Many of the tombstones in Hawes Churchyard. Conditions in part of the churchyard made photographing all of them quite difficult. If you find any of interest, I'm happy to forward original image.

routh3_small.jpg dauofrevjohn_small.jpg rudd_small.jpg scarrfoster_small.jpg scarr_small.jpg
scarr2_small.jpg shaw_small.jpg smith_small.jpg smith2_small.jpg smith3_small.jpg
smith4_small.jpg smith5_small.jpg spencer_small.jpg spencer2_small.jpg spencer3_small.jpg
spencer4_small.jpg sunter_small.jpg swinbank_small.jpg swinbank2_small.jpg swinbank3_small.jpg
taylor_small.jpg thompson_small.jpg thwaite_small.jpg walker_small.jpg whaley_small.jpg
whaley2_small.jpg whaley3_small.jpg whaley4_small.jpg webster_small.jpg whaley5_small.jpg
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