This is the last will and Testament of me James Harker of Low Houses in the Parish of Grinton in the County of York Yeoman. I give and bequeath to my dear wife Nanny Harker and her heirs all that my copyhold messuage or dwelling house situate at Isles at Low Row in the said parish with the stables ajoining thereto one close called Low Isles and the Road leading from Isles Bit to and through the River Swale one ?Lowland situate to the West of Haver Dale Beck and one cattlegate in Low Row Pasture with the appurtenances belonging thereto being parcel of the manor of Healaugh New Land and held therof by payment of the ancient yearly Lords Rent of Two Shillings. To hold the same to my said wife her heirs and assigns for ever according to the custom of the said manor . I give and bequeath to my said wife all my household goods and furniture plate linen china and household stores of every description for her own use absolutely And I declare that the aforesaid Divise and bequest to my said wife shall be in leu bar and full satisfaction of all Dower and free ?bench to which she may be entitled out of the remainder of my freehold and copyhold or other real estate I give and bequeath to my Brother in Law Thomas Spensely of Muker and my friend John Broderick of SpringEnd both in the said parish, Yeomen and the surviver of them and the Executors and Administrators of such survivor all my monies security for money effects whatsoever and wheresoever not hereinbefore disposed of Upon Trust to collect get in sell and convert the same into money and by and out of the money thence arising to pay and discharge all my just debts funeral and testamentary expences and after payment thereof upon trust to place out the Residue (if any) of such money on real of Government securities and to pay and apply the Interest Diviidends or other annual produce thereof along with the rents of my real estate in the manner hereinafter directed until the youngest of my children shall attain the age of twenty one years . I give and devise to the said Thomas Spencely and John Broderick costs charges and expences of such mortgage or incident thereto and for that purpose by any Deed or Deeds to grant bargain sell demise realise convey surrender or otherwise assure the same freehold and copyhold estates to any person or persons advancing the same sum of money and his her or their heirs or executors and administrators and assigns for ever or for any sum or sums of years or otherwise as may be necessary or proper for securing the repayment thereof and to apply a sufficient part of the rents and profits of my said real estate in keeping down the interest thereof and upon Trust to pay and apply the residue of such rents and profits or such part thereof as to my said trustees may seem reasonable and proper for and towards the maintenance bringing up education and advancement in the world of all and every my child and children as they my said trustees in their judgment may think proper and beneficial to the interest of all and each of them until the youngest of my said children shall attain the age of twenty one years And immediately upon the youngest of my said children attaining such age of twenty one years I give devise and bequeath unto my sons Simon Harker and Henry Harker and their heirs executors administrators and assigns all and every the freehold and copyhold estates hereinbefore devised to the said Thomas Spensley and John Broderick in Trust as aforesaid together with the residue (if any) of my personal estate To hold to them my said sons Simon Harker and Henry Harker their heirs executors administrators and assigns as tenants in common subject nevertheless to such mortgage as aforesaid (if any) and charged neverthelefs and I do hereby charge the same with the payment of these several legacies of three hundred pounds apiece to each of my sons James Harker and William Harker and my daughter Agnes Harker and.............(unfinished)