to James Taylor of Caldbergh, yeoman, his son - all messuages, lands, tithes etc of John at Melmerby, Galphay & Azerley.

1 Feb 1696. Settlement by lease/release prior to the marriage of James Geldart & Ellen Smurthwaite.
James Geldart of Ripon, butcher to Christopher Lister of Braithwaite, gent, & John Smurthwaite of Mizzes, Co. York, yeoman - messuage, 3 closes in New House Field, Hinginshaw Bank in the East Field, close called Low Wood, parcel in Hubanck, parcels called Kilnland, Gatelands Roode, & Pallisers Roode, & common rights proportional to £1.5s.6d rent.

- a later release names Jane Edmundson of Ripon, widow, as James Geldart's mother. In 1701, James is still a butcher, at Winksley. In 1706, James & Ellen lease the land to Christopher Forster the younger of W. Scrafton.

31 Jan 1727. Lease/release. Francis Horn of W. Scrafton, yeoman & wife Elizabeth to his son Christopher, messuage, barn, garth & closes called Croft, Nut Close, Lower Ing, Broad Flat, Woodacre, 4 pasture gates in W. Pasture & 2 in East all in West Scrafton; messuage, garths & closes called Ing End & Hescow in Swineside.

9 Jul 1750. 99yr lease & peppercorn rent; George Horn of W. Scrafton yeoman, to Ann Langstaffe of W. Scrafton, spinster, his niece - messuage & closes called West Lings, West Field, Wood Acre & a beast gate in West Pasture.

1 May 1649. Feoffment. John Close of 'Lawe Whytay' yeoman, to his son James Close of same, yeoman. - messuage in Nether Whytay & closes or parcels called One Seal House, 2 Parsnipp Garthes, moety of another parsnipp garth, moety of 'the Garthe & Rushe lying before the dore', 2 pasture gates in West Cow Close, 1 pasture gate in East Cow Close, 4 parcels called Cow Pastures, 1 parcel called Woddie Cow Pasture, & appurtenances.

4 Jul 1675. Feoffment for £37.10s.0d; John & James Close both of Crackpot & Elizabeth Close of Low Whitay, widow, to James Hird of Low Whitay, yeoman. 2 closes called High & Low Cowpasture & 2 cattle gates in the Middle Pasture of Nether Whitay, late parcel of the dissolved monastery of Bridlington.