Edmund Alderson of Eskerlith, yeoman 11/7/1804
I charge 3 leasehold lands in Arkdale now in tenure of my son Thos with payment of my debts, and£10 a year to my son Jonathan towards the support of my widow. Also with £1.1s to my son Jonathan.
Son Jonathan all my furniture, except clock which I give to my grandson Wm at his grandmother's decease.
Son Thos my leasehold estate, High Close, Middle Close etc and he to be exor.
Proved 21/10/1805

Edward Alderson of Arkletown, yeoman 23/9/1726
Body to earth
To my sonne and air all my farm at Arkletown which I had sett by my father Robert Alderson
Daughters Mary, Elizth and Ruth the house and ground which I purchased of James Coates of Arkletown
Wife Mary one third of my land at Arkletown left by my father, for her life or widowhood
To my son all my implements of husbandry and if my son Robert die under 21 then to my said three daus at 21
Son Robert & dau Mary, exors
James Alderson of Lokhouse and Robt Binks trustees for my children
Proved 15/11/1726

Joseph Alderson of Hilltop, yeoman 11/2/1766
Wife Sarah and 2 younger sons Joseph & John£7 a year out of my leasehold estate at Westhouse in parish of Arkengarthdale, till my youngest son attains 21, he being now in his 13th year, and then £4 a year to wife for her widowhood, and the Parlour of my house to live in.
Son Simon, dau Margaret, Sarah wife of Robert Hall, Joseph Alderson and John Alderson£14 each out of said leasehold estate.
Son George Alderson all my said leasehold estates and the residue of my goods and he to be exor.
Proved 23/10/1767

Mary Alderson of Lock House 4/2/1790
Dau Mary £5 & furniture
Son in law James Tattersall 1s
Rem of goods & my leasehold estate at Lockhouse to my son Robert, exor
Proved 27/2/1801

Robert Alderson of Lock House, yeoman 1774
Admon bond by Mary Alderson of same place, widow, Christopher Raine of Reeth, gent and John Woodhall of Arkengarthdale, innkeeper in£600

Robert Alderson of Arkletown, smelter 19/8/1806
Wife Ruth my furniture and£15. Also the room I now dwell in for her life
Nephew and 2 nieces, so & daus of James Tattersall£21 amongst them
Niece Sarah Alderson my husbandry gear
Rest of goods to sister Mary Alderson, extrix
Proved 3/12/1807

Robert Alderson 3/12/1807
Oath by Mary Alderson only surviving dau of Robt Alderson who died intestate, truly to administer his goods left unadministered by Mary Alderson decd the widow of said intestate
1/1/1808 admon granted to said Mary Alderson

Simon Alderson of Kitley Intack 10/2/1752
Goods to be sold and debts paid
Sons Simon & John£10 each after debts paid and £10 each two years afterwards
Dau Mary Smith£1 a year for life after debts paid; if she die before receiving £10 then the rest of the £10 to her son Joseph Smith
Grandson Joseph Alderson son of my natural son Joseph Alderson£5 at 21
Grandchildren John & Ann Miller 5s each
Sister Margaret Alderson
Son William Alderson my leasehold estate in Arkengarthdale and he to be exor
Codicil 19/11/1752
Son Simon Alderson£6.12.0 instead of £10 he having already gotten £3.8s

Thomas Alderson of Faggergill 29/5/1728
Admon bond by Simon Alderson of Faggergill, yeoman (brother & admon of decd) and John Milner of Garmathwaite yeoman in £200

William Alderson of Eskerlith yeoman 8/11/1766
Brother James Alderson one dwelling house wherein John Alderson now dwells and a close called High Close and 3 parcels of ground adjoining, for his life and then to his son Thomas.
Nephew John Alderson son of my brother Miles Alderson lately deceased£30 at 21
Mary A and Elizth A daus of my said brother Miles A£10 each at 21
Brother Edmund Alderson the house wherein I now dwell, Low Close, the Pry, East pasture and Cragg Wood, for the residue of my lease, subject to debt due to Agnis Slack of Eskerlith
Res of goods to brother Edmund Alderson, exor
Proved 23/10/1767

Christopher Barningham of Bowse 5/9/1756
Christr Hannam 2s6d
James Race my best coat
Joshua Frost the rest of my apparrell
My 2 daus Ruth Race and Alice Barningham extrices
Proved 20/10/1760 by Ruth ux James Race, power reserved for Alice ux Joshua Frost

Jane Barningham of West Intack, widow 3/6/1730
In Xtian burial
Son in law Wm Metcalfe 1s
Grandson James Metcalf £5 at 21
Son John all my leasehold estate called West Intacks and all my fancy goods, and he to be exor
Proved 30/10/1738

James Barningham Bouze 26/9/1728
To be buried in Xtian manner
Wife£2 a year out of my leasehold estate for her life and the West parlour of my now dwelling house for life. Also my household stuffe
Son James my leasehold estate
Son Nichs Hannam£6 at my wife's death
Res. and implements of husbandry to son James, exor
Draft Adm with will 28 June 1767 to Christr Hannam only son of Nichs Hannam decd the exor being dead.

James Barningham of Bouze 28/11/1767
Bond by Christopher Hannam of Arkengarthdale, yeoman (son of Nichs Hannam the exor) and Luke Lawson of Reeth, yeoman in £80

John Barningham of Windegg side 21/9/1755
Son Matthew £20
Son Joseph £25 at 21
Dau Mary £25 at 21 and one great chair, one oak coffer & the toorse feather bed
Dau Jane £25 at 21
All my leasehold estate and res. of goods to my dau Ann extrix
Bond 6/4/1758 by Joseph Barningham of Scarr house yeoman (husband and admor. of Ann B. decd who was dau and sole extrix of John B late of Windegg side decd) and Edward Elliot of Richmond, gent and Wm Slack of Arkletown miner in £200

Joseph Barningham senr of Bouse, yeoman 28/3/1741
Wife Anne my house at High Green formerly Thos. Collins for her life, and then to my younger son John and if he die without heirs then to my elder son Joseph.
Wife 20s a year during widowhood and household goods to the value of £7 to be appraised by my neighbours and friends Nichs Scott & Wm Murton. Also £6 a year for 4 years for educating and bringing up my daus Anne & Margt.
Son in law Ralph Harker and my dau Elizth 5s each and to their 4 children Sarah, Geo Elizth & Joseph 5s
Dau Mary Barningham £15
Dau Martha Barningham 1 guinea
Dau Anne Barningham £10 at 21
Dau Margt Barningham £10 at 21
Son John £20 at 21 and to be educated for the Excise or Merchant Book Keeper if his genius will receive such instructions
Son Joseph my house wherein I now inhabit and my leasehold estate at Booze and ground called Hasle Holme lately purchased of Jane Coates and Hannah Coates both of Booze. If he die without heirs then to my second son John.
Son Joseph exor
Proved 2/11/1741

Joseph Barningham of Scarhouse 19/4/1758, miner
Mother Ann B £2 a year for life pursuant to will of my father Joseph B decd
Dau Esther all my leasehold estates at or nigh Windegg which I had from my father in law John Barningham decd and also purchased of Nichs Scott and a close called Green Hills, she paying my debts. If she die before 21 or marriage, then to my brother John B. he paying the following legacies :-
To my 4 sisters Martha, Mary, Ann & Margt£5 each
Sisters by law Mary ux John Slack and Jane Barningham£5 each
Good friends Edward Elliot of Richmond, gent, Luke Hird of Langthwaite, yeoman and Christopher Raine of Arkletown mason to be guardians of my sd dau Esther B. and exors
Proved 8/12/1759

James Broadrick of Faggergill 20/8/1729
Admon bond by James Raw of Low Raw yeoman, Geo Broadrick of Faggergill, yeoman and Simon Broadrick of Low Raw yeoman, the admors in£200

Mary Broadrick of Dale Head 29/5/1728
Admon bond by Geo Broadrick of Dalehead, yeoman (son & admon of decd) & James Broadrick of Dalehead in£200.

Thomas Brown of Faggergill Intack, yeoman 26/7/1781
My 2 eldest sons Thomas & Ralfy Brown, my exors, all my husbandry gear etc, they paying my debts & legacies
Eldest son Thomas the estate I bought of Francis Jaques
Younger son Ralfy Brown the lease and estate I bought of James Peacock being 2 closes with pasture ground
Widow Mary Brown £5 a year for life
Dau Sarah Kipling£10
Dau Mary Calverley £10
Dau Elizth Brown £35 and £5 at the death of Mary Brown her mother
Dau Ales Brown the like
Dau Dorithy Brown the like
Son Christopher Brown£100
To Thomas the bed pannelling etc and to Ralfy the clock and to my widow teaster bed

John Cant of Arkengarthdale 24/1/1726-7
All my goods to my wife for her life and then 2 parts of what is left to go to my dau Mary and one part to my dau Ann's children
Son Simon 5s
If wife marry again, my daus to have my goods, and pay her a guinea
Proved 29/5/1728 by Mary Cant, widow & extrix

James Carter of the parish of Arkengarthdale 15/6/1740
To James Peacock the son of my sister Margret£1 1s
Francis Jaques and Sarah Jaques son and dau of my sister Mary £1 each
Children of my sister Ann Fargeson decd as follows:- David£25, Ann £5, Sarah £10, Elizth £5
Robt Pupping son of my sister Elizth £20 at 24
Brother in law Ralph Singleton£10
Elizth Singleton dau of said Ralph £10 at 12
Brother in law James Peacock£1
Brother in law John Mariner £1 and to his dau Dinah £1
Sister Isabell £1
Brother in law John Taylor 2s 6d and to his dau £1
All my leasehold estates in Arkengarthdale and residue of my effects to my brother in law Joseph Kearton exor
Proved Nov 1740

Thomas Carter of Arkindale 30/4/1732
Wife the east end of my house and the Ash Close or£4 a year if she choose it for her life
Son in law James Peacock 2s 6d
Grandchn Francis Jaques and Sarah Jaques£1.1s each (Sarah at 16)
Son in law John Taylor£1 1s
Dau Isabel£3 3s
Dau Elizth 10s
Grandchild Robert Puppin£1 1s
Son in law Joseph Peacock£1 1s
Grandchild James Peacock£1 1s
Dau Sarah£22 and half the household stuffe at 23
Wife the other half of the household goods
Grandchildren Ann & Elizth Jaques 10s each
All my leasehold estates and all my goods to my son James exor
Proved 21 May 1733

George Chalder of Arkeltowne yeoman 2/5/1728
Sons Mathew and John and dau Elennor my farm at Arkeltowne which I purchased of James Coates late of Arkeltowne, in equal shares
My 2 sons to pay my dau Elennor £5 5 years after my decease
Dau Elennor my household stuff
Sons Mathew and John & dau Elennor exors

John Chalder of High Green 1/6/1790
Wife Ruth all my leasehold houses at High Green and Arkletown and all my goods during her widowhood and afterwards to my son George the house wherein I now dwell and the 2 tenements occupied by Geo. Dinsdale and Ambrose Whitehead, he paying to my son Francis£15, to my son Joseph £15 and to my dau Ruth £10.
Son Francis Chalder after my wife's death or marriage the house at Arkletown late occupied by Henry Whitell and to my son Joseph the house at High Green now occupied by Francis Hutchinson and to my dau Ruth Chalder the house at High Green now occupied by Abel Longstaff and my household furniture
Wife Ruth extrix
Proved 7 Oct 1790

Matthew Chalder of Longthwait 19/2/1759
Wife Tamar my 2 houses at High Green and the rest of my goods during her widowhood. If she marry 5s
Sons Geo and John 5s each if any thing to spare at my wife's death after bringing up my younger children, and if any more to spare, it to be divided among my 3 sons Francis, Joseph & Matthew, all but 5s to my dau Sarah Stephenson now living at Newcastle.
Inventory 9/11/1763 by Luke Hird and Cuthbert Hall Total£44. Debts etc £28 6s. Clear £15. 14s

Dorothy Coates of Bouze 11/10/1763
Admon Bond by John Coates of Bouze, miner and Ralph Coates of Isle Wath, miner (the admors) and Robt Whitell of Reeth, miner & Jonathan Kipling of Scarhouse, miner, in£100

George Coates of Bouze 23/11/1737
Mother Jain Coates to have my estate for her life and then to my wife Hannah during her widowhood. If she marry again 1s and my son James to enter. If he die without heirs, then Elizth and Mary equally betwixt them.
Dau Elizth£10 at 29, dau Mary £10 at 29
Sister Elizth Douglas£15 as my father's will directs
Wife Hannah extrix and to pay my debts she is to sell the Hezzle Holmes

George Coates of Arkletown, miner 8/12/1798
Nephew John Harker of Booze and Anthony Alderson of Raw par. Grinton my exors 5s each and I give them all my goods In trust for my son and dau Wm and Mary, who shall reside together as long as agreeable to both, and after their death in trust for my grandchildren.
Successors of trustees to be chosen by my dau Mary during her life,and at her death by my grandson John during his life, and afterwards by the eldest suriviving grandchild, til my youngest grandchild attains 21.
Proved 8/2/1799

John Coates of Bouze, yeoman (no date)
wife Alice£4 a year
Dau Jane Wensley £12
Dau Elizth £30 and half my furniture
Dau Mary Coates£30 and other half of furniture
Son George exor
If son George marry, my wife to have one room on end of house to live in for her life

Margaret Coates of Arkengarthdale head 25/1/1738
Dau Ann£10, dau Sarah £10, dau Jan £10
Sister Ann £1
Brother James Alderson 5s
Res of goods & leasehold lands to my son in law Christopher Brown, exor
Proved 8/5/1739 by the exor

Thomas Coates of Bouze, yeoman 13/6/1799
Wife Dinah the house where I now live, with the furniture and£8 a year out of my leasehold estate for her life or widowhood. Also a bed a large seeing glass, a pannel chest and a line-wheel.
Son Christopher the rest of the profits of my leasehold estate and goods, to be paid to him every year during his life.
Exors and trustees, Geo Alderson of Westhouse and Geo Coates of Bouze, 5s each. And I give them all the rest of my plate goods etc upon trust to pay my debts and those of my son Christopher at my death, and to pay the said annuities, and to convey my leasehold estate on the high side of Bouze and the rest of my effects to my grandson Thomas Coates at 21, except£45 which they shall pay to my granddau Dinah Coates at 21.
Granddau Elizth Coates the house wherein Elkanah Woodhall now liveth at 21.
Granddau Mary Coates the 2 high rooms where I now live and a field called Spertdale, at 21
Grandson Thomas Coates a silver pint and a watch, and the rest of my furniture amongst my granddaus
Proved 21/11/1900

William Coates of West Intack, husbandman 7 Nov 1719
To the 5 children of William White of Richmond who married my sister Elizth 1s each if they come personally to demand it.
Whereas I stand bound with Geo Peacock in£15 for his own proper debt, I give him £5 when he hath paid off the same
Dau Elizth one cupboard. Dau Ann the table and form
Lands, goods to my wife and children at 21 equally
Dau Sarah to have the tester bed and dau Jane one oak coffer.
Wife extrix
Proved 24 Dec 1735 by Margaret Coates the extrix

William Cocker of Arkengarthdale, miner 25/2/1724-5
Wife Mary my farm whereon I live, which I purchased of Reginald Hammond for her life,and pasture gates in Fothering Holm purchased of Mr. Geo Copeland and all my goods absolutely. Manuell Cocker yr son of my late brother Manuell Cocker, my said farm after my wife's decease, he paying to the children of my brother Robert £20.
Brother in law Edward Nicholson and his wife and children 1s each.
Godson James Peacock the son of William Peacock 5s to buy him 2 ewe lambs withall
William Cocker son of Manuell Cocker 1s. Niece Mary Metcalfe 1s
If nephew Manuell Cocker become prodigall an stubborn, my wife may settle the farm etc upon Manuell Cocker son of my late brother Robert.
Wife extrix

Christopher Colling of Bowes in Arkengarthdale 24/2/1740
Nephew William Boweron£4. John Boweron £4
Nephew John Peacock £4
Niece Ann Colling £4. Niece Margt Colling £4 and my household stuff
Nephew Robart Colling£4 and my clothes and a Bible and a little book called Queen Elizabeth prayer book
Goddau Margt Puppen£1
Nephew Thomas Peacock 5s. Nephew Wm Peacock 5s
Sarah Alderson my Bray morter
Dinah Wensley my common Prayer Book
£5 for my funeral expenses and my exor and Joseph Alderson to distribute it as they think fit.
Joseph Alderson a pair of gloves
Nephew Christopher Bowron, exor
Proved 12/3/1739

John Colling of Longthwaite yeoman 1764
Draft probate to son Jonathan

Jonathan Colling of Longthwate 5/7/1809
Wife Margaret all my leasehold estate at Longwate and my furniture for her life and then to my son in law Robt Henderson for life, with power to both to sell if in necessity, and then to Robt Henderson junr that lives with me at 21. If he die under 21, then to Joseph Alderson of Mill House par Arkengarthdale in trust for all my nephews and nieces.
Said son in law Robt exor
Proved 17/3/1810 by the exor of Longthwaite, miner. Testator described as blacksmith under£300

Thomas Cottingham of Richmond, yeoman 16/10/1765
Admon bond as to goods within the Peculiar Jurisdiction of Arkengarthdale by Ralph Cottingham of N. Allerton merchant and Henry Lanchester of Richmond alderman (the admors) in£500.

Edward Cumpstone of Bourz, yeoman 2/1/1730-1
Son Cuthbert 1s
Dau Ann Harker 1s
Wife Filles extrix, all my goods
Witnesses John Mariner, Wm Parsable, Ralph Harker
Codicil 2/3/1732-3
Son Cuthbert Cumpstone£5 and my clothes, and his bill to be returned into his hands; and to his son John a bedstead at my extrix's decease.
Dau Ann ux. Geo Harker£8.8s
Grandchild Jane Sunter my bedding and a panel chest and a coffer.
Wife Fillis extrix
proved 20/6/1733 by exx. before Joseph Peacock surrogate
Bond 20/6/1733 by Phillis Cumpston of Bouze wid. and John Mariner of do miner in£50

Thomas Douglass of Booze, miner 26/4/1794
All my leasehold estate at Booze and all my personal estate to wife Margery for her widowhood and then household furniture to my 2 daus Margaret and Dinah and my leasehold and other personal estate to my 2 sons John and Thomas, they paying to my dau Elizth ux Robt Stones and my daus Margt and Dinah£9 each.
Wife Margery extrix
Proved 4/5/1795

Charles Emmerson of Tottergill House, yeoman 3/2/1741
Brothers in law Rd Hird, Simon Langstaff and Geo Alderson 1s each
Sons in law Andrew Slack, Joseph Slack and James Hall 10s each
Wife Mary one feather bed, one cupboard, 4 pewter dishes and one kettle. Also my lands and leasehold estate at Tottergill for her life and then to my son in law John Slack, and he to be exor.
Proved 7 Oct 1742

Henry Favell of Bellerby, gent 5/12/1767
Admon bond by Edmond Favell of Bellerby, yeoman (brother and admor) and Christopher Pattinson of Middleton Tyas, gent in£100

Ann Fryer of Arkletown, widow 24/3/1766
Son Mark £15
Dau Tamar ux John Kitchin butcher now in Richmond £10
Dau Mary ux Geo Coates of Arkletown my 3 leasehold houses in Arkletown
Res of goods to said dau Mary Coate extrix

Jaques Garth of Langthwaite 22/5/1725
Brian Hird of Whaw 10s 6d
James Hutchinson of Rawcroft 10s 6d
Cousin James Garth of Gunnerside 10s 6d and his sisters Margrett Mary Elizabeth and Hannah and to James Garth of Durham his sister Margrett and Thos Metcalf of Lawraw and his two sisters, every one of these my cousins 1s
Cousin Anthony Spenceley of Healey and Thos Jifferson of Richmond 1s
To Leonard Metcalf's son John his brother and 2 sisters being my cousins also every one 1s
Ralph Waggett of Gunnerside and his own brethren and sisters every one 1s
Wife Joan all my leasehold lands in Arkengarthdale viz East and West Whitbeck Grains, Ramp Shaw Scar and Rampshaw Bottom, a stable and the house wherin I dwell, with the garth and she to be extrix.
Proved 15/11/1726

Francis Gill of High Green, miner 28/12/1730
Son John£5 and a frontstead for a house at ye west end of my garth, 5 yards long and 5 yards broad
Son Benjn my stable at ye East end of my house and a frontstead in my garth, 4 yards long & 4 yards broad
Daus Mary and Rachell my household stuff at my wife's death
Wife and son Francis my house and garth and all my goods and husbandry gear and they to be exors
Proved 17/10/1734

Francis Gill of High Green, miner 2/12/1756
Wife Ann for life the bed wherin we now lie and 10s a year when my son Francis comes of age if she remains my widow, and if not to have 1s paid and Turn out.
Dau Ruth my household goods
Res of goods to son Francis exor. Also all my leasehold estate in High Longtwate
Abel Gill and Thos Gill tutors for my son till at age

Thomas Gill of Arkeltown yeoman 8/9/1773
Wife An all my goods and lands at Arkeltown to bring up my younger children
My 2 sons John and Joseph to live with their mother till the youngest child attains 10, and to heirs after their mother's death, paying to my younger sons Thomas and Josiah £5 each.
Wife extrix
Draft probate 8/8/1776

Cuthbert Hall of Langthwaite 20/5/1786
Dau Isabella£5 per annum for life and a dwelling room
Son Nathan all my lands at Langthwaite and all my goods and he to be exor
Proved 19/5/1791

Dinah Hall of Langthwaite, widow 25/2/1792
All my leaseholds at Langthwaite in occupation of my son John Hall, to my son James Hall charged with the three following legacies:-
Son John Hall£15
Dau Ann ux Wm Dow £7 10s
Dau Jane ux Matt Chalder£7 10s
Res to son James exor
Proved 17 Nov 1791

James Hall of Longthwaite, taylor 14/3/1770
Nephew James Hall son of my brother Cuthbert Hall my estate called Hard Rigg Rig Farm tennanted by Jonathan Jewett and Thos Whittle
Nephew Nathan Hall another son of my brother Cuthbert the house where I now live and 2 closes called East calf halls and a parcel of ground adjoing the River, called Piece foot, But his father Cuthbert to hold same till he attains 30, and then he shall pay to Isabel and Mary daus of my brother Cuthbert£5 each
Nephews Joseph, David, Abraham and Reuben Atkinson, sons of my sister Mary£5 each and to her daus Ruth Atkinson £10 and Jane ux Wm Bagshaw £5
Nephews Edmund and Robt Harker and my nieces Mary ux Richard Hammond and Margt ux John Hird, and Ann Harker 5 children of my sister Ann £5
Nieces Isabel and Mary daus of my brother Cuthbert Hall £5 each
Sister Ann 1gua

James Hall of Hardrigg, miner 16/1/1762
Son James 10s
Dau Mary ux Geo Charder 10s
Daus Ann, Margt, Hannah & Ruth£2 each
Wife£4 a year and the household goods during widowhood
Leasehold estate and other effects to my sons Jonathan, David and Robert Hall exors

James Hall of Langthwaite, yeoman 7/3/1772
Wife Alice all my leasehold estate and goods during widowhood and then to my children John, Abraham, Elizth, Ann, John, and Alice (she under 15)
Wife extrix
Proved 16 Oct 1780

James Hall of White House, miner 31 Aug 1801
Brothers Nathan, William and John£5 each
Brother Jonathan the residue of my goods and he to be exor
Proved 18 Oct 1801

John Hall of Arkingarthdale, yeoman 24/4/1737
Wife Anne for life all my leasehold estate and all my goods except half of a close called Round piece, which I give to Cuthbert hall son of Robert of Arkingarthdale
Eldest son James at my wife's death, my houses at Languit and ground called Great Holme and the Scarrs pasture and a house now inhabited by Thomas Jewit of Languit
Son James to pay my son Joseph £5, to my dau Anne £5, and to my dau Mary £5
Son Robert a house called Bank house and close and pasture and West Holme close at my wife's death
Son Robert to pay to my sons John, David and Jonathan£5 each
Wife extrix
Proved 8 May 1745

Jonathan Hall of Hardrigg, miner 6/12/1791
Wife a cow and the new house where I now dwell. Also Farside Close till my son James attains 18 and then 20s a year and the said house for her life
Dau Mary ux Thos Whitaker 5s
Dau Hanah ux Isaac Alderson£1
Dau Martha £2 and all her mother's furniture
Son James£5 at 21 and various furniture
Lands at Hardrigg to son John exor
Proved 2 Oct 1792

Jonathan Hall of Arkindale, husbandman 19/1/1733
Wife£5 a year during widowhood and furniture
Son Thos Slack£40 and his dau Mary certain furniture
Leasehold estate to son James Hall, also res of goods and he to be exor
Proved 22 Oct 1736

Margrett Hall of Longthwaite 28/10/1725
Cuthbert Hall son of Robt Hall the east end of my house and the garth on the foreside, and the east end of my stable and half my land at Langthwaite
James Hall the other half of my said land
Mary Jewit ux Richard the west end of my house and stable and£13
Jonathan Hall £13
Anne Vaits ux Joseph £5
James Galloway 1s. Edward Pinckney 1s
Household goods to Robt Hall and James Hall exors

Nicholas Hall of Bouze, yeoman 7/9/1716
Wife Ann my house at Bouze for life and£7 a year for life
Nephew William Hird of Eskerleth£5 a year for 4 years
Wife all the furniture she brought with her
Furniture belonging to Elizth my former wife to my 3 daus Elizth ux Rd Hutchinson, Mary ux John Row, and Margrett ux James Hutchinson
Sister Isabell Hird to be kept and maintained by my exors for her life
Res of goods to my sons in law Richd Hutchinson, John Row and James Hutchinson exors
Poor of the parish 20s
Codicil 26/8/1717. Wife£10 a year instead of £7 and 2 cows

Robert Hall of Cockerhouse 27/3/1795
Son James all my leasehold estate in Arkengarthdale he paying to my wife Sarah£6 for life. If she dies before my youngest child attains 16, the said £6 to be continued and paid to Geo Alderson senr and Geo Alderson junr as trustees for my 2 children Ann and Joseph till said Ann attains 16, and after that only £3 till said Joseph attains 16.
Daus Elizth ux Thos Alderson, Margt ux Wm Peacock, Mary Hall£7 each
Geo Alderson sen and junr£7 in trust for my dau Ann Hall and £30 for son Joseph
Res to son James exor
Proved 9 May 17 96

Robert Hall of Longthwaite, yeoman 7/6/1742
Son James a parcel of ground called Hardrigg wherein Edward Stones and Isabell Metcalfe now dwell, 2 closes called East calf halls, a pice below Church Lane, house where I now dwell and 1 clock. He paying to Jane Hall now my lawful wife£10 per annum for her life
Son Cuthbert a house wherein Thos Longstaff now dwells, and a close called West Calf hall, he paying to his mother Jane Hall my now wife£1
Wife, a cow, a calf and my household goods for likfe and then to my dau Mary Atkinson
Son Cuthbert Hall, dau Mary Atkinson and dau Ann Harker 8d each
Res to son James Hall exor
Proved 4 Dec 1749

Reginald Hammond of Barnard Castle 20/3/1760
To my 2 sons Bryan and Joshua all my leaseholds in Arkengarthdale and all other my real estate charged with the following money legacies
Dau Mary Atkinson and her husband Paul all their debts and arrears of rent
Grandson George Hammond£1. 1s and to his brother Joshua half a gua
Dau Isabel ux James Peacock half a gua
Grandson Bryan Heth youngest son of Bryan my best suit of clothing
Said son Joshua's wife Jane my bed
Said son Joshua Hammond with whom I now dwell my purse and the rest of my personal effects
Sons Bryan and Joshua exors

Elizabeth Hannam of Windegg House, widow 23/8/1762
Admon bond by Ann Hannam of Richmond spinster (one of the daus and adminx) John Walker of Richmond, cooper and John Robinson Thurnborough of Catterick, yeoman, in£200.
Release 20 Apr 1762 by John Hannam of Sedgbaston near Birmingham Co. Warwick only son and one of the next of kin of Elizth Hannam, widow and relict of Christopher Hannam of Windegg House decd renouncing admon and desiring that it may be granted to Ann Hannam of Richmond spinster one of the daus of decd.

Joseph Harker of Bouze , miner 1772
Draft Admon to Simon Harker of Bouze, yeoman, brother of decd.
Admon bond 11/2/1772

Ralph Harker of Bowse 9/11/1767
Dau in law Mary Harker 10s, a little tea table and a hanging kubbert
Son George Harker£1 1s,
Sons Simon and Joseph exors
Draft probate 1769 (another 1771)

Robert Harker of Arkengarthdale 17/11/1806
Admon to Ralph Harker granted 1/1/1807

Simon Harker senr of Bouze 13/3/1778
Son in law Thomas Daykin the house and parlour with 2 chambers over etc in his possession he paying to my dau Ann Harker£15 at 21
Dau Dinah the house wherein I dwell
Son in law Thomas Daykin the leasehold close called Pethills and Fore Close, he paying my daus Dinah Harker and Ann Harker 20 guas each and he to be exor
Probate 30/12/1781

Simon Harker of Hillside 15/2/1798
Wife£2 12s per ann for life
Daus Nanny and Margt£10 each (Margt at 21 )
Son James £40 at 24 and Geo Alderson senr to be his guardian
Res to sons John & Simon exors
Proved 7/12/1798

Christopher Heslop of Kexwith, butcher 30/1/1725-6
Wife Elizth£30 and a bed
Son Christopher Harker 5s. Son Christopher Waistall£10
Grandson George Heslop £8 at 21
Grandson William Heslop£2 at 21
Proved 17 May 1729
Bond 17 May 1729 by Wm Heslop of Kexwith, yeoman and Matthew Heslop of Waitegate yeoman, the exors in £200

William Heslop of Keckswith par Kirby Hill husbandman 13/11/1737
Brother Matthew Heslop of Wadegate p Kirby Hill and his 3 daus now living, Elizth, Judith and Mary 1s each
Brother Christopher Heslop decd's 3 sons Christopher, George and William 1s each
Brother in law Christopher Wastetill and his wife Sarah Wastetill 1s each
Res to wife Elizth extrix
Proved 23 Mar 1744-5

Henry Hindmoor of Whaw 14/3/1768
Wife my goods and£5 left to me by will of Wm Hird to be paid at his widow's death
Wife to bring up my 2 little daus and to have everything if my sons should go from her, but if they stay to help her to bring them up, then what is left at her death to be divided amongst my children
Bond 6/6/1771 by Elizth Hindmoor, widow (the relict and extrix), Wm Hindmoor of Seal Houses, miner and Thomas Metcalfe of Seal Houses, taylor in£200

Cuthbert Hird of Eskerleth 16/3/1731
Brother John£40, brother Richard £1, brother William 10s
Margret Nickson dau to my brother Thomas Nickson£40
Rest of my brother Thomas Nickson's children £10 each
Brother James's widow 5s and his 5 children£35 amongst them
All my leasehold estate and goods to my brother Luke exor
Paid 27 Mar 1732

James Hird of Kringley par Grinton yeoman 21/6/1788
All my leaseholds at Whaugh to my son Thos Hird
Wife my household furniture. Residue to sd son Thos exor
Proved 30/5/1785

John Hird of Rigg End 18/3/1773 (nuncupative will)
Grandson John Harker my corn mill at Rigg end at 21
Son in law Joseph Harker father of sd John, to pay£10 a year rent for the mill till sd John attained 21, for the use of my 3 grandchildren John, Mary & Elizth and his wife Martha.
Res to sd grandaurs
Friends Joseph Harker, miller and Thos Peacock, miner, guardians of my grandchn and exors in trust.
Draft probate 1770

John Hird of Arkengarthdale 23/5/1741
Admon bond by Robt Hird of Bybottle in Flintshire miner (brother of decd), Edward Hird of Langminer in Montgomeryshire (brother), Augustin Hird of Arkengarthdalehead (brother), Cuthbert Hall of Longthwait taylor (son in law of Wm Hird, decd, brother), & William Hird of Arkendale (son to William Hird decd brother), William Liddell of Foggergill yeoman, Thos x Alderson of Arkengarthdalehead yeoman, and Reuben x Atkinson Whaw miner, the admors in £500.

John Hird of High Close nigh Scarhouse yeoman 23/12/1746
Son James all my leasehold estate in Arkengarthdale which I purchased of Wm Scarborough gent, he paying to my dau Elizth Swan£3.10s a year for life and to Edward Elliot of Clints 4 guas.
Grandson John Hird a parcel of land called Hilltop which I lately enclosed on the north side of said estate with 2 houses thereon.
Res to said grandson John Hird.
Friends Edward Elliot of Clints and Luke Hird of Longthwaite exors in trust.

Luke Hird of Eskerleth yeoman 29/5/1744
Nephews Giles Hird and James Hird of Bedale£20 each
Nephew Cuthbert Hird of Bedale£20 at 21
Nephew John Nixon£15. Nephew Wm Nixon £5
Nieces Elizth & Dinah Nixon £15 each
Friend Elizth Harlan£5
Nephew Thos Graham 1s and to his dau Elizth Graham £15 at 21, if she die then to her brother Wm Graham at 21
Brother Thos Nixon 5s & my sister Anne Hird 5s
Sisters in law Elizth Hird of Bedale and Elizth Hird of Whaston 10s each
Nephew John Hird of Whashton all my leasehold estate at Sealhouse, he paying£20 to his brother Wm Hird at 21
Niece Elizth Hird of Bedale£15
Niece Anne Hird of Bedale £15
Nephew Thos Nixon the house where I now dwell, and my leasehold estate at Eskerleth and ll other my substance and he to be exor.
Proved 2/6/1744

Luke Hird of Langthwaite, gent 23/9/1784
All my freeholds and leaseholds at Langthwaite or elsewhere in Co York to James Hall and Nathan Hall both of Langthwaite yeomen upon trust to pay to my wife£6 a year during widowhood, till my dau Mary Hird attains 16.
Dau Mary the sd freeholds and leaseholds at 16; if she die without issue then to my nephew Thomas Peacock of Arkletown, yeoman.
All my personal estate to sd trustees for the bringing up of mysd dau till 16 and then to her, or if she die to sd Thos. Peacock and the sd James Hall equally

Mary Hird of Rigg end widow 13/1/1744
Son Luke Hird£4 & silver tumbler & whereas he is bound with my exor to Thos Elliot jnr of Fremington Hall in the penal sum of £10, and whereas I am owing to my sd son Luke Hird £1.10s, I have for my sd son's security delivered to him my debt book to be kept till my exor discharges sd £10 and £1.10s
Dau Tamar Hird £5. Dau Elizth Peacock 1s
Son John my exor various furniture
Dau Dinah Hird the rest of my furniture except a clock which belongs to my son Luke, and the worse of 2 feather beds in my house with 2 blankets and a black rugg which I give unto my dau Ann Langstaff to enjoy at my decease.
My leasehold estate at Rigg end to my sd son John Hird, exor.

Rd Hird of Holling Intack 23/2/1746
Brother in law Simon Langstaff and Phyllis ux 1s
Nephews Simon & Rd Langstaff and nieces Elizth, Phyllis, Anne & Mary 2 guas each
Nieces Elizth, Mary & Rachell Alderson£5 each
All my leashold estate at Holling Intack and all my personal estate to my nephews Geo Simon & Rd Alderson, exors

Richard Hird of Whaw
24 Nov 1735
Nephews John & Wm. sons of brother John Hird, decd.£15 each at 21 & to his widow Elizth, 5s.
£20 to brother Wm Hird of Whaw, but if he dies, only 5s to his wife Agnes.
£5 to brother Luke of Eskeylith
5s to Elizth Hird of Bedall, widow of brother James decd.
Guyles, James, Cuthbert, Elizth & Ann or Agnes Hird, children of brother James decd.£10 each at 21.
£1.1.0 to brother in law Thos. Nixson of Whaw the elder, & £15 each to his children John, Thos, Margrett, Elizth & Dinah.
All leasehold estate in Arkengarthdale to nephew Wm. Nixson, exor, but if his mother, my sister Elizth Nixson should be left a widow and should she need it, she is to have £2 a year out of same during widowhood.
Witnesses - Bryan Hird, Charles Wensley
Proved 7 Feb 1735/6.

William Hird of Arkengarthdale Head 8 Nov 1737
All leasehold estate at Arkdale head and all my other effects to wife Isabell during her widowhood, and then to my 4 sons, Wm., Nathan, Manuell & Reuben equally, paying £20 to each of my 6 daughters Elizth., Hannah, Dinah, Mary, Rebeccah, Isabell.
If wife marry£ again, then £5 a year.
Witnesses - Robt Powlton, Thos Graham, Cha Wensley

William Hird 27/8/1723
Wife Elizabeth to divide my substance amongst my children so that the unmarried ones may have the like proportion as those that are married have had
Proved 16/12/1724

William Hird of Whaw 10 Aug 1743
Wife Agnes during widowhood, my leasehold estate at Whaw, husbandry tools & household furniture &£2 a year & £10 absolutely.
If she marry then my leasehold estate to my exors and the furniture etc amongst six, to wit, Mary Miller of Nateby in Westmoreland or her issue, Joseph Clarkson of Ivelett Dikeheads or his issue, Sarah Metcalfe or her issue, Elizth Hawkins of Calverthouse or her issue, James Clarkson of Ivelett or his issue and Alice Forster of Rawcroft or her issue.
Sister in law Elizth Hird of Bedall 2s6d and to five children of said Elizth, viz Guiles, Elizth, Ann or Agnes, James & Cuthbert Hird£5 each.
Sister in law Elizth Hird of Whashton 2s6d and her sons John & Wm£7 each
Brother in law Thos Nixson 2s6d and to his 4 children John, Thos, Elizth & Dinah£5 each and to his granddaur Elizth Graham £5
Brother Luke Hird 1 gua
Henry Hindmoor that now lives with me£5
James Clarkson of Ivelett 1 gua. Alice Forster of Rawcroft 1 gua. Brian Hird of Whaw 2s6d. Charles Wensley of Whaw 1 gua.
Servant Ann Marshall 1 gua.£10 for my funeral expenses.
Wm Nixson of Whaw all my leasehold estate and certain furniture which I bought with it, at the expiration of my wife's widowhood, and all other my goods at my decease and he to be exor.

Thomas Howson of Langthwaite, miner 8/3/1737-8
Wife Ann my leasehold stuff. Also this house I now inhabit for her life
Son Thos 2s6d
Son Chas after my wife's death, this house
Dau Jane ux Thos Urwin£5. Wife extrix
Proved 10/4/1739

James Hutchinson of Helwith yeoman 11/6/1782
Son Simon all my lands at Helwith and at Startforth near Barnardcastle and Marrick subject to the annuities and legacies hereinafter mentioned.
Grandchn Anne Rablah and James Rablah£150 each at 21 and £5 a year each till then; if they either die, then to the survivor.
To my dau Elizth Sherlock£120 and also £10 a year for life
Geo Rablah of Barnard Castle shopkeeper£5
Res of real & personal estate to my son Simon exor
Witnesses Thos Wilson, Leonard Spensley jr, Christr Ellerton
Proved 30/6/1783

John Hutchinson of Cocker House miner 18/6/1750
Wife Jane 20s a year for life or widowhood. Also various furniture
Eldest son Geo H. 1s
Son in law Thos Dunn of Grinton 1s and whereas he did in consideration of20 paid by me to him for the use of my grandchn Thos, Mary & Ann Dunn by deed of 8 Aug 1747 grant to his sd children a messe etc at Grinton in his own occupn which deed he deposited with me, now I give same to my trustees for the use of sd children.
Grandchn Mary & Elizabeth Hutchinson daus to my son Joseph£5 each at 21
Brother in law Anthony Wharton of Fremington and my friend Mr. John Alderson of Reeth to be my trustees. Also my brother in law Thos Alderson of Dale head if then living
All my leasedhold estate at Cocker House to my youngest son Joseph for life and then to his son John and if he die before his father then to his sisters Mary and Elizabeth.
Son Joseph exor
Draft probate 9/5/1763

John Hutchinson of Skelton par Marske yeoman 5/5/1767
Admon bond by John Wind of Newcastle upon Tyne innholder, Edward Williams of Newcastle, gent and Wm Darnel of Newcastle, gent in£100 for admon by Mary Wind wife of sd John Wind, dau only next of kin and admx

Simon Hutchinson of Helwith 1/1/1740-1
Dau Mary£200 or £9 a year as long as unmarried and £100 more 3 years after my decease
Dau Elizth Spenceley£100
Exor to keep my brother Peter Hutchinson's widow one cow so long as she remains his widow, and to keep the youngest child Sarah till 16
Grandchd Leonard Spenceley 1 gua
Res both real and personal to son James, exor
Bond 7 Oct 1742 by James Hutchinson of Helwith yeoman, the exor and Leonard Spenceley of Hallgate yeoman in £200

Idle Allen of Arkengarthdale 2/11/1747
Wife the East end of my house and 50s a year for life
Daus Mary and Ann Idle my household, stuff and £5 each
Elder son Allen the North end of the Ing Paddock containing 4a; also the East end of my house at wife's decease
Son John Idle the West end of my house where Hannah and Martha Slack now dwell and the South end of the Ing Paddock, also the Hirdsike containing 2a
Sons Allen and John exors
Proved 9/5/1755 by John Idle the other exor being decd. Testator described as miner

Allen Idle of Arkengarthdale 9/5/1755
Administration bond by John Idle of Arkengarthdale, miner (brother & admin) & William Slack & John Slack, both of Hackaside, par Grinton, miners in£100.

Thomas I'on of Sealhouses 20/6/1733
Administration bond by Ruth I'on, widow (relict & administratrix) & Reynold Hamond of Sealhouses, yeoman in£60.
Witnesses - Joseph Peacock, Thomas Thwaites

John Jaques of Seal Houses, miner 25/2/1730
Daughter Sarah £30 at 16.
All household goods to wife.
House & land at Arkle Town & residue of goods to wife & son Francis, exors.
Witnesses James Carter, Jos. Peacock
Proved 18 Sep 1731

James Jaques of Arkletown 4/10/1740
Wife Ann during her widowhood the house she lieth in, to bring up my children; if she marry then to my daughters Ann Jaques and Mary Jaques, they paying their mother 5s.
Daughters Elizabeth & Ellinor Jaques £25 each.
Daughter Dinah the two new chambers & the things that are in them.
Daughters Elizabeth & Mary to be executrixes.
Witness - George Peacock.
Proved 26 Jan 1746 by Ann ux. Henry Whitell & Mary Jaques the executrixes.

James Jewit of Langthwait 13/10/1733
Admin granted to brother Thomas Jewit, under£10

Richard Jewitt of Langthwaite, miner 6/2/1728
Eldest son James, one house & piece on ye hill top near Langthwaite.
Son Jonathan a little house & stable on ye hill top
Son Thomas my now dwelling house, stable & garth
Daughter Mary all my household goods &£8
Residue to son Thomas, executor.
Witnesses Ann Peacock, Jos. Peacock.
Proved 23 Aug 1729

Thomas Jewit of Arkengarthdale, miner 12/10/1765
Admin bond by Thomas Jewitt & Jonathan Jewitt of Arkengarthdale, miners (sons & administrators) & James Slack of Arkengarthdale, miner & William Slack, schoolmaster in £110.
Inventory 21/9/1764 - total £108..3..9
Debts & funl expenses ........ ...52.17.1

Jeremiah Jurdon of Arkengarthdale, husbandman 6/7/1778
Wife Jane £9 a year during widowhood out of my Adbertrary Estate in Crosby garrit Co. Westmoreland, & leasehold estate at Sealhouses.
Granddau Betty Nixson, dau of Thomas Nixson £20 at 21
Sarah Walker ux. Joseph Walker my clock
Said leasehold & Adbertrary estate & furniture to dau Elizabeth ux. Thomas Nixson, executrix.
Wit. Thomas Robson, Joseph Peacock

Isaac Kay of New Forest par. Kirby Ravensworth, yeoman 26/1/1741
Son Moses Scrafton 1s & Ann his wife 1s
Grandsons Thomas & James Scrafton 1s each
Son John Walker 1s & Isabell his wife 1s
Grand dau Ann Walker £3 in 2 yrs
Granddaus Mary & Isabell Walker £3 at 23
Son Thomas Buckton 1s
Son Christopher Buckton 1s
Son Robert Dowthwaite 1s & granddau Mary Dowthwaite£6
All my leases & other substance to my son & dau Thomas & Mary Lyddall, executors & the survivor of them & after their death the lands to my grand dau Ann Dowthwaite
Proved 12 May 1743

Jonathan Kipling of Scarhouse 23/10/1772
Grandchildren Sarah, Elizabeth & William Kipling 1s each
Grandson Jonathan Kipling 10s
Grandchildren Hannah & William Longstaf 1s each
Daughter Mary Kipling my husbandry gear & household goods
Residue to 3 daughters Mary Kipling, Jane Kipling & Hannah Milner
Wit - William & John Kipling
Draft probate 19/6/1773 by Mary Kipling, eldest dau.

Christopher Liddel of Faggergill, yeoman 2/2/1811
wife Ann £13 a year during widowhood & west end of house or £7 a year more
wife & son James my household furniture, except a feather bed to grandson Christopher Liddel & certain fixtures to my son John
Dau Elizabeth ux. Bartholomew Bainbridge £60
Son James £120
Servant Ann Alderson £1.1s.0d at her marriage
Residue of leasehold estate at Faggergill and all other my goods to son John, executor.
Proved 30 Oct 1812, under£800

William Liddell of Faggergill 3/4/1756
Wife Hannah during widowhood a house where John Colling now dwells and all household goods she had when I married her, and£3 a year.
Daughters Mary, Ann & Elizabeth £60 each
Leasehold estate at Faggergill and all other goods to my son Christopher, executor.

Ralph Lomas 27/8/1720
Wife executrix of all my goods, viz the Shawes & the house at Reeth & all cattle & household goods.
Ralph to be executor at his mother's decease if he live till then, & if not Robert, they maintaining Ann out of the land; & if Ralph enjoy the land, he to pay Robert & Elizabeth each one third, & Francis 1s.
Proved 10/5/1721 by Mary Lomass the executrix

Thomas Longstaff of Scarhouse 10/3/1794
Admin to widow Hannah Longstaff

Edmund Lonsdale of Bellerby, yeoman 26/4/1766
Bond by Henry Favell of Bellerby, skinner in£200

Elizabeth Marriner of Preston, Co. York 2/10/1774
Dau Jane Nicholson £5 and my household furniture
Son Luke Barningham of Hollywell in Wales£1.1s
Son Mark Barningham of Reeth £1.1s, executor
Draft probate 22/12/1774

John Marriner of Bouze, miner (inventory says yeoman) 3/12/1770
Admin bond by Elizabeth, widow and Thomas Douglas & Robt Garbutt, yeomen in £200
Inventory - watch £1.15.0, gold ring 10s, total £73.5.7, debts & funl expenses £63.10s.

John Marshall of Langthwaite, miner 26/6/1725
Son John my house
Son Benjamin Atkinson & Elizabeth ux 5s
Son Lancelot Raw & Anne ux 5s
All my goods to son John, executor
proved 29/5/1728.

William Milner of West House 16/12/1724
Admin bond by Margaret Milner of Arkendalehead, widow (relict & adminstratix) & Christ. Peacock of Hope, yeoman in£200

Jeffrey Wensley of Booze 4/5/1795
Admon to Jane his widow. Oath of admx under£100.