This is the last Will and testament of me John Reynoldson of Muker in the Parish of Grinton in the County of York Yeoman. I give and devise to my wife Margaret Reynoldson and her Afsigns for and during the term of her natural life if she so long continue my Widow last not otherwise my Dwellinghouse and Premises in Muker aforesaid now in the occupation of George Calvert. I give and bequeath to my said wife for and during her life or Widowhood as aforesaid all my household goods and otherwise of every kind and description also one clear Annuity or Rent Charge of ten Pounds a year to be paid to her by two equal Payments on the twelfth day of May and twenty third day of November in each year the first Payment to be made on such of the said Day as shall happen next after my decease and from and after the decease or second marriage of my said wife which shall first happen, I give and devise to my Daughter Dorothy wife of William Rayner her Heirs and Afsigns forever the said Dwelling house and Premise so devised to my said wife as aforesaid and bequeath to my said Daughter my said household goods and furniture for her own use absolutely and from and after such second marriage of my said wife I hereby revoke the bequest of the said Annuity of ten pounds a year hereinbefore contained. I give and bequeath to my sons John Thomas Reynoldson and Thomas Reynoldson the sum of five pounds each to be paid out of the Rents of my copyhold Property at the time and in manner hereinafter directed - I give and bequeath all the Rest Residue and Remainder of my personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever to my Friends George Alderson of Stone House in Swaledale and Thomas Spenceley of Muker aforesaid Joiner (whom I hereby appoint joint Executors in Trust of this my Will). In trust to collect and get in and sell and dispose of the same and to apply the money thence arising so far as the same will extend in Payment and satisfaction of all my just Debts funeral and testamentary expenses. I charge my copyhold Estate at Thorns in the Manor of Muker my allotment on Keld Kisden with the Appurtenances thereto respectively belonging and all my copyhold Estate and Premises in the Manor of Healaugh with the Appurtenances with the Payment of the said Annuity clear annual Payment or Rent charge of ten Pounds a year herein before given and bequeathed to my said wife for her life or Widowhood as aforesaid and charged and chargeable therewith I give and devise my said copyhold Estates and also my copyhold field called Slack the highest part of an Allotment called the Car Gap Allotment on Muker side and my small Allotment on Muker Kisdon to the said George Alderson and Thomas Spenceley and the survivor of thema nd the Heirs of such survivor Upon Trust that they the said George Alderson and Thomas Spenceley and the Survivor of them and his Heirs do and shall from time to time let my said Estates to farm for any term not exceeding three years for the best rents that can be reasonably gotten for the same respectively and receive the said rent when and
#John Reynoldson
#Witnefses. Richard Lowther# Lister Washington Metcalfe# George Winn# as the same shall become due and do and shall in the first place pay thereout all fines Rents and necefsary Repairs of the said Premises and other outgoings and expences which they my said Trustees shall pay sustain or be put unto in respect of the said Premises and in the next place pay thereout the Annuity hereinbefore given to my said wife, and do and shall pay and apply the Residue of such Rents from time to time in Payment and Satisfaction