This is the last Will and Testament of me Edward Alderson of Thwaite in the Parish of Grinton in the County of York, Innkeeper. I give and devise unto my two daughters Mary Alderson and Margaret Alderson All that my Copyhold Cottages, House situate in the village of Thwaite aforesaid usually called Kilburn House with the Coal Hole and appurtenances belonging thereto. Also my closes called Little Ing, Dennyson Orley and Rice with the Carthouse and piggery thereon and one half of my Barn or Cowhouse in Thwaite and the whole of the Garth or Garden in front thereof. All which said hereditaments and premises are situate and being at or near Thwaite in the Manor of Muker in Swaledale in the said County of York to and for their own absolute use and benefit as Tenants in common. And I hereby authorize empower and direct the Trustees or Trustee in the time being of this my Will to let to farm, the same hereditaments and premises for the best yearly Rent that can be reasonably obtained for the same and pay or apply the rents and profits therof to or for the use of my said Daughters Mary Alderson and Margaret Alderson until my said Daughters shall severally attain the age of Twenty one years deducting thereout the costs of all necessary repairs Lords Rents, fines and other outgoings. I give and devise unto my son Edward Alderson All that my Dwellinghouse or Inn, in which I now reside with the Brewhouse, Stable, Garden and appurtenances. Also all that Meadow Field called Crookenbeck Hole or Intack containing about Four Acres And my Allotment or pasture containing about fifteen acres formerly part of Thwaite pasture which said hereditaments are situate at or near Thwaite aforesaid in the said Manor of Muker And all other my copyhold or real estate whatsoever But subject and charged with the payment of all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and the Legacy or sum of Fifty pounds to my son Joseph Alderson now in America which I hereby give and bequeath to him the same to be paid at the expiration of Five years next after my decease provided he comes to England to receive the same, but not otherwise And also the Legacy or sum of Fifty pounds to my son William Alderson now residing in Australia which I hereby give and bequeath to him the same to become payable at the expiration of five years [The mark of Edward X Alderson // Witnesses Geo:Winn // Richard Willis] next after my decease provided he comes to England to receive the same but not otherwise. All my household furniture and goods I give and bequeath equally amongst my said son Edward and Daughters Mary and Margaret share and share alike the same to be divided by my friends Simon Fawcett and John Reynoldson (Executors hereinafter named) in case they should not agree amongst themselves on the division thereof. I give and bequeath to my said son Edward Alderson All my farming stock Husbandry Gears and utensils of every description, Brewing and Dairy utensils and all other my personal estate and effects of whatsoever description for his own absolute use and benefit. I hereby nominate and appoint my said son Edward Alderson and the said Simon Fawcett of Angram and John Reynoldson of Thorns both in the said Parish of Grinton yeomen joint Trustees and Executors of this my will And I hereby direct and declare that it shall be lawful for each of them my said Trustees from time to time by and out of the monies that shall come to his hands to retain and reimburse to himself and to pay and allow to the others or other of them all such necessary costs charges and expenses which he or they shall have been put to in or about the execution of the trusts of this my Will And lastly I hereby revoke all former Wills by me made and declare this only to be and contain my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have to this and the preceding sheet of paper subscribed my name this seventeenth day of February One thousand eight hundred and sixty three // the mark of Edward X Alderson // Signed published and declared by the said Edward Alderson the Testator (he making his mark and requesting George Winn of Askrigg, Solicitor to subscribe his name to this and at the foot of the preceeding sheet of paper) as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who in his presence at his request and in thepresence of each other at one and the same time have hereinto subscribed our names as witnesses to the execution hereof // Geo. Winn // solr Askrigg // Richard Willis, Carperby //

Proved in the District Registry of the Court of Probate at York on the eleventh day of May 1864 by Edward Alderson the son of the said deceased, Simon Fawcett and John Reynoldson the Executors named in the said Will.

Testator died Twenty Seventh day of February 1864
Effects sworn under £200