The Other Branches and some interesting characters.


This page will probably always be under construction. I made my files under the headings of some of the most identifiable members. The families on this page can all trace their origins back to the Yorkshire Dales. Below, you will find only some of the information gathered on these families. Anyone interested, may contact me for further details.

I am grateful to all those who have helped me in my research. Without them, I could not have gathered so much detail.

Some descendants of James Spensley and Elizabeth Buckton
These include many members who went to London, America and Australia.

Descendants of James Spensley and Jane Wharton
A very extensive line, so only a few generations shown here, but with links to the line above, and descendants throughout the UK, America and New Zealand.

Descendants of James Spensley and Elizabeth Alderson
Many of the descendants of this line remain in England, but there's also an extensive line in the United States..........and of course, links to the various other Spensley branches.

Descendants of Ralph Spensley & Jane Watters
Two sons of Ralph were to emigrate to America earlier than many of the later Dalesmen and were true pioneers.