This is the last Will and Testament of me James Moore Blenkiron of Reeth in the Parish of Grinton in the County of York, Yeoman, made this Thirtieth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven revoking all other wills made by me at any time herebefore. First I order and direct that all my just debts funeral and Testamentary expences be fully paid and discharged by my executors hereinafter named as soon as conveniently may be out of my personal Estate I devise and bequeath unto William Blenkiron of Reeth Farmer and unto Thompson Blenkiron of Riddings in the Township of Reeth aforesaid Farmer, their heirs executors administrators and assigns. Upon trust that they or the survivor of them or the heirs executors or administrators of such survivor shall as soon as conveniently may be after my decease call in and take possession of all my personal estate ready money Book debts Bonds bills notes security and securities for money wheresoever and whatsoever and of what nature and kind soever and I direct my Trustees to stand possessed of the moneys arise from my aforesaid personal Estate to pay the following legacies to the following persons respectfully to whom I hereby bequeath the same accordingly. That is to say, To my Brother Thompson Blenkiron the sum of Fifteen pounds, To my sister Ann widow of the late James Haykin of Hurst in the Parish of Marrick in the said County of York the sum of Eighty pounds, To the children of my late Sister Elizabeth Clarkson deceased the sum of Eighty pounds to be equally divided amongst the survivors of them, To the Children of my late sister Mary Smithson deceased the sum of Eighty pounds to be equally divided amongst the survivors of them, To the children of my late Brother John Blenkiron deceased the sum of eighty pounds to be equally divided amongst the survivors of them. To my niece Ann Blenkiron daughter of my said Brother Thompson Blenkiron who is now living with me the sum of Fifty pounds to be paid after the rate of Four shillings pr week untill the said Fifty pounds is exhausted _ also I give and bequeath unto the said Ann Blenkiron one bed, bedstead and Bed linnen which she now uses. To my nephew James Smithson my Barometer. To my nephew James Haykin my large Family bible. To my nephew Bartholomew Blenkiron one Bed, Bedstead and Bed linnen. To my nephews Mark and bartholomew and my niece Ann Blenkiron now living with me the residue of my household furniture books China &c. To the Revd Matthew White of Reeth aforesaid the sum of Five Pounds for the restoration fund of the Independent Chapel Reeth. And I declare that if the said Trust moneys shall not suffice to pay and satisfy all the said Legacies in full then each legacy shall abate and to diminish rateably and in proportion to the amount it bears to the whole of the said legacies. That in case the death of my niece Ann Blenkiron the daughter of my said brother Thompson Blenkiron before her Legacy be exhausted the remainder to be paid unto her son and daughter John and Elizabeth Blenkiron. I declare that my said Trustees shall be chargeable only with such monies as they shall actually respectively receive and shall not be answerable the one for the other of them nor for any involuntary losses and that they shall reimburse themselves out of the monies coming to their hands all expences incurred by them in the execution or supposed execution of the Trusts herefore. I appoint the said William Blenkiron and Thompson Blenkiron Executors of this my will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the day and year first within written.
James Moore Blenkiron
The writing contained in this sheet of paper was signed by James Moore Blenkiron of Reeth in the Parish of Grinton in the County of York yeoman as and for and was by him declared to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us present at the same time and without quitting his presence we subscribe the names as Witnesses in the presence of each other // Bartholomew Blenkiron // William Messenger
Proved in Her Majesty's Court of Probate at York on the twenty seventh day of May one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven by the executors therein named _ Effects sworn under £450. Testator died on the 26th day of February 1867